Buildings Library

 Acquired wisdom or life experience. Sometimes the books are very old, suggesting wisdom antedating this present life and experience. This is the meaning of Jung’s theory of the racial unconscious, and equally that of reincarnation.

A dream library is also your enormous range of information within you, perhaps not opened yet. We all have millions of bits of information within, and very often we discount it, yet if we listen to it – open the door to that library – we will be amazed how much we know and how big we are inside. In fact have remembered life lessons from in the womb and so much more since then. You have a faculty of your mind that also creates new patterns of connectivity between previously unconnected pieces of gathered information. The result of that is often seen in dreams.  See Using Your Intuition

It can also suggest a search for information,  a search for the truth of who you are. Ones life experience, the wisdom and skills we have gathered, the intellect; research. Also relates to thinking and the head.

The many minds, lives and imaginations you can find within you – as shown by all the books.

If you work in a library: It shows you have a relationship with the books and the information or fascination they hold. You are in a situation where you can help people find that they are looking for. Are you yourself looking for something – yourself?

Huge library: Collective unconscious and collective consciousness. The vastness of the mind or cosmic mind. See: the conjuring trick; book; school.

 Example: Mary who is also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, had come to him with a disturbing dream in which she’d had sex with a man who, she said, she heartily disliked because he was such a terrible liar.  Mary then confessed that she’d recently been guilty of lying herself. She’d borrowed the tape of a lecture from her local library in order to duplicate it, but had wiped it instead. And then handed it back without admitting what had happened. Her dream had highlighted the fact that she too, was a liar.

Example: Only one remembered sequence today. I was involved in helping to extend a library service in a small community – possibly an American small town.

In exploring this dream I saw there was already one section/building opened, but we were going two form two more. I identified the existing library as connecting with the head. The other two would be connected with the chest/heart, and the pelvis/genitals. This connection – or the realisation of it – was repeated several times, perhaps to engrave it in memory.

 Example: I was at the library with Ken and a little girl who was about 8 years old.  She was only present in the background in the beginning of the dream.  She didn’t say or do anything.  I was no longer aware of her after that.  I don’t know who she was, but she appeared to be someone I was very familiar with.

The dreamer explored the dream and found: Library – As a seeker of truth I was suffering from not being true to myself. To seek the truth was of utmost importance – though I was not consciously aware of the full extent of what this all meant.   Within me there was a strong drive to find the truth of whatever it was that my spirit was calling me to find.

Little Girl – She represented my untruthful childhood living out of fear that if I disagreed with anything my mother said, or didn’t like what she liked, I would hurt her; she would withhold her love from me; or punish me.  So I lived contrary to what I believed, felt, thought at all times.  My mother never really knew the real me and my heart because I hid everything from her out of shame, fear, guilt, disapproval.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the connection with the library?

Was it just a mention or did I find something?

Is a library something I use?

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