Fear of or feelings of being bound or subject to other people, or trapped by circumstances, marriage, or work. Guilt about deeds or desires, or a prisoner of moral beliefs, ideas, opinions or emotions, depending on dream. See: Prison

We can be held captive by so many things it is difficult to list them all – fears; drug dependency; fear of pain; terror of being abandoned, unloved, alone; anxiety about being a failure or a jerk; and on and on.

Example: That I was being held “captive” in an apartment in Mexico City by M – my ex-wife. I went there to find something and instead of helping me look for it, she kept me away from it – kept me captive. I couldn’t even get in touch with my own parents when they came to visit and see me. And she kept me fearful of her parent’s thoughts about me all of the time.  I went to Mexico searching for something and M. kept me from it. How passive I am/was!  Reminds me of dream I had in San Francisco about the girl from Long Beach who kept me/a little boy captive in San Francisco.  PG

What PG makes clear in his dream and added comments  is how his passivity was a fundamental of his own captivity. See: active/passive.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Who is it or what is it I feel trapped or held back by?

What would I say in answer to the question – I am trapped because? And is my response an excuse?

Are there fears I am not really confronting?

In what way do I keep myself from expressing or living my best?

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Would this term apply towards getting caught in general or not?

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