Cars are such an enormously important and frequent part of modern life they represent all manner of things. But they particularly depict ability and opportunity. That is, ability to move around freely, and the opportunities this allows us. Through them we have the ability to get to work that might otherwise be out of reach; to enjoy leisure times; to meet and spend time with people; to carry things that would otherwise be impossible; to live a lifestyle that without the car would be out of the question. So a car allows choices, independence and freedom that are missing without it.

Example: Quoted from Dreams and Dreaming by Norman Mackenzie – page 23. ‘Robert Graves in his book The Meaning of Dreams cites the case of a woman who dreams that she was having difficulty turning a large car in a narrow lane. Such a dream, Graves suggests, could symbolise the anxiety of the woman, who was not a good driver, about turning her car. It could also represent a problem in her life. She was living above her income (the large car), she felt constricted by this (the narrow lane), and felt she must change her style of life (to turn round), even though such a change would be difficult for her to make. Or the dream might well epitomise the problem of checking and redirecting any powerful emotional impulse where the road of habit is a narrow one.’

In a wider social sense, a car is a symbol of the expensive and opportunity filled lifestyle most people in the Western world enjoy. Even the poorest in the West are incredibly rich compared to third world countries.

Cars in our dreams can illustrate the ambitions, attitudes and care, or lack of it that drive us in our life. The manner we make our way through life of course involves us in countless relationships of various sorts. We might mutually travel with someone, collide with them in a damaging way, take a similar route, or give them a ride to help them, etc.

Example: I get in my car which is always full of my children or relatives. Instead of driving it I put one foot inside the car and one on the road. Holding the steering wheel I propel the car forward like a child riding a toy scooter. This is extremely hard work but I somehow manage to keep it going, even up hills. Christine K.

A clear portrayal here of the car representing Christine’s relationship with her family, and how she is doing all the work in their communal journey together.

So the car is again a symbol of such meetings and partings. But car dreams may also relate to the business of driving our actual automobile in everyday life, and the manner in which we do so. Therefore some car dreams may warn us of attitudes we have that are dangerous, not just in relationships, but actually on the road.

The car can reveal to us our motivating drives – sex drive, ambition, sense of failure – whatever is driving us in life; means of or desire to ‘get somewhere’ in life; independence; personal freedom; personal space into which you can invite other people to share your life; privacy in which you can be yourself; feelings about the particular car in dream; your body.

Example – This is my dream. I am driving my car, alone. I can see a female friend and stop to offer her a lift. I partly want her to be impressed by my new car. She looks at me. Now she tells me she doesn’t want a lift and I am watching her walk off with a man I do not know. ………………. I have recently bought the car I am driving in the dream. I like it very much and like to have my friends ride in it. (Joel)

Car situations

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Car on fire – Car not in control of – Car parts – Car torn apart or dismantled – Collision – Car crash –

Dashboard – Doors – Door Can’t open Wide Dreamer Driving – Driven by Someone Else – Driver’s seat – Driving Carelessly – Driving on Wrong side of road – Driving without license –  Drunk driving –

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One other person in car – Overtaken – Overtaking

Parking lot – Car park – Parking – Parking place none – Passengers – Petrol – Puncture –

Reversing – Run over –

Scrapped car old – Seat belt – Servicing Car – Somebody else’s car – Spark plugs – Sports car – Steering Wheel –Stuck in mud or sand

Towing or being towed – Traffic-jam – Tyre/tire – Flat tyre –

Wheels – Windows or windscreen – Wrecked car –

Accelerator/gas pedal: Ability to govern your expression or expenditure of energy or speed of advance in work, a relationship or life. What you are doing with the accelerator shows the amount of power or ‘drive’ you are putting into what you are doing or where you are aiming to go in life.

If the car is not responding when the pedal is pressed it suggests you are out of energy, or that you is a problem with how you are motivating yourself.


If pressing down on accelerator: Desire to reach ones goal or desire quickly; frustration; ability or ‘drive’ to succeed, to win or to overtake someone or something.


Lack of response from accelerator: No inner enthusiasm for tasks or goals; a sense of getting no response from something you are involved in.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How is this depicting my desire to control things, or speed up things in my life?

How much am I depressing the pedal and how does that relate to where I am aiming to go?

If the car is not responding I need to ask myself why my emotion or body are not responding to this decision.

What are my feelings as I use the pedal, and what are they showing about how I drive myself?

Try using Being the Person or Thing


Accident: See: Car crash; Collision; Run Over; Wrecked car.


Alone in vehicle: Being independent and/or confident; making your own decisions; feeling lonely. There is sometimes an expression in such dreams of trying to get away from a relationship or a situation.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Why am I alone in this dream and what do I understand from that?

Where am I driving, and is that significant?

Is driving alone unusual for me in my dreams?

Try using Being the Person or Thing


Air conditioner: Check you breathing and the air you are breathing in the car.


Another person driving: This might suggest you are being passive or are in a learning situation with the other person. Perhaps you are being influenced by the opinions or emotions or desires of someone else, or are ready to allow someone else to make decisions for you. The other driver might show you are dependent on someone.

It could also show another aspect of you driving your decision making, so make sure the direction is to your liking. For instance anxiety or emotional pain may lead you to make many decisions, so they are then the driving force in your life, rather than what might be more satisfying.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Who is this person driving and what do I feel or associate with them?

What am I feeling about being the passenger?

In what place are we and where are we going – do I know?

Try using – Characters and People in Dreams


Being in your car: A sense of protection from the weather, changes of temperature and other people. A feeling of security and even comfort. Perhaps also a feeling that you are in control of your life as you are in control of the car, for the car does what you want from it, and you can choose where you want to go.


Brakes: Your ability to be in control of a situation. This might be control of anxiety or sexual feelings or emotions. If the brakes are working they allow a feeling of confidence in dealing with life.

This could also point to social situations. In other words we might not be taking notice of the ‘stop signs’ in social settings, personal relationships or as far as the law is concerned.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part are the brakes playing in this dream – to avoid something; to stop; to control speed?

Can I recognise how I use control and release in my life, and how well I can operate them?

Why am I dreaming of brakes at the moment – is there a situation I am in that needs skill in controlling or letting go?

See Secrets of Power Dreaming


Back seat in car:

This is about the realisation that I am threatened by women. Also that I seek a dependent relationship. The back seat is the fear of women, but also being led by my feelings.


Brakes not working: Might suggest high anxiety or losing control of a situation or events, thus may indicate a fear of taking chances or initiating things in case they get ‘out of hand’; difficulty in controlling sexual desire or emotions.

Our brakes might not be working in some settings, such as in a relationship or work. This could mean you collide or are on a collision course with someone or with a situation. Banging into another car, person or house would depict this. See: Example 3.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling anxious about what is happening to me sexually or emotionally?

Have I done something that is like running through the red light?

What is it I need to review about being in control.

See Secrets of Power Dreaming


Car body: The car body often refers to your body, yourself. So any damage or dents would suggest you have had some knocks in life, physically or emotionally. Therefore the car body might illustrate feelings about your own appearance or physical condition.

There might also be an element of ownership or territory involved in this. So anything done to the body of the car is, through identification, done to you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is shown in the dream about the car, and what is it suggesting?

What are my feelings about this and how do they relate to my waking life?

If I imagine myself as the car body, what do I understand about what is shown in the dream?

Try using Stand in roleBeing the Person or Thing


Car boot/trunk: The memories, the karma, or influences from past actions and experiences that we still carry with us. Also the necessary things we carry about with us, such as shopping, that would connect with caring for personal or family needs. Occasionally something you want to hide or get rid of.

The boot might also suggest the ‘baggage’ of anxieties and thoughts that you carry in the back of your mind; or tools for dealing with difficult life situations.

The boot is a storage place too, so can relate to things you have such as qualities or values, that are not being used, but are at hand if needed.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is in the boot/trunk in the dream, and what do I connect with them? i.e. are they things connected with work, holidaying, clothes (social attitudes), leisure things such as golf clubs.

Is this something I am hiding in the boot, or am I okay about it?

What resources do I have in the boot?

Please see Processing Dreams and Role


Car going wrong: My failure in some way. If it keeps gong wrong a deep sense of failure. It could also suggest ill health in some way.


Car on fire: Stress of some sort causing ‘burnout’ either physically or emotionally. Such a fire would end the usefulness of your actual car, and in a dream it would mean damage to or the end of whatever was being depicted in the dream – a relationship, a work situation, a planned activity.

Example: I dream of M. and the German chick, but as if we had just come from the beach.  There is a lot of changing of clothes by the girls, a lot of watching of boobs by  us.  Several times the German girl plugs in a wall socket and there are a number of  small fires.  Later, there is some controversy over a dress of M’s that shows her  nipples. Another plug is plugged in, and this time the resulting fire destroys our car.  DP.

DP’s dream shows the very clear connection between his sexual excitement about watching the women’s breasts, and the car fire. M. is his wife, so there is a suggestion his mutual journey with her – the car – is damaged.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the whole car on fire or just part – if just part, what does that part signify?

What or who caused the fire and how does that relate to what I am feeling or meeting in life?

Are other people involved and in what way?

Try using Easy Dream InterpretationEnergy Sex and DreamsTalking As


Car parts: Body parts, but also the function in oneself they might suggest – steering wheel for instance could suggest control over ones direction or emotions. In considering the meaning of the many car parts, define what you feel or know that part of the car does, then ask yourself what that might be an analogy for.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the basic function of this car part, and what function of mine might it depict?

What is happening to this part in the dream, and what does that say about its meaning?

Is this in any way linking with my actual car?

Try using Acting on your dream


Car torn apart or dismantled: This often depicts stressful life events or failure to care for your body; or even feelings that events or people are destroying your freedom, opportunities or ability to work. See: Wrecked car.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel things are tearing apart my ability to work or achieve things?

If my car is my means of being free or having independence, what do I feel is dismantling that?

Are there circumstances that lead me to feel torn apart?

Try using Being the Person or ThingAvoid Being Victims

The dismantling of a car may also show you the way you self-destruct as explained in Crashing vehicle. Or if the car is being taken to bits to repair or improve, then it shows a real process of change and growth in you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I doing the dismantling or is someone else – is it anyone I know?

Is it an impersonal thing or event that is dismantling the car?

If this is for improvement, what changes are emerging in myself or life?

Try using Being the Person or ThingAvoid Being Victims


Collision: Possible conflict of opinions or feelings with another person, and so the likelihood of a painful encounter. It might of course be warning you of careless driving in waking.

It might also show careless behaviour leading to problems in relationship or work. In general I illustrates two different directions or desires meeting or conflicting in an injurious rather than harmonious way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

With whom or with what am I coming into conflict with?

Is there a difference of direction or opinion that is leading to problems?

What is it that is driving me at the moment, what attitude or fear, that is leading to destructive tendencies?

Try using Talking AsAvoid Being Victimsfear in connection with car


Crashing vehicle: Depending upon how badly the car or you are hurt, it shows the ending of something. This might be a direction you were taking, a business venture or a relationship – depending on who is with you in the car and what else is in the dream.

Often a crash involves another or other people. If this is in your dream it shows a difficult relationship with another person, one that might damage your won sense of well-being or confidence. It can mean a difficulty in a sexual relationship too if the person is of the opposite sex. But even if not that, certainly it is about a confrontation or conflict in regard to decisions, directions or opinions.

The car crash can sometimes show a self desired failure – perhaps to avoid stress of responsibility and change. The crash also suggests fear of failure or loss of control. This might be failure in relationship or an argument – you may be on collision course with boss or partner for instance. See: wrecked car.

Occasionally it points to psychological or physical breakdown looming. If the vehicle crash has a sense of death in it, then the dream may be exploring the anxieties or feelings around death. This is not usually a prediction of death, but a meeting with whatever values and fears one has about it. It may however be warning you about activities having a negative effect on your life or health. See: Dreaming of Death

If you die in the crash, what you feel and learn is very important. This is because it can depict a radical change in your life, or an experience of meeting death.

Example: He dreamed he had crashed his car. He walked out from the crash unhurt, and actually felt glad the car was wrecked. We examined his feelings, he saw with surprise the car was his means of getting to work and achieving things, so why did he feel pleased? When he dug deeper he came upon the desire to constantly ruin his own achievements or means of achieving. The reason being that he never wanted to give his mother the pleasure of seeing him succeed in life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What led up to this crash, and can I see any signs of those feelings or activities in what I am doing?

Is someone else involved, and in what way – if so what does that person represent or mean to me?

What can I learn from this?

If I died in the dream, what do I carry into waking from the experience?

See Dreams are Like a Computer GameProcessing Dreamsfear in connection with car


Dashboard: The dash is where we see all the information about the cars inner working. This is your own personal dashboard to show what changes are coming or are going on in your body.

We are probably all acquainted now with looking at the instruments on the dashboard of a car. On such a panel we can see an indication of the speed, of the amount of fuel, and of the temperature of the water cooling system. When we look at any of these gauges we are not of course directly aware of the hot water, of the amount of fuel, or of the engines revolutions. We are only seeing a graphic display of what is taking place in unseen parts of the car.

Our body and mind are far more complex than any car. There is far more that goes on in the hidden places of our being than ever goes on in an engine. But dreams perform the same function as the gauges on the dashboard. They illustrate processes that are going on in the depths of our body and mind — and in fact often in the very deepest places of the unconscious. As with the gauges, we are not directly experiencing the processes displayed in images and drama. What we are witnessing is a process that puts into imagery, into emotions and drama, things that in themselves may be quite formless, that may never previously have come near to verbal definition or conscious conceptualisation. The word imagine has its root in the word image. We literally put into images those things that lie beyond our usual senses in the formless and timeless regions of our being.

In some dreams there is stuff stored on the dashboard. You will need to see what uou associate with it. See Associations Working With

But dreams can have some strange mixtures as this dream:

Example: In the dream a woman poured white paint all down the right side of the dash board in my car.

Thinking about it now I have been doing some painting with white gloss.. last night I was in bed and couldn’t breathe properly so the air vents must be showing that my lungs are being clogged up with paint fumes.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What happens in the dream and what does it suggest?

Does the plot of the dream give any clues? See Plot of the Dream

Have any recent events led you to suspect any ill health?

See Secrets of Power DreamingTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


Doors: Your way of letting other people share you life. The passenger door in particular refers to the people you let near you or push away if you do not let them in your car.

The car door can also suggest allowing something to be seen or as access to things you have ‘within you’. The door is also a barrier, a protective shield against people trying to harm you, or against other influences.  The lock on the door links with how confident you feel about your own strength.

Not being able to open your car doors shows you feeling a loss, or at a loss. It is a loss of power to be able to go where you want, or to access what you have in the car. This is like being pushed right back onto your very personal resources. See Doors

Useful Questions and Hints:

What or who are you letting in or shutting out of your life?

Does the dream show you opening up to others or closing down?

Are you feeling safe and protected in the dream – if not try to define why?

Try using Being the Person or ThingProcessing Dreams

Door Can’t open Wide: Considering that a car is something you direct in various ways, it can relate to your body that you are only partly in control of. Also as the driver you can be free of the body senses and drives in different ways. So trying to get out of the car indicate feelings of being trapped in some way – trapped by an automatic functions?


Dreamer driving: Being independent and confident. It also suggests making your own decisions and being responsible for your own life direction. See: Drivers seat.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How well was I driving in this dream?

Am I in control of the car?

Where am I going or what am I doing?

Try using Secrets of Power DreamingPlot of the Dream

 Driven by someone else: This suggests that you are trying to get somewhere in life but are not fully in control of your decisions in driving. This often happens because we are often deeply influenced by another person, so there is some measure of conflict between what you want and the influence someone else has on you.


Drivers seat: Perhaps more than anything else this suggests responsibility and personal decision making. It can also point to the attitudes that direct how you live your life.

Whoever is in the seat is influencing your life, either through your permission, through dependence or dominance, perhaps even fear.

Being in the driving seat is a very special situation, whether it is a car, a plane or a rocket. Every tiny shift or thought, of motivation or doubt redirects where the vehicle – you – are going. So it is very important to clarify your feelings and state, as with the example below.

Example: Dreamt about being in a large removal van with a woman sat on my lap. I held her breasts with pleasure. Don.

In exploring his dream Don found that holding the woman’s breasts showed how he was holding onto and held by sexual pleasure. Holding the woman made him a passenger, and not directing his life. But when he let go he could be the driver. This led him to realise that he was tied to his sexual need like a dependency – a dependency that directed his life.

Being in the driving seat also means you can see all the instruments on the driving panel. This means being in an observing situation with yourself. You can if you wish, observe all the instruments of your being. You can watch and acknowledge what is happening to you sexually, what is happening with your fantasies, what is going on in your physical body – am I tired, am I relaxed, am I stressed, am I confident? You can observe all this in the driving seat and you can make changes. From the observations you can slightly shift, change, make adjustments, and so keep balance and direct the process of interaction and where you are aiming to go in life. This self observation also means you can more easily observe others and understand their needs.


Driving from another seat: This is about being able to ‘stand up to the plate’.

It is an American term and it is about whether you are ready to take command, to show your skill, to be in charge. See

Are you in fact facing a situation which needs you to be responsible for the directions you are going in life, the decisions you make and take responsibility for who you are and are capable of being?

Try using and imagine placing yourself in the driving seat in one of the dreams.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I am in the driving seat what are the attitudes and feelings hat are directing me?

Where is it I am actually taking this vehicle or my life?

If I am not in the seat, what are the skills or failings that are influencing my direction?

Try using Being the Person or ThingEasy Dream Understanding


Driving carelessly: Lack of responsibility socially or sexually and need for more awareness. It also suggests you are not really in charge of your life in any positively aware way. There may be an over-riding feeling such as anger or frustration that is eating away at you and causing the carelessness – or are you exhausted?

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there a situation or emotion behind the carelessness?

What results from the carelessness in the dream, and does that point to anything in waking life?

Can I take control of this situation and imagine a different result?

Please read Avoid Being VictimsHabitsEasy Dream Understanding


Driving the wrong way up a one way street: Going against prevailing attitudes; defying public opinion.


Driving without license: Feeling guilty about your way of life or social conduct. Or perhaps you do not dare to test out your quality against social standards, therefore may hide your sense of inadequacy. Or else you are just ready to be a criminal and risk other peoples welfare in what you feel is being daring – and ‘fuck the authorities’ feelings. This point to a conflict with social rules and regulations – the social norm. See: conflicts.

Example: A massive force underlying the basement of my house was threatening to emerge. It had already torn down part of the ceiling of the basement. This force was in the shape of a woman and a serpent. But when it did emerge the figure of Christ also came into the room and the two seemed to change each other.

When I explore the dream I felt the woman represented my own natural and unrestrained desires and needs, the criminal or anti authority part of me; and Christ was the power of social pressure to conform. In releasing them both my natural urges and needs could be expressed in creative acts – such as a punk singer might do in performances – and therefore be acceptable, though still containing the socially dangerous natural impulses.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this about being caught or avoiding notice?

What feelings are evident in the dream and where do you meet them in waking life?

If it is difficult to get a license, what are the barriers or difficulties?

Do you enjoy feeling ready to be a failure?

Try using Avoid Being VictimsBeing the Person or Thing


Drunk driving: Not in control of your life; occasionally refers to spiritual influence leading you to do things that are not rational; or perhaps alcohol is dominating you.

Basically this is about losing real awareness and control of a situation or relationship – and especially your ability to direct your life well. See Alchol

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I am not the drunk driver, what or who is irrationally influencing me?

Have I been acting out of careless or irrational feelings or ideas lately?

Am I losing my hold on what is happening in my life?

Please read Avoid Being VictimsHabitsEasy Dream Understanding


Engine: This often represents your heart or your ability to motivate yourself. It therefore links with your personal energy or drive.

Because ones energy and drive are so linked with how confident and expressive we feel, the engine, its size and performance are often indications of this.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream saying about my ability to motivate myself and get to where I want to go?

Do I feel adequate as a person, sexually or as a man/woman?

Does the dream suggest anything needs to be done to the engine – if so what is that pointing to?

See Energy Sex and DreamsActing on your dream


Exhaust: This might be used as a play on words to suggest exhaustion. Otherwise it could link with your need to detoxify in some way, to vent poisons – either physical or emotional ones. If an exhaust is blocked a car loses power, and if our body is clogged with toxins we also lose energy and drive.

If you are being exposed to the poisons from an exhaust, it could be about the bad influence from a person you are involved with, or that you are living in an unhealthy place.

Engines make a hell of a noise without an exhaust, so losing the exhaust or making it noisey might be suggesting you are being a nuisance in some way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is happening with the exhaust in the dream, and what does that suggest as a metaphor?

Can I do anything about this situation by changing it?

Am I feeling exhausted lately?

See Secrets of Power DreamingBeing the Person or Thing


Fanbelt: The fan belt on a car is a great driving force which if broken leaves the car un-usable.

It can also sometimes indicate how physical and psychic energy is channelled in you.

Example: Dreamt I was looking at a car dynamo. There was something about the fan belt being checked. But the dynamo was not in a car, and the belt led up to a wheel. The wheel did not drive the dynamo, the dynamo drove the wheel.

The dreamer explored his dream and realised that, “I was striving to release the sexual powers to the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the wheel. The dynamo is the sexual centre. Love releases sexuality inwardly. Love, integrating with sexuality, lifts it to the solar plexus. The solar plexus begins to turn. This power links love with sexual penetration. This enables love to penetrate other person. Through lifting the sexual power to the solar plexus, there will arise the power to penetrate more deeply into another persons life.


Fear in connection with car: Any fear of anxiety we may feel with our car may be shown in our dreams. For instance we may feel that our car will let us down on a long journey; or that we have a fear of crashing or killing ourselves; or that we will run someone over. All of these can be dreamt, and are about what we fear rather than what we predict will happen.


Fuel/gas: Feeling drives; motivation; whatever has ‘fuelled one’s drive’. Petrol/gas is also a resource, something you know you can call upon to achieve something or ‘get somewhere’. So having an empty tank would suggest you have no such resources of energy, or motivation or ‘drive’ to achieve what you desire or need to do. It can sometimes indicate exhaustion and poor health. So it might indicate a change of diet or life style – getting more rest?

There is an interesting complexity here as you need resources – money – to get the resource of fuel.


Out of fuel/gas: No motivation or energy to do what you want. This could also be frustration and irritability or the loss of a meeting or opportunity. Feeling stumped.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream saying about my energy or resourcefulness, and how does that apply to me?

If I am without fuel is there any indication of how I can get it or why I am on ‘empty’?

Is there any sign in the dream what my relationship with my energy reserves is?

Try using Secrets of Power DreamingBeing the Person or Thing


Gears or gear box: Gears in a car give us control over the speed and power of the car. So it suggest that we have the ability to change from one mode to another – we can be tired one minute and energetic the next. But the word gear is often used in describing the right sort of clothes. See clothes

There is the option of putting a car in gear to get it moving, so indicating you need to do something to get you motivation going. So a ruined gear box would be a need either to get the ability to be able to change from one mode to another, or that you have ruined your health and energy in some way and need attention.

Idioms: Get you ass into gear; gear up; give you the gears.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What gear are you in?

What is the plot or theme of the dream? See Plot of the Dream

Is there anything I can change in the dream?

See Secrets of Power DreamingBeing the Person or Thing


Headlights: Being able to see what is happening in your life. But this especially applies to what is happening unconsciously, in the dark of your mind. So it suggests seeing what lies ahead, and so can refer to insight or intuition, even prediction.

Example: My husband and I were driving along a country road at night, when the headlights of the car fell on a group of black and white cats straggling across the road. We stopped, waiting for them to cross. A beautiful collie dog was guarding them. Because some of the cats seemed loath to move, I went back on foot to find the owner. I knew she was an Italian noblewoman.

On meeting her, I was struck by her beauty and nobility. We walked back together to find the road clear. My husband and I proceeded on our way.”

“This woman’s dream is rather unusual, because it seems to summarize fully her search and struggle for a spiritual life. She told me that she and her husband enjoyed night driving, especially on country roads. Thus, in the dream, night driving signified progress along the high road of life. The black and white cats signified the good and evil within. In this instance, because her association with cats was their independence, the dream was related to a need for greater cooperation with her spouse. The black and white cats emphasized the constructive and destructive aspects of independence for there are times when we must be firm on principle, but there are other instances when we should yield. The collie dog symbolized a portion of her sub-conscious, which brought to the attention of her conscious mind (the headlights of car) the animal characteristics obstructing the spiritual road ahead. The Italian noblewoman represented to her the higher self, which she must manifest in order to remove the obstructions within herself, for she associated Italy with early Christianity (Italian woman).” Quoted from Dreams Your Magic Mirror by Elsie Sechrist.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are the headlights revealing and what does that refer to in my life?

Are my headlights – ability to look ahead – working well?

Where am I going or what am I doing in this dream that needs to have light thrown on it?

See See Secrets of Power DreamingBeing the Person or Thing


Headlights off: Loss of awareness or inability to be aware of what you are meeting or the way ahead. The inability to use your intuition or precognition.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any hint of what my inability to see in the dark will lead to?

Can I throw light on what is involved in any way?

What is the drama of the dream suggesting?

See Secrets of Power DreamingBeing the Person or Thing


Lost Car: The loss of something that enables you to go where you want to in life, or that you are carried along by to your goals or toward something. This loss can be a belief or a fear or any strong feeling or motivation that carried you through life and enabled you to reach goals.

If you connect your car with independence, then this links with the loss of that and your ability to have your own space or freedom.

This type of dream sometimes comes while you are really questioning who you are and what you want – a turning point in your life direction. The dreams also occasionally include one returning to where you left the car and not finding it. This is about a life situation connected with losing the motivations and ordinary everyday convictions or stimulus that you usually had. It can happen when a mother arrives at the point her children leave and are independent and she suddenly loses the motivations that kept her going for years.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I define what it is in my life I have lost, and how it went from me?

Are there external circumstances that have led to this loss?

What do I feel in the dream when I realise I have lost my car, and where do those feelings appear in my waking life?

See Plot of the DreamActing on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming


Mirror: Looking back on what is ‘behind’ you, what you have left behind, or what is approaching you from the past. An awareness of what you have left behind, or what or who is going to overtake you.

It might also be a way you check your appearance – a sort of ‘who am I’ – ‘how will I appear to others’ question. See: mirror.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I see in the mirror and what information did I gather from it?

What am I looking at or for in the mirror and what does that suggest.

If I am looking at myself in what way are my features presented?

See Acting on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming


Not in control of car: This often relates to strong feelings or impulses that you find difficult to deal with. Or if  there is a mechanical problem with the car it could suggest that your usual physical and/or psychological checks and balances aren’t working properly, and so, as with a woman experiencing mood swings during menopause, perhaps you need to find ways of helping this.

The dream might also depict that in some way you are either not watching what you are doing, or are feeling anxiety about not being in control of things.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What causes the car to go out of control, and can I see that applying to my life situation?

Do I manage to get the car under control, and if so with what attitudes or strategy do I do that?

Am I aware of any psychological or physical condition that might be causing this?

See HabitsEasy Dream UnderstandingQuestions


Old car or scrapped car: Sense of old age, or exploration of feelings about death.

Example: My most frequent dream is of scrap cars and breakers yards. Acres of old cars piled on each other at crazy angles; some with plants and trees growing through them, having been there many years. I enjoy walking among them. An enormous magnetised girder swings over them picking them up in all sorts of disarray en route for the furnace. On one occasion as I walked along the isles between the cars a voice shouted DUCK! I did so as the girder swing just above me followed by three large Alsatian dogs. I noted the dogs were sleek and appeared well fed. I thought they were in such good condition by eating up the people injured by the swinging girder. I thought they wouldn’t get me as I had taken the tip and ducked down. A.B.P.

This dream seems to clearly say that A.B.P. is ageing and still enjoying being one of the ‘old crocks’. But he realises that death can come at any time if he is not careful enough to avoid life threatening situations.

An old car can also points to old way of doing thing or getting what you want. By old is meant ways you lived, behaved or thought in the past – but ways particularly related to getting about, being independent etc. See Habits

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this car remind me of a particular period of my life, or a time, such as the 90’s?

Are there indications this dream is about ageing – if so what do I understand from it about myself and my age?

What am I doing with or in the car, and what might this be an analogy of?

Try using Avoid Being VictimsActing on your dream


Overtaken: Feeling of being left behind or not competing. Or perhaps you are relaxing and letting things go by in life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling as I am overtaken, and what does that say about my own competitiveness and attitudes at the moment?

Is this because I can’t get any power out of my dream car – if so I need to ask myself what is holding me back?

Who is with me in the car, and how do I feel about being overtaken in their presence?

See Secrets of Power DreamingProcessing Dreams


Overtaking: Getting ahead or being competitive. Having confidence in your own ability to get on in life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is what I feel as I overtake something I can see is a reasonable attitude?

Am I trying to prove something here – if so what?

Am I fully in control of this car in an easy way?

See Secrets of Power DreamingProcessing Dreams


Passengers: The people in your dream car are usually those who are important in your life. Even if they are not people you know. What they represent in age, sex or temperament is usually indicating something you need to take notice of.

The interaction with the passenger often shows how you relate to others that are ‘travelling with you’ in life. They are also people who influence your direction and the choices you make. See: the Example under abandoned.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Who is the passenger and how do I relate to the?

What major influence does the passenger have in my life?

What is happening between the passenger(s) and myself?

See Characters and People in DreamsSecrets of Power Dreaming


Parking lot – Car park – Parking: A socially acceptable place to rest, to meet, to make some sort of change or exchange, or to change modes of behaviour to get involved in something else. Finding a parking place can suggest being in the flow of things.

The parked car might also mean you have stopped ‘going anywhere’ in life, or that you have changed to walking – getting somewhere through personal effort. Or even that you have stopped ‘driving yourself’ – relaxing. If you change modes of transport – car to plane or train for instance – then it suggests dropping your own independence and relying on others, or social actions or groups to be with.

There might be an inference that you have stopped employing some of your resources and using others.

Parking can sometimes be stressful and bring to the surface anger, fear or bloody mindedness.

Example: I had just parked my car and saw a woman I knew coming up to an empty parking space in a really big car. The woman looked terried and seeing me she called to me for help. The car was so powerful she felt she couldn’t control it. So I sat in the car and parked it for her.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where have I parked and what sort of environment is it?

What am I going to do after leaving the car, and what does that suggest about a change or new involvement?

Is what I am doing a rest or is it work?

See Secrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding


Can’t find parking place: Perhaps you are finding it difficult to relax, to get out of the demands of the ‘traffic’ of your life – other people, demands made upon you, responsibility and commitments. This might also suggest you can’t find your place in life, and feel out of the flow of events – sort of mismatched timing.

There is also a possibility it shows you feeling that you can’t get on with things you want to do.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is stopping me from parking – is it I don’t know the way, too many people, or I don’t have the ticket – and what does that suggest about me?

What am I feeling as I try to park, and can I recognise that feeling in my daily life?

Is anyone sharing this difficulty with me as a passenger?

See Secrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding


Petrol: See Fuel.


Puncture: See: Flat tire above.


Reversing: This might point to feelings of not getting anywhere, of slipping back into a situation, relationship or experience already passed through. It can also be about reversing a decision or a change of direction.

Reversing can indicate that you are returning to a point or time of your life to deal with issues that occurred then. In such cases the word regression might apply.

In some reversing dreams the car is going so fast it suggests being out of control, or doing things in a way that is not as efficient as it might be. Maybe you feel tremendous anxiety or panic.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Why am I reversing and does that connect with current feelings or activities?

Am I regressing to an old state of mind or dependence at the moment?

Is some thing, or are events pulling me backwards instead of progression?

Do I feel anxious?

See Easy Dream UnderstandingAvoid Being Victims


Run over: ‘Killing’ or injuring some part of yourself or someone else through misplaced drive or ambition. If it is an aggressive act then it suggests a desire to hurt.

Being run over or a threat of being run over sometimes suggests getting in the way of events, ‘traffic’, that is part of the social or local action. So a small privately owned store could be ‘run over’ by a large supermarket opening near it. But it can also mean someone is ‘bulldozing’ or threatening you in some way.

Sometimes it is an animal that is run over in our dreams, and this probably indicates that in our ‘drive’ to do something or get somewhere, we have not been aware enough of our basic animal needs, such as food, sleep, sex, companionship. A similar thing might be said of running over a child – not enough care to deal with our dependent or vulnerable emotional needs. See: Mammal Brain; Accident.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Who or what is run over, and what is suggested by that?

Am I the victim or the perpetrator – and does that tell me something about how I feel or my actions?

What would it mean in my life to be more aware or careful?

See Secrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding


Seat belt: Taking care in a preventative way. It might suggest an action to prevent an accident or injury. So not using it in a dream might suggest not taking enough care. It might occasionally be used to suggest restraint or something limiting you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there a suggestion here about a life situation I need to take more care in?

Is this about using or removing restraint – if so in regard to what?

What issues do the other parts of the dream link with?

See Being the Person or ThingCharacters and People in DreamsActing on your dream


Servicing car: Because the car sometimes represents the body, it could indicate that you need a check over, so was there any particular thing the car needed done to it. If so look up that part.

Sometimes it actually is about the car. Some people dream for instance that the brakes need fixing and then find that if fact the dream was a warning. Or perhaps it is about your own loss or lack of motivations.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If the dream shows something wrong with the car ask yourself what it might be if seen as a symbol?

Have you been worried about your car not being able to do what you require of it?

What would you say if you put yourself in the position of the car?

See Talking AsBeing the Person or Thing


Somebody else’s car: Borrowing somebody else’s methods, skills or motivations to get somewhere or achieve something. It can also suggest a relationship. If this is the case what is being done with the car comments about the relationship.

If you are not driving the car or riding in it, then it suggests the way you respond to or relate to the person the car belongs to. The car is representing them or their qualities in some way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Whose car is this and what do I associate with them – i.e. what are their basic qualities or weaknesses?

What am I doing with or in this car, and what does that suggest as an analogy?

Where am I going or what am I trying to do with this car?

See Characters and People in DreamsSecrets of Power DreamingPlot of the Dream


Spark plugs: The basic ‘spark’ in your life, love life or creativity. Without these there is no ‘get up and go’, no desire or ability to get on with things. Depending upon what part the plugs are playing in the dream, this could suggest either great enthusiasm or energy, or sluggishness.

Because the spark that ignites the fuel is an electrical process, this might also at times refer to the ‘spark’ or lack of it in a relationship or work situation. It might therefore link with sex and the contact it leads to.

But the spark is also the spark of Life that gives you everthing you are. See Life’s Little Secrets

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part are the plugs playing, and what analogy might this be referring to?

Am I lacking a spark or ‘current’ in my life?

Am I firing on all cylinders in my life at the moment?

See Acting on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming


Sports car: Self image to do with being rather free, daring, unconventional and high powered. Also probably to do with having money and letting people know.

Dreams that include a sports car often also involve sex or excitement in some way – as with the example – so may be dealing with the more risky or less orthodox side of your life. It might reveal that you have an image of yourself as ‘being a man’ or a ‘woman’ wanting to be unconventional, high powered and daring.

Example: I was working in an office. An old boyfriend turned up in a sports-car and asked me to get in. I tried but couldn’t as it was low and I had a bad back. I told him I was married anyway but was wondering if I should have an affair. I left to avoid an office party. A security guard stopped me and said I had turned the wrong way.

In her mind however, getting that much stimulus equates with having a lover again, and that is something she will not even consider. But she doesn’t need a lover outside marriage to do something a bit more challenging. A lover, she feels, would be stooping too low, and against her principles. This causes her to hold herself back until she aches. Even the security guard is suggesting she is going the wrong way about this. So she needs to stop and listen to her back-ache, to her dream. What is your feelings telling you? You may be pulling away from people, you need.

Example: I was in a prison. It was nice but I wanted out. The gates were open, but I couldn’t make myself leave. I saw a black man walk out and eventually I did too. I stood in beautiful countryside, happy and relieved, drove home in a sports car, but caused £20,000 of damage on the way. My parents hit me and screamed how bad I was. Caroline 16.

At the end of the dream she admits what she fees the prison is – life with her parents. It has an open door because they are probably beginning to encourage her to be independent. The difficulty is making it on her own. Of course she has to learn new tricks, but most of is manageable in various ways, so why shouldn’t she? The black man is her own passionate and natural reactions, which if she follows will lead her out of feeling imprisoned. As for the sports car I guess this reveals her have an image of herself as wanting to be unconventional, high powered and daring. The dream may be saying this could put her back into the feelings of being dominated by her parents.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I doing something unconventional and ‘sporty’ – and if so what is the dream saying about that?

Is this my car in the dream – if so do I identify with being energetic, daring and high powered?

What risks am I taking at the moment?

What is the dream suggesting in the form of an analogy?

See Acting on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming


Steering Wheel: This connects mostly with the ability to control the situation in terms of where you are going. So it particularly connects with decision making or urges. If you were struggling with someone else over the steering wheel, then it shows how your own decisions or feelings, and someone else’s, are in conflict.

The steering  gives direct feedback about the car and how it is dealing with the road, so it would also at times suggest the intuitive awareness from the deeper levels of yourself about how you are relating to your life journey and recent events.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where am I deciding to go in life, and what does my dream point out about that?

Does my dream show me in control of where I am going, or is something uncontrolled or spontaneous being shown as coming my way?

What am I feeling about my hold on the steering wheel?


Is someone else steering?

Has the steering broken – if so what is happening in my life that reflects this feeling of losing control or ability to direct?

See Acting on your dreamSecrets of Power Dreaming

Stuck in mud or sand: A problem difficult to solve. Trying to go in a direction that is not suitalbe. Loss of power to do or be what you want. Feeling stuck in a life or work situation.


Towing or being towed: If you are being towed it suggests you are lacking the usual motivations and ability to move toward your goals or manage things on your own. It also suggests you might need help from someone else or other people.

If you are towing someone else it indicates either that you are having to deal with a breakdown of some aspect of your own drive or activities, or that you are dealing with this in another person or situation.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What in my life fits the imagery of this dream – what has broken down?

Who am I helping because of a breakdown in their ability to help themselves?

What am I feeling in the dream and where do those feelings appear in my waking life?

Try Being the Person or ThingTalking As


Traffic-jam: This might link with many things depending on what you feel in the dream. Some possibilities are feelings of frustration about not reaching your goals; a life situation in which you are caught up in a public or communal activity or event and find it difficult to escape and go your own way and your own pace. This might also be an expression of feeling trapped by circumstances or other people.e things in your life not flowing well with feelings of frustration, blocked emotions or finance.

Example: Jim and I are in a car in a traffic jam. Some guy with a hidden gun says he will give us three bucks if we will steal his car/truck. We are standing outside our car. I immediately see this is a trick and I tell Jim not to do it. Not to do anything. The next thing the guy goes to some other people now with his gun out and points it at them and say something. Jim sees this and goes to his car and gets his gun and points it at the guy telling him to drop his gun. Before I can do anything they are shooting at each other.

This points to some sort of frustration or conflict in the person due to blocked emotions.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I experiencing frustration or delay with something or someone?

Have events led to a situation in which I feel trapped or held back?

Have I chosen a direction – route – that is not proving productive and is not letting me get ahead?

See Talking AsEasy Dream Understanding


Tyre/tire: The attitudes and skills you use to smooth out the rough patches in your life. The support you have that enables you to carry on with your movements and activities. It is probably a form of support you usually take for granted, such as your health or psychological well-being. Life is a lot bumpier without that sort of support, such as losing ones confidence.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part did the tire/tyre in your dream play?

What was the theme of your dream?

Were there any feelings involved – if so wat were they?

See Easy Dream UnderstandingBeing the Person or Thing


Flat tyre: If you are dealing with a flat tyre, this suggests physical problems or injury; something causing you to feel let down by something unexpectedly. It might link with an unexpected delay in some area of your life, with frustration or irritation, or even lack of energy to move or be sexual.

An interesting play on words with the flate tire and being tired.

Example: Ginny, my Aunt Millie, Bonnie and I got into a car to go to a fair for the disabled. I was angry because I realized that I only had a bicycle with flat tires to assist me when I got to the fair and I was going to get tired and achy walking around.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are the personal attitudes or skills that support what I do or where I am trying to get in life?

Have I recently been let down in some way, or am I feeling ‘flat’?

Am I feeling stuck and unable to get on with what I was planning?

Is this about sexual lack of performance?

Try using Being the Person or ThingTalking As


Wheels: The ability to meet changes, to be mobile. The ability to move oneself or heavy objects easily. What gives ones energy “wheels” and increase ones speed and ability, like kids on scooters or bikes.

Idioms: Behind the wheel; set the wheels in motion; take the wheel; wheeling and dealing; wheels within wheels; oil the wheels; spoke in ones wheel. See: shapes and symbols.  

 Example: Dreamt I was looking at a car dynamo. There was something about the fan belt being checked. But the dynamo was not in a car, and the belt led up to a wheel. The wheel did not drive the dynamo, the dynamo drove the wheel.

The dreamer explored his dream and realised that, “I was striving to release the sexual powers to the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the wheel. The dynamo is the sexual centre. Love releases sexuality inwardly. Love, integrating with sexuality, lifts it to the solar plexus. The solar plexus begins to turn. This power links love with sexual penetration. This enables love to penetrate other person. Through lifting the sexual power to the solar plexus, there will arise the power to penetrate more deeply into another persons life”. An excellent example of how dreams are about our inner self most of the time.

Windows or windscreen: Protection and your view of the world and other people. Attitudes you use to open to or close off from other people or your environment. Therefore a shattered window might suggest someone has invaded your space, or you are feeling more vulnerable or exposed.

Example: Today a horrible thing happened. A stone hit my windscreen and made a big hole in the glass. Then the windscreen started cracking. Not the entire thing, maybe about 5 inches. I was quite traumatized. I began feeling – why is this happening to me.

If only I had … . It’s just more money I am going to have to spend. Why, why, why, was my anguished silent cry. I did not even do anything wrong. The car speeding in front of me caused the stone to hit my car. I just want to die. I felt a terrible thing had happened and took it all so personally. I felt insecure all the way home. It reminded me that anything could happen, it reminded me that I am powerless. I felt I was at the whim and fancy of the Universe. It confirmed my fear that I am constantly at risk. It showed me that something bad could happen to me at any time. Again I felt in constant peril; that danger lurks behind every corner; that I am in danger of something bad happening to me at any time. C.

An example of the massive and often hidden feelings that underlie our dream images, See Avoid Being Victims

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I meeting that has to do with protection or vulnerability?

Has some change occurred or is there a current issue in connection with my ability to isolate myself?

Do I feel invaded?

Try using Being the Person or ThingTalking As


Not being able to see through windscreen: Avoiding seeing something that is important to you. Something is stopping you seeing what is vital and right in front of you. In some way you have blanked out feeling or being aware of something.  See: Fourth example.

A smashed windshield suggests you are exposed to the elements, wind, insect and rain. You are either feeling vulnerable or ready to face life unprotected.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I seeing just before the windscreen going opaque?

Is there something that I am aware of not wanting to look at?

If I imagine putting my head out of the car side window, what do I see?

Try using Being the Person or ThingHabits


With one other person in car: Relationship with that person. What is happening between you and the other person gives a clue to what this is about. So if you are driving somewhere it suggests you are in a relationship with the aspect of yourself depicted by the person, or with the actual person, in which you have a common direction and are linked in some way – emotionally, sexually or because of common aims.

If the other person is driving it suggest what they represent is taking the lead or initiative. See Characters and People in Dreams

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is happening with the person, and does that link with life events or feelings?

What mutual direction am I taking with this person, or what relationship am I in with them in life?

What is the character, skills or weakness of this person, and what does that suggest about myself?

See Facing FearDreams are Like a Computer GameEasy Dream Understanding


Wrecked car: The damage to your hopes, beliefs or motivations that enabled you to do things in life and achieve goals. It might also point to a sense of failure – failure to carry on with the normal everyday things like work and caring that one usually has enough ‘drive’ to move through each day. See: crashing car.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I feel I have wrecked, or has been wrecked, lately?

Is something in ruins that I had hopes or need for – my plans, a helpful situation or something I relied on?

Does the dream point to this relating to work or my life in general?

See Easy Dream UnderstandingAvoid Being VictimsBeing the Person or Thing

Idioms: Back seat driver; drive at; drive away; drive somebody mad/round the bend/ round the twist/to drink; what are you driving at?; taking someone/ being taken for a ride.


Examples of car dreams: Dreamt by a man who was making love to a girl and finding it difficult to stop short of sexual intercourse.

Example: ‘I was in my car driving along and I wanted to stop the car immediately but my brakes would not work. This went on and on until I wakened. 

Example: In my dream there was quite a lot I can’t remember but I am driving along a motorway with other people in the car when there are suddenly lots of people walking in the slow lane. I swerve to avoid them and am quite cross that they are there. I start to find visibility difficult and put my windscreen wipers on. I swerve again to avoid more people and then my windscreen goes completely blank like fog. I don’t know if it is fog or just something on the windscreen. It will not clear with the wipers and so I brake a bit but do not stop. I think I scream at the person next to me because I am too frightened to make a decision. If I don’t stop I might run someone over and I cannot let myself do that, but if I stop then we may be crunched by a lorry behind and killed for no reason if there are no more people on the road. I don’t know if we are still even in one of the lanes or if I have gone off course. I am paralysed. The dream ends. Louise W.

Louise had experienced several dream about not seeing, so she explored this dream with a friend, K. She says – ‘Later, after we ate something we did a bit of work on a dream each. I had already told K. a bit about my most recent dream of driving and not being able to see through the windscreen. Anyway I started to tell him about it, and just stuck at ‘the windscreen went blank’. Although I knew I could tell him the rest, it was like I just went blank. So I straight away became the blank screen. I, as the screen, seemed to have been made by Louise when she was about four years old but utilised by her parents. As the screen, I knew I was there to stop Louise seeing ahead or seeing something at different times, and that my use had been abused. Maybe for social reasons which was wrong for Louise.

Then I was back in the car and with a lot of courage I broke a hole in the windscreen and could see a man running ahead. At this point I was aware of feeling very sick and my head started hurting. With quite a lot of resistance I managed to get a look at this man. Lots of what I learned is unclear but I felt I was getting somewhere. After the dream my head eased a bit but not properly. We went downstairs and I took some aspirin because I thought if I didn’t I was going to be sick with my headache. It was so bad I felt I couldn’t move and I lay down on the sofa. K. touched my feet and it was at this point that I clearly realised the wave that came over me was connected with his touch. I fell asleep and about an hour later I woke and I was fine.’

The pain Louise experienced on trying to break through her resistance of not seeing something about herself, shows how strongly we guard some areas of our own memory. In this sense we don’t really want to know who we are.

Example: In Dreams Your Magic Mirror Elsie Sechrist gives the following. ‘A friend with a sweet tooth revealed this dream: I was in an automobile with a man whom I knew only casually. He was driving the car the wrong way on a one-way street. Another driver shouted to us to get off the street, and as we did so I saw five buffalo advancing between two pale-grey, ghostly looking, wolves. The rear window of the car was open and I felt the breath of the wolves on my throat. As I ducked out of reach of their fangs I woke up in fright.

Elsie said they both felt that driving the wrong way on a one-way street was a warning concerning the dreamers health or physical body, as it would be if she actually drove up a one-way street. The driver, whom she knew, was a man who suffered digestive problems, and therefore, represented a digestive problem for herself in relationship to what she ate. The wolves represented her ravenous appetite for candy that at times almost consumed her, and she had been ‘buffaloing’ herself into believing her diet was good.


-Jasmin 2017-02-18 8:02:08

I had a dream that I went to a video game store, shooting bad guys on a video game with my brothers and his kids. Then I ended up at my cousin in laws house told everyone bye and I fell and broke some pictures accidently. As I was walking outside there were alley cats and one of them took my car keys but I got them back. I went to my car and I had my baby with me. All of a sudden I was drunk driving and I crashed in an Asian man’s yard fell in a pool. Swim out of the pool with my baby she was okay. He let me clean up quick ,didn’t trust him around her. So as I was preparing us to leave. I had my baby on her stroller ready to put her in her car seat and an Asian lady runs off with my baby and I go after her. Then I woke up. It was horrible!.

-Sue 2017-01-27 16:32:57

I had a dream that I was driving down a curvy county road on my way home. This is a road I frequently drive in reality and it is about a hour and a half drive home. In the dream I had just started driving down this road, it was night since it a county road it was very dark. My two children were in the backseat of the car. All of a sudden all of the lights in my car shut off, the dash, the doors, the headlights, everything. It was pitch black I couldn’t see anything but I continued to drive carefully. Then all the lights came back on for a split second just to shut back off. This continues throughout the dream. The second time the lights flicker my son begins to laugh as if its a joke and he’s entertained by it. I get a strong sense of fear like gut wrenching fear. Then I wake up still scared today I keep replaying the dream it was so vivid and the feeling of fear was so real. My husband was missing from the dream which is strange he is usually in them.

-Michele 2016-11-20 14:18:35

I dreamt I won a jeep/Dodge Charger (lol-it kept changing) I was filled with gratitude!

-Mark Castello 2016-07-24 18:14:16

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream and I was hoping I could get help interpreting it.

I’m using a laptop computer in the middle of a two lane road. Cars hurtle past me on either side. I cross one lane and sit on the sidewalk, typing intently into the computer with my eyes fixed laser-like on the screen.I stand up, then cross back to the other side. The cars don’t hit me because I’m skilled at avoiding them.

I sit down on the other side where there is green grass and a hill sloping gently downwards and some buildings down the hill a bit. The building closest to me is a school. I do not know what’s at the bottom of the grassy hill because I can’t see very far past the school.

An old friend who comes out of the school and tells me I need to cross back to the other side of the road. I tell him no and that I like it over on this side, but he convinces me to cross over when he tells me there are friends waiting on the other side.

I decide to meet these supposed friends. I cross back to the other side effortlessly avoiding the cars again. There is a three- or four-story mansion above me atop a green rolling slope. I want to go in but there’s a gothic fence blocking me. I look to my right and left for some way to gain entry.

To my left a few hundred feet away is a gigantic gate in the same Gothic style, and I get the impression the gate is supposed to keep people out, and the scary gate startles me so much that a few moments before I realize that it’s wide open as if to invite people in.

I decide if it’s open then the owner won’t mind if I come in. I start up the walkway to the front door and after noting the sublime beauty of the green grass and mansion landscape, my friend from before joins me.

He tells me that all of my best friends are here. I can hear them talking but I can’t see them. I step inside to the living room, which is very small so that I feel I need to duck to stand up.

My old friend tells me that my friends are here in the living room. I can hear the noises of a party or social event and people talking and laughing and ice cubes tinkling, but I cannot see anyone.

I feel so alone that I grow depressed and sullen. The last thing I remember is wishing I didn’t ever learn about the mansion, and wanting to leave. So I found myself crossing the road with my eyes glued to a laptop again and crossing the road back and forth but effortlessly avoiding all the cars zooming by me on either side.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-29 16:57:30

    Dear Mark Castello – What I see in your dream is that your dream figure is practicing being very focused and in control as far as your inner work is concerned.
    Not being able to see very far past the school may also show this approach with which your dream figure has become very comfortable.
    How would you describe your old friend who advises you and encourages you?
    See and
    Your decision to listen to your old friend in order to meet some of your unconscious inner qualities or resources and unconscious limitations is a courageous step; it asks you to face an inner barrier you have put up in the past and to open up your mind.
    A gigantic gate is like a threshold between conscious self-awareness and your total experience or Self – such a gate needs to open and close. Open to allow selected memory – closed to prevent massive flooding of impressions.
    The end of your dream shows that you are capable now to meet your unconscious content without being overwhelmed by it; you decide to return to your focused conscious self again;
    “So I found myself crossing the road with my eyes glued to a laptop again and crossing the road back and forth but effortlessly avoiding all the cars zooming by me on either side.”
    An important change!
    Whenever you would feel like using it is good to be aware of this decision making part of your mind;
    “It is helpful to remember, especially if what occurs for you is a deeply felt experience – “I feel so alone that I grow depressed and sullen” – that it only occurs because you made an agreement with yourself to allow it.
    Therefore although it may have been unexpected, it was still an expression of your own will to allow. To stop the process you simply reverse your decision, thinking to yourself something like – During this session it was appropriate to allow myself freedom of movement fantasy, sound, thought and feelings, but now I will again assume my usual social behaviour. This is my choice.”
    What you meet in front of the mansion is your inner Sublime Beauty and IT leading you towards inner healing and growth;
    In the mansion you meet your potential to be emotionally close and intimate with your selves – and so with others – which is also like becoming your own best friend.
    See also
    Daring to meet and release your pain of not being able to fully connect with your selves YET is difficult and an important step too;
    I have used examples from LifeStream or Opening to Life because it is the way I have explored, but any other way or approach that resonates within you will work too.
    A wonderful dream Mark!
    Anna 🙂

-Rachel 2016-05-09 12:25:35

I had a dream that I was taking my daughter home. I was driving, it was night, and the roads were wet but it wasn’t raining. As I crossed an intersection we began going uphill and the road is curving right. The car is accelerating uncontrollably, sending me into the passenger seat (despite physics saying I should be sent left) and the centripetal force is too strong for me to get back into the driver seat and hit the breaks. I look back and yell my daughter’s name, but wake up before I actually see her.

-Jodi 2014-04-19 8:38:35

I keep dreaming my mum drives us up the wro.g side of death highway in spain. I manage to get rhe hazzards on and pip rhe horn and slowley get to the other side but the whole time my mums just shouting at me. Im 33

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