Oneself, or the denied part of self, meeting whatever is met in the dream. These may include rivalry, anger, feelings of persecution, love and admiration, authority, or an outgoing ability to deal with the world.

Brothers often appear in different ways in a sisters dreams. She can be used as a helpful DIY guy; or someone to share fun with, or even someone who needs your help. See Characters and People in Dreams.

If you don’t have a brother, it most likely depicts an aspect of your personality illustrated by the dream character, or your male characteristics.

Example: Dabney was a baby about 10 months old. I carried him around but he was still capable of doing all these craft things. Now we were in the farmer’s house. The baby had grown up. Now he was a younger brother and he was sort of me.

In the dream the person recognises that the dreamt of brother is actually as aspect of herself.

Brothers: If you have brothers in a dream can mean many things depending on what is done or the dream context and environment. So look up What is the main action in the dream?; Background; Context and any other things they are up to, like fighting, helping each other, etc.

Death of a brother: This suggest the death of the Elder Brother, and Its significance to the world. So is loss of a talent because of defects, imbalances, or weaknesses in the physical body. Death of a younger brother the loss of vulnerability, or something you cared for or were at odds with.

In woman’s dream – younger brother: Outgoing but vulnerable self; rivalry.

Older brother: Authority; one’s capable outgoing self; feelings of persecution.

In man’s dream – if younger brother: Vulnerable feelings; oneself at that age. See: boy; man.

Idioms: Big brother; brothers in arms; blood brother.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Could this indicate ‘brotherly love’, or perhaps rivalry?

What do you associate with your brother?

What was the relationship in the dream?

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-Priya 2018-02-28 13:37:22

In my dream our whole family found my younger brother’s twin after many years as handicapped… In real my brother don’t have any twins.. Can u please tell me what does this dream mean?

-Jose 2016-11-10 3:46:37

I dreamt that I was talking a shower I’m the dark and my hair was in my face. I couldn’t see…finally I peeked out the curtain and the bathroom was long and spooky. I couldn’t move and called out for my brother. He answered but did not come. I fell and woke up. It was scary. What did it mean?

-Ana 2016-07-21 4:20:09

I had a dream a night ago that took place in my old school’s cafeteria. Keep in mind, I graduated in 2010. In my dream, my older brother who died in 2014, was there, behind a counter. I showed him my books I have published and he was proud of me.
When he was alive, he used to call and encourage my siblings and I to make something of ourselves and not give up, make him proud. Unfortunately, I never got to tell him I published my first book in 2014 because he died in February, I published my book in September.
I keep hoping that he is/would be proud of me, but I have no way of knowing.

-Felicia 2016-01-16 11:33:15

I dreamed of my younger brother who died 1/6/14. He, my older brother and mom were in my kitchen talking and laughing. He looked strong. He was drinking milk and telling us a story like he used to. In the dream I asked if he was really there, was I the only one who saw him. They both said yes he was there. I was the only amazed.

-Stef 2016-01-02 9:56:11

Good day .
Just wanna ask for some insights .. its been two times that i dreamed about my younger disabled brother ..
In my dreams , it always showed that i carried him . But it was so easy for me to do it . Which is very different from real life .

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