The part of us that lives off the lives or efforts of others, instead of producing for ourselves. This might occasionally depict a problem with your diet. People often dream of eating their own flesh if they are undernourished or starving. Eating our own flesh might also suggest we are absorbing a facet of ourselves that has not previously been fully a part of our waking life.

Being the victim of cannibalism might show that you feel “eaten alive” by work, a relationship, or a condition in your life. Like incest and murder cannibalism expresses the worst form of what is forbidden.

Eating another person suggests that you have felt anger and resentment to another person, or even aspects of yourself. See Talking As It would be good to see what was the character of the person being eaten, because it might point to you wishing to take on that person spirit or quality.

Example: I was once travelling a very long way and missing the directives I received from enquiries I made, I strayed into the town which was notorious because they were cannibals. and the worst thing was that I was alone. While going through this village section of the town I met one man on the way as I passed him. He turned and looked at me with curiosity obvious in his looks. As I was going I met another man talking with another beside the path, They also gave me curious looks which made me to perceive that I was actually in the midst of that dreaded town. Dream of an African.

Other possibilities might be suggested by the surrounding drama in the dream. For instance cannibalism was originally practiced for two reason. Firstly the flesh of others was eaten to take on their power and essence. It was also a critical act to survive extreme circumstances.

There is also a religious side to this in that the Mass in Christianity is a form of eating another being’s flesh and drinking their blood. The flesh is eaten to share in the spirit and power of the willing sacrifice, and thereby receive the spiritual influence. See: flesh.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream suggesting the cannibalism is an act or parasitism?

Is it my own flesh that is being eaten?

Am I experiencing a greater union with a higher power in my life?

See Being the Person or Thing; Secrets of Power Dreaming

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