There are two major links with dreaming of cancer. The first is that many people meet cancer in their dream because it represents death. So the dream is a way of experiencing their fears about death.

The second is that cancer depicts parts of ones emotional or thinking character that are sick and/or unhealthy. With these dreams you need to consider what part of the body you dream has cancer, then understand it psychological meaning. See: body – Body Dreams – Dream Body – Body Images.

Example: Before I knew I was ill with cancer I dreamt that an angel came to me and explained that before we are born we are all angels and are without limitations. When we are born we take on a life of limitations in order to learn something important to us. Then when we die at the end of that life we return to being an angel. All the limitations of life then disappear again.

The man who dreamt this died within a years of lung cancer – he had smoked heavily all his adult life.

Example: Dear Tony, My beloved sister passed away last week of brain cancer after 7 struggling years. I haven’t dreamt of her, however my cousin dreamt of her the morning after her funeral. He dreamt – There was a bright calm meadow, with a small white cottage at the far distant end. My sister then appeared at the foreground of the meadow – appearing as she did before she was ill, and very happy and giddy giggling shyly and smiling to my cousin. She was beautiful and her smile was calm and beautiful to my cousin. My cousin said he felt happiness with her just like the familiar feeling he had with her as when they were kids together growing up. She appeared very happy. Just as he was about to take a photo of her and she posed for him with her smile, his alarm went off in his bedroom and so he suddenly woke up from the dream.

The remarkable thing about the alarm is that he works at home and so never sets the alarm to go off, but it did go off suddenly in his room.

The time on the alarm clock he saw was 8:28am. August 28 was her birthday.

Example: I am “alive” in this underground chamber with thousands of other people (hell is other people). But the girl and I take the chance to escape. Actually I am chasing her on a motorcycle, then I join her. But it is too late, I am nearly dead with cancer when they catch up with me (and let me go walking down the road). (I am afraid that I have cancer.) The dreamer never developed cancer.

In some dreams we see someone else with cancer, but to start with they need to be considered as representing a facet of yourself – such as your worrying anxious self; your sexual self; your business or streetwise self, etc. Dreams accurately predicting the future are very rare. So it is unlikely though not impossible that the person you dream has cancer actually has it or will get it.

Occasionally the dream is an expression of how we feel about other people’s – especially our mother’s – emotional influence on us. This influence might be eating away at our own sense of well being. Or in some cases we sense it in the social attitudes we live amidst that is likewise eating away at our own health and wholeness.

Occasionally it is an awareness of illness in part of ones body. If this is suspected get a good health check. See Example under Death.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this feel like a ‘fear of death’ dream? If so see death and dreams.

Am I becoming aware of attitudes or inner problems that are being shown in the dream as cancer – if so can I put into words what they are?

If I describe myself as the cancer in the dream, what do I say, and what do I understand from this?



-Tellina 2016-10-17 21:09:08

I just woke up from a nap, where I had a very specific and vivid dream. I was told I was due for my yearly check up with my doctor, and everything seemed fine. A few days later, my mother gets a phone call from the doctor and I saw her face; it was filled with terror. She gives the phone to me and the doctor revealed I had cervical cancer and it’s almost as if I had felt the pain down there in real life once he told me. I begged to know if it was early detection and if I could get put under that dayou for surgery as he told me the tumor was quite large. I never think of death, nor have any of my family died from cancer (I’ve only lost one grandma) because everyone is still young. Is this a sign I should get a checkup?

-morningwolf 2016-10-01 20:16:00

I had a dream someone in the room told me i had cancer. It was my lower lip where i have a birthmark.
Its a little dot in the center of my lower lip.
I dont know what this means.

-Avery 2016-09-21 4:19:39

Hi, last night I had an extremely vivid dream THT i had cancer. Not sure what kind. Anyways, I literally felt everything. It was very strange, really interesting, and kind of terrifying. My grandmother was also in my dream and had cancer. She has it in real life (doctors are treating it as ovarian, however they don’t know what type of cancer it is. She most likely won’t be cured). Could that be why I was having that dream? I remember being told I had cancer, then coming home from chemo and feeling weird, and passing out. I felt everything, it seemed real. I woke up at about 6am, went back to sleep and had flashback of my life and saw clips of my future. I might have died and the future was what I thought it would be like. Whats very odd though is I woke up at 7:15 am and then I felt sick the EXACT SAME WAY as I did after I had my first round of chemo. It’s about 15 hours later and I feel even worse. I don’t have heartburn, I’m not nauseous, my head feels hot inside, i don’t have a headache, i feel very faint and lightheaded, and my esophagus feels strange in a way I cannot describe. I have the feeling you get right before they put you out for surgery. Thought I would include that since it may have something to do with my dream. I also have a cold that’s been getting better so I don’t know if it’s part of that. Sorry it’s kind of long.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-21 11:03:07

    Avery – It is not long but helpfully descriptive.

    Are you close emotionally with your grandmother? If so that would explain the dream as sometimes one feels similar symptoms.

    Also if you have a fear of cancer, having learned of your grandmother’s cancer your dream is facing you with that fear – with a vengeance. So it could be a mixture of both.

    To settle your fear, have a check-up.


-Annette 2016-09-13 9:40:47

I had a dream just now and cant go back to sleep . It was very vivid i was first called by phone an was told i had a place in my lungs that was not benin . Then i go to this place where they scan my body and it like i see them place me on a table an a few moments later i hear a technician said” GOD ” and then they exsplain to me and show me on a 3D scan where it is . It was where my thyroid used to be and said it was lump noids. The dream was so vivid . I went on to tell the drs i had just quite smokeing about a month ago and had smoked for 8 years and my throat would hurt . I went on to make a joke like thats my personality to a T.I even ex husband to increase my life insurance policy and my mom was there and I was afraid of death but I was afraid I would lose my hair I went to ask If I would need chemo and thats when I woke up .

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