Your ability to deal with the rough patches of your life, and recover from occasionally ‘going under’ emotionally, or being submerged by your problems. It can also be a real teaching person, an expression of your best wisdom.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How do I deal with rough times – turn to drink, drugs, or open to full life experience?

What wisdom or help did the dream lifeguard offer?

Did the dream make a difference to me?

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-Fernando 2018-03-11 19:13:29

I was at the beach, not sure where, above me on the left a thunderstorm on advanced stage, with dark colours that I can’t describe. In the water 3 to 6 people and I wanted to make them aware of the storm coming to leave the water and look for shelter but suddenly they disappeared. All of a sudden I was sort of shoveling snow buy I’m pretty sure it was sand or little rocks.

-shelby 2011-07-11 16:31:35

well, i was in jax beach which is my hometown. and the lifegurd station like had a huge mote thing around it but i thought it was normal. and there was this really little, old, bridge that did not look sturdy. but i got the feeling that i’d went over it several times before and it was nbd. i stepped one foot on the bridge and it broke. but somehow i held on until i hit the water where the lifeguards came to rescue me. there was two of them and they were a little overly nice to me. then i left and as i was walking the backroads on the beachside. i came across some locals who were trying to get a monkey out of there tree in the front yard… which was strange cause there are no monkeys in jax beach. this dude who sounded redneck got it out with a t-shirt or something and the monkey was pissed and started charging at us but then jumped on my back and was all cool. i started walking around with the monkey but i lost my bag somewhere so i had to retrace my steps and found myself in a random house. i found my bag in there but lost the monkey… then as i continued walking again i saw a friend i knew from school. then we started walking to the beach. and the redneck dude came out of nowhere and tried to run us over cause he was drunk and thought it was funny. me and my friend safly made it to the beach though and there was this huge party thing going on and everone was wasted. then i realized i had nowhere to stay for the night and started freaking out. and my friend was staying at this girls house and she let everyone except me stay over. and then the one guy who is ALWAYS at the beach and would give me a place to stay…wasnt at the beach. and my ex boyfriend who im friends with calls my name and i explain the whole situation to him so he gave me a dollar to ride the trolly home. and then i woke up….

    -Tony Crisp 2011-07-27 5:20:51

    Shelby – The first part of your dream is about a way you use to keep other people or something at a distance form you, shown as the moat. This a defence situation to stop things getting at you. The defence might be beliefs you have that enable you to justify what you do or think.

    You want to get to a secure feeling = the lifeguards = but it is a fragile link and it breaks down. But you know, or believe there is something behind this feeling of insecurity that it strong, and in fact in your dream it saves you before you get into feeling that overwhelm you.

    The monkey sounds like something you carry around with you, like the feeling that you are not welcome or wanted – which can be a burden, shown by you not having a place to stay. And the party has to do with how you handle your social life. How would you say you deal with it?

    You do find a lot of help from you relationships – one to one type, and that helps you to find feelings of security = home.


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