Broom Brush

An effort to clean away irritating or old thoughts and feelings or things such as influences that are still in your life from the past. It usually links with efforts to clean up your thoughts or life, or to wipe/brush away cares or irritations. It therefore links with change or efforts to change.

Broom can also represent the male penis.

The broom or brushing can also refer to pushing something aside, such a relationship or other things you want out of your life.

If it is a paint brush then it links with making changes, but still has the association of getting rid of things.

Example: I am a teacher and I am mildly interested in one of my students. I know it’s not right, so I resist. He tries to interest me. In a fit of energy, I start to clean up the room. I get a broom and sweep Toostie O’s on the floor. He also starts to help. We feel good about being responsible and taking care of business before pleasure. After it’s clean, we (now my daughter Dovre and the young man) laugh and frolic together. I (a mature person) am pleased with them and approve of their actions. Barb

Example: ‘I dream insects are dropping either on me from the ceiling of our bedroom, or crawling over my pillow. My long-suffering husband is always woken when I sit bolt upright in bed my eyes wide open and my arm pointing at the ceiling. I try to brush them off. I can still see them – spiders or wood lice. I am now well aware it is a dream. But no matter how hard I stare the insects are there in perfect detail. I am not frightened, but wish it would go away.’ Sue D.

Idioms: brush cut; brush it off; brush up on; brush with death; brush with the law; paint with the same brush; tar with the same brush; brush-off; give him the brush-off; the brush-off.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What in particular am I brushing away or cleaning?

Am I managing to do this or are there difficulties?

Is the brush or broom working?

If not maybe I need to use a different strategy.

Try Acting on your dream or Being the Person or Thing

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