As can be seen in the example under bride, the buds are about the wonderful essence of womanhood and femininity opening and flowering. The bud therefore often symbolises the richness and beauty of the vagina – not so much the physical vagina, but all the feelings, desires, opportunity of creativity and love the healthy vagina involves us in.

Occasionally it is seen in male dreams, or dreams relating to males, and the penis is shown as a bud. It has in this case a similar meaning to that above – the flowering of the richness of male sexuality

Buds can also be pointing to things you have ‘planted’ in the past – i.e. things done or set in motion – that are now beginning to become apparent outwardly in your life.

The few idioms associated with bud and budding are descriptive of these meanings: nipped in the bud – or nip it in the bud and budding genius.

Example: There are 3 candles burning. One, his candle, is near something and I go over to look. A plant is too close to the candle, and a bud is on fire. I pull it away and put out the flame. Most of the plant falls off. I exclaim, “Look how it’s grown. I got this plant this evening. It just had a few shoots and now there are long shoots and 2 or 3 buds.” I feel sad that it’s burnt and broken, but I feel O.K. because it grows fast and will regrow new buds. In a way, it’s like it’s been pruned and will regrow faster. I blow out all three candles and get back in bed with Paul. Barb

Example: “….I felt as if I were the bud of a crocus. I seemed to be slowly unfolding with difficulty. Not until I fully opened did I feel a great relief. The results of this have made me feel very positive in my outlook, and far happier…..I am a trainee yoga teacher and have been teaching for three years. I have a small class of fourteen students who are keen and attend regularly. I decided to have my students try this to see how they would react. I explained it as well as I could, and the feedback I got was:- A man in his thirties said, ‘I felt I was in a womb. It was very comfortable, cosy and dark. I wanted to stay there. I didn’t want to come away – it was so peaceful. I have never experienced anything like it before.’ He was very impressed. A woman in her thirties felt like throwing her arms around and kicking her legs. ‘I felt I wanted to give birth and was about to deliver.’ She didn’t fling herself about, but held back. I think it was a pity she didn’t let go. (A description of a woman using LifeStream).

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the bud, or buds, living or dried up and dying? How does this apply to your feelings and life situation?

What is the drama in the rest of the dream linking with the bud? See keywords for help with this.

Am I aware of something growing and opening in myself or events?

Try using Key Words and Talking As

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