Yes No

Wherever we say yes to a person or situation in a dream or everyday life, we are opening to the influence of that aspect of ourselves. It is important to define what leads us to agreement in the dream. Is it that one says yes because of feelings that one ought, or should, or it was expected? Was the yes out of anxiety? Was it said because that was what you agreed with, or was the most useful response?

Unless we can say ‘no’ effectively, our ‘yes’s’ in life may be acquiescence rather than agreement. Therefore, saying no in our dreams is an important expression of our needs and ability to make decisions in face of disagreement. It is important to understand what it is you are saying no to, however.

But as the example hints at, we are often saying yes or no to the function of Life in us. See Opening to Life

Example: I was still wondering what this was about and so asked the process to help me understand. Gradually it became clear that the yes and no was a switch. For instance, life energy can be expressed in any number of ways. It can be movement, sexuality, thought, emotion, writing, swimming, and so on. The direction, or the way we direct, our energy, comes about through the yes/no action. Perhaps we do it unconsciously, but we are always applying the switch of yes or no to direct each movement, each action, each thought even.

So what was being gradually explained to me was how this action worked, and that the yes no switch not only directed our energy, but in the way I was using it, it was also a sort of generator. The action was that I was using it to circularise energy and in some way build it up and to create a new pattern.

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