Behead Beheading

Literally about losing your head. This can mean that you are losing your ability to think and remember, or it can be a positive thing to lose all the wrong thinking and start anew.

It also means death of some sort, probably death of our personal beliefs. See head.

Because the head represents judgement and thinking the lose of head can sometimes mean memories of wrong judgements or traumatic events.

It can sometimes suggest that one has cut off or denied the body or vice versa. In a woman’s dream it might symbolise her difficult feelings about menopause or a midlife crisis where one feels the body has betrayed them.

Of course beheading can also depict self punishment due to childhood feelings of guilt.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was it you that was beheaded – is so what was the experience like?

Did you die, and if so did you remain dead?

What feelings were involved and where have such feeling been felt in your life?

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