Buildings Laundromat Laundry

This shows some way that you are changing or cleaning up your attitudes, represented by the clothes. Attitudes that need to be, or have been, cleansed; relating perhaps to unclean experience. See: Washing.

The washing machine can point to faults within you. A woman dreamt she was washing white clothes in a large amount of water while her friend Alice watched her from the background.

In this dream, Alice, the “friend” in the background, was the dreamer herself. Her own comments on Alice were that she possessed a great deal of spiritual knowledge, but applied little of it to her daily life. Therefore, the dream was urging her to greater application—represented by washing clothes in the machine. Clothes, according to Edgar Cayce, often represent a state of consciousness. Quoted from Dreams Your Magic Mirror.

It can be less dramatic and relate to washing away yesterday’s problems, or refreshing, restoring, making the best of what you have.

If you usually wash your items in a washing machine at home and are in the laundromat it could suggest you are washing your dirty items in public.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I washing, it could be a clue, so see items of clothes.

Did I succeed in washing the items?

Do I usually visit a laundromat?

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