Usually is associated in dreams with dispelling difficult feelings, a darkness of soul being dispersed. Sometimes the candle is difficult to light, and this points to a lack of confidence about ones own ability to push back the depressed or morbid feelings in oneself. See Avoid Being Victims

Here is a typical dream of this sort.

Example: At the bottom right of a hill was a lodge house. I went in. It was very dark inside, and it was said to be the source of hauntings. I did not feel frightened, but felt the need for light. I found some matches, but they were very difficult to light. I tried to light candles, and eventually succeeded, but they were not very bright, and it was still dark. A cat moved about in the darkness. It did not frighten me.  Using a candle I tried to light gas lamps seen by the candles. They were as difficult as the candles, but still not very bright. Then I noticed electric lights, found I had some sixpences and shillings, and put them in the meter, and switched on.

A candle can also represent the light that is the core of your existence – the light of Life that lives through consuming substance/food. As such it is sometimes seen as a great being of light that burns away the dross of your thoughts and turgid emotions. But a candle can also be seen as a timepiece showing the duration or shortness of your life. See: Fire; Light.

In this connection the seven candles indicate the seven centres of light or bridging in your being. These are the point within your body, the collections of cells that act as links between the local and limited life you experience in and as the body and body senses, and the larger life of unlimited awareness through your fundamental consciousness. These are the seven churches in the New Testament, the seven candles on the Jewish candlestick, the seven chakras in yoga. See: chakras; consciousness- the brain mind split.

A candle can sometimes represent the penis, and if one has ever been used for masturbation, then it has direct sexual connections.

Candles lit in a room can show a feeling of celebration or intimacy – occasionally something special to celebrate, or being in high company.

Lighting a candle: A birth; prayer for someone of something. Also a positive feeling of dispelling depression or fears. But often a way of remembering a person, feeling care and love for them, or asking help from the hugeness we are part of.

If lit amid darkness: Finding understanding or courage amid doubts, fears, depression.

Occasionally: Measurer of how much time we have left in life.

Idioms: Burn the candle at both ends; not fit to hold a candle. 

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling anxious in this dream – if so what is my difficulty in dealing with the anxiety?

Is there a suggestion of time or length of life here – if so what do I feel about that?

Does my dream have any feeling of holiness of greater meaning, and can I put that into words?

See Easy Dream InterpretationSecrets of Power Dreaming


-Susan Jackson 2012-12-29 7:03:03

I have a vision that when I walk into my Apt a lot of candles were burning all different colors, But it was so peaceful in my Apt, I am going thru a lot right now, Having money problems, So what does this have to do with my problems, The Burning bright Candles, They were every were!

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