Picasso once said, “Art is not truth. Art is a lie that helps you understand the truth.” The bizarre symbolism of dreams like that of the art of caricature, are not the truth, but in their distortion they reveal aspects of the dreamer’s life that an exact representation could never do.  

The dream can be likened to a cartoon, which expresses or comments upon a situation by using images. So a dreamt of cartoon can represent parts of yourself in an attempt to have you see or understand yourself.

Cartoons can also be a form, as we find in cartoon characters such as John Bull, representing the British, and Uncle Sam, which represent a collective realisation or opinion.

In a way many people are scared of the cut-out cartoons of death, with their maggots and rotting bodies, and if you realise they are simply images and face the fear, you will break through the screen the images are projected upon.

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