The buttocks have many possible associations. Sometimes it connects with feelings about uncleanness or dirt. Also, like any orifice of the body it is a vulnerable place and so might link with feelings about being entered or abused.

This area, because it is so linked with the anus/rectum is also connected with how we control our spontaneous urges – going to the toilet. It therefore might indicate self control or lack of it.

Due to early training in controlling bladder and faeces there may be feelings about being naughty or doing wrong with this area.

Punishment is often associated with the buttocks too.

For men a woman’s buttocks are often sexually attractive, and so some dreams use this to link with sexual feelings, as is sexual stimulus from spanking.

Example: Then I saw George Hamilton, a star, come in. He came over to me and peeked in. I was a little embarrassed because my butt was showing. I got up and he wanted to hug me. That was O.K. He suggested we go to his hotel room to make love. I said, “No, I don’t want to,” because I wanted him to care for me, or be caring and then the sex would be good. He looks like, “Uh, oh. She wants to get married.” and I said, “No, it doesn’t mean we’ll be together forever, just that when we’re together, I want to feel close, cared for.” He agreed and so I agreed to go to his room.

Idioms: a pain in the buttbust my buttbutt inbutt of the jokebutt outkick buttthe butt of the joke.

See: anus; rectum under body.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings do I experience in the dream that gives me a clue to what I associate with the buttocks?

Is there any sense of uncleanness in my dream, and is so where does that emerge from?

Am I feeling sexual feelings here, and what does the rest of the dream comment on that?

Is there any sign of homosexual tendency in my dream?

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