Usually a peaceful feeling that may suggest closeness to nature and life.

Example: This was a vivid dream, in brilliant color. I dreamed I was working in a beautiful garden. There was lush vegetation everywhere, with a meandering brook off to one side. There was an alive feeling to this place. It made me think of the Garden of Eden. I was turning the soil with a spade and I noticed how exceptionally rich it was. Suddenly I uncovered a silver medallion which I picked up and cleaned. It was covered with fine engraving of ancient design. I continued to dig and found another and another of these medallions, all beautifully engraved. And then I found two gold coins with the number “705” on them. With that the dream ended.

The dreamer was a hard working man trying to keep his family but was pressed for money and prayed for help. He had six children, the two youngest were twin boys, who had golden hair. Their birthday was on July 5th thus 705. The beautiful garden, where these precious objects are found, is symbolic of the dreamer’s life. He toils in the vineyard… and the fertile soil he works with represents his life work. The meandering brook is seen as a spiritual symbol. It lends a peaceful tone, indicating that conditions may not be as desperate as they seem. The vivid colors and alive feeling of the garden also indicate a close spiritual presence.

The dreamer went to sleep with the thought uppermost in mind as to how he might earn more money. The dream answered this request by showing him where his fortune could be found. But the fortune the dream speaks of is not in money or any kind of material wealth. Instead, his fortune is found in the flesh and blood of his family. Quoted from the Dream Journal BBS by Aurelius. See river.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the feeling of the dream?

Where there any sign of drama or theme in the dream?

What way was I interacting with the brook?

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