Call Called Calling

In many dreams there is a call for help, a call for the police, an ambulance, a call for the help of a friend or family member. In a way these are acknolegements of our need for for love, for caring and protection. But also our admittance of our weakness of spirit.

Then there is the call for something of ones own – why don’t I have someone to call my wife/husband; why don’t I have a baby I can call my own; why don’t I have a penis or vagina I can call my own? Such cries carry depths of feeling even though they may never be voiced. The question is always  “WHY”. And if you are not satisfied with answers that do not give you any sense of release, and dig down in yourself you may find answers. Sometimes it is painful to give birth to such answers – but after the pain there is satisfaction.

Calling out for your mother, father or lover. This may contain a lof of anguish or beauty, depending on the call. It is worth taking time with such dreams to see if you can open them up to become more aware.  See Stand in role and Talking As, or even Easy Dream Interpretation.

Sometimes something MORE calls to us. It can be a call from within or a call from without. You might think of the MORE as a call from God, Life, Intuition, an Angel, or from the Silence, but it is still a call from more of yourself you knew before. Obviously such a call is very personal, but maybe some ways might be appropriate: Methods of Awakening also You Are a Dual Being

Example: My recurring dream – some disaster is happening. I try to contact the police or my husband. Can never contact either. I try ringing 999 again and again and can feel terror, and sometimes dreadful anger or complete panic. I cry, I scream and shout and never get through! Recently I have stopped trying to contact my husband. I managed once to reach him but he said he was too busy and I would have to deal with it myself. I woke in a furious temper with him and kicked him while he was still asleep.

Idioms: a close call; a tough call; a wake-up call; above and beyond the call of duty; at your beck and call; call a spade a spade; call attention to; call for; call his bluff; call into account; call it a day; call it quits; call it square; call off; call off the dogs; call on; call the shots; close call; cold call; duty calls; give me a call; last call; nature calls; take calls; the call of duty ; tough call; wake-up call.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I calling for?

Is there any sign of this in my everyday life?

Have I had any dreams where my calling has been answered?

Try Secrets of Power Dreaming and Easy Dream Interpretation or Talking As


-Mark r j brown 2015-12-27 4:36:58

I had a dream about being on a old raft in a old docking port and a guy was shooting a old gun at me the ones you put a lead bullet in with gun powder I dodged a few so I jumped in the water to get a life jacket I could use as a shield so I made my way to a door and hid in were some glass bottles were I kept opening the door to throw a bottle at the shooter I was hit a few times I felt my self panicking and when to a room that turned out to be a exs flat a man was there who said he could help I told him I think I have internal bleeding he gave a example of it sounding like a ice pop squishing in the packet I said yes so he got a old nail file the metal ones and scraped at the skin and removed a bullet I was left holding my skin and blood poring out I was panicking trying to phone a ambulance I pressed 999 but no one picked up I ran down stairs and I was In Aand E but no one would help all the people around me kept saying just let go don’t fight it apart from one she told me it was all a set up and she would inform the highest power after I died but I didn’t die they all pinned me down and some one put a cord round my neck and then I woke up ???? What the hell does that mean

-hello1 2013-04-16 15:54:32

Hi Tony,

Am I able to have my dream interpreted please?

Kind regards

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