The committing of self to some direction or project. The launching of new venture, a new interest. The start of something, such as a relationship. It can at times also suggest the finishing of something and allowing it to have independent existence, as with a child being launched into university or work.

The launching of a boat or ship, if it is the launch of a newly built vessel, it indicates planning and work that is now coming to fruition. If it is a large ship the work involved has been enormous and includes many other people your launch touches. It is a major thing you are doing and has enormous outcomes. Launching a boat can indicate desire for a new departure, and frequently holds in it exciting adventures.

Launching into space is often about something with a carefully planned goal. Space is endless and so involves much desire or interest in what the goal is. If there is no planned goal then it is like letting go and falling, and falling , and falling into that immensity, and fall, until there is no more falling – for we fall only in space, in moving from one place to another, but here there is no beginning or end, no landmarks to pass or space to cover. When we dream of space we dream of opportunity, the opportunity to explore, to build in the space, to explore our imagination in creativity. See space

Launching a study suggests the beginning of a new view of yourself or a new talent, and exploration of the new.

Launching into another dimension of life. We often fail to see the many dimensions all of us live in and how we often fail to see or recognise them. Yet each of the dimensions gives us a different view of ourselves, our life and its possibilities. It is obvious that as we leave childhood and enter into adolescence our whole view changes, and it opens up tremendous changes such a sexual feelings, desires and ambitions and longings – a whole new dimension of experience. Many dimensions we do not enter because we do not believe in them or do not have the courage to explore them. We all have an inner world that includes creativity, imagination, the unconscious and the reaches of consciousness. Life itself is often not explored except as an intellectual idea – yet life is the most miraculous thing that any of us can conceive of. And are you not an expression of Life, which had it genesis in the unknown? Have you ever asked yourself the question Who or what am I, and really answered it, avoiding all the ready made answered we are fed that are really no answer at all – none that satisfy us.

Anger or violence that can be launched into an attack, or explode as powerful emotions.

We have not learnt to launch ourselves upon the waters of our inner self. See Inner World

 Example: Driving on this road fast, I suddenly I find myself launched into space and make a spectacular, bone rattling drop and crash to the highway below. Later, I make a joke with the people I am working with, asking how many of them want to go sailing because for a few moments there I really felt like I was sailing thru space.

Example: Then I went to sleep and dreamt I was in charge of a ship … this was a sailing ship on land … it had to be launched down a very steep slope but straightened up and floated .. it was going through a terribly high stormy sea and I was steering .. I was outside the boat, swimming, holding on to its prow, yet steering it….  There were people on the boat dependent on me as I steered it and kept it afloat….  It turned right round in the water, faced the wrong way, but I pulled it round and kept it going …

Example: Then I was flying out of the window of a very tall building. I flew around the rooftops and came to one with a sort of tunnel in it. I went in and down on a large shaft. It led to a room where a sort of school was held. The children were watching screens, like the new “learning machines”. We all now seemed to know that there was a dangerously high level of radioactivity. Everybody except myself seemed to go, and I knew that the shaft was a spaceship, and I set about trying to launch it to save myself and family.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Into what was I launched and what was my reaction?

What was I faced with, and could I cope with it?

Have I launched any thing new recently?

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