An explosive possibility or a defensive feeling or action.

It might therefore refer to old attitudes or ways that you defend yourself from attack or criticism. It can also refer to desires to attack others. So it could indicate that you were going to use explosive emotions because something drastic needs to be done, with the possibility of a big blow-up.

If the dream has a farcical side to it perhaps it is showing a silly side to your dream meaning – the clown shot out of a gun.

Example: I assured him that our passports were quite in order and that we had nothing to declare. He remained unconvinced, and when the cannon fired in a rather desultory way, he managed to land on top of it in a very undignified manner, and fell down onto the other side. My associations led to a childhood memory of a clown being fired out of the mouth of a cannon, indicating that at this particular moment in time, I saw my friend as a clown insisting on taking the most difficult course of action in spite of the fact that there were much easier ways of doing things. Quoted from Dream Power by Dr. Ann Faraday.

The male penis is sometimes referred to as a cannon, especially if sex is something of an attack or defense against difficult feelings.

Idioms: a loose cannon; cannon fodder; fired out of a cannon (circus).

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream cannon being used for, and what does that indicate about me?

Is this about attack or defense?

Am I feeling aggressive about someone or something?

Do I feel there are issues about sex to sort out?

Try using Secrets of Power Dreaming; Energy Sex and Dreams; Easy Dream Interpretation

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