Illusion. Something delicate and easily lost such as day dreams. Sometimes it depicts the transitory human existence. If on the skin it can suggest injury or the site of poison or hurt – perhaps old hurts being realised.

A bubble is an entire and enclosed world. So inside the bubble might suggest a different ‘world’ of feeling, attitudes or experience. In this case the bubble might be a protection, and can indicate strengths or attitudes that are protective or inhibiting. But an ovoid can express the power of your own potential, the power still unexpressed that can come to life and flow through you. This is sometimes shown in a dream as a floating bubble or flying saucer.

Occasionally a pregnant woman might use a bubble to depict the amniotic sac holding her baby.

Also bubbles can show that something is leaking, as with air in a tyre, so might point to something needing attention.

Example: I am standing in the toilet peeing into the water. This creates lots of bubbles. As I look at these bubbles I notice each one has an eye looking at me. Fascinated I bend lower to look back at these eyes. When I do so I see they are not ‘eyes’ but ‘I’s’. Each is a tiny reflection of myself looking back at me. Amused I ponder this multitude of me. Each tiny being, with its own individual sense of self, its own eyes and legs and fingers, feels it is separate from its fellows – and it is. But what they don’t realise is that their awareness, their consciousness is a reflection of me. I am their god. Out of me all have their being. – Then suddenly I realised I am myself a bubble. I too have a sense of being independent, with my own eyes, fingers and legs. Yet in reality I am only a reflection of one great life – One Self existent in all diversity and multifarious forms. I felt afraid.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I relating to the bubble and what is it indicating?

Is there a sense of something easily burst in the dream?

Is anything inside the bubble? If so what do I associate with it?

Is this a leak – if so what is it pointing to?

Use Being the Person or Thing or Easy Dream Interpretation


-emmanuel 2017-02-27 8:31:25

When I was a child perhaps middle school I would awake to seeing bubbles floating in the air, I didn’t get the feeling they were balloons. I could see through them as well. They bounced around the walls slowly hitting the corners and sometimes hit each other and bounce off. Back and forth. I never tried to touch them but I’d sit there thinking what they could be. Shortly after I’d go back to sleep. But I’d occasionally see one sometimes two maybe three.

What could it mean?

-arther 2014-10-08 21:53:31

so i’ve been having some pretty messed up dreams recently. 2 involving running really fast&not being able to stop where needed.
1 where i had some sort of bubbles on my skin. when brushing over them they would simply rise into the air before popping. touching my skin was that same slight acid-like irritation. this dream in particular is very vivid.

-IZ MCPOOP 2014-08-15 4:09:30

Guys, seriously, I’m not kidding. Help me.

-IZ MCPOOP 2014-08-15 4:08:32

This is too much to read.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-18 8:49:49

    Poop – What would you say nut means. That you are a nut, that it is something to eat, that it a thing to screw onto a bolt?

    And how many ways could that be used in a dream or in language? Yet you couldn’t read. Sorry but I can’t put videos for those who can’t read.


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