juggler Juggling

It shows an ability to deal with several things at once – keeping things in the air so to speak. It can also point to the talent or skill to have many things you are good at and work with different skills – i.e. musician – carpenter – photographer – IT.

A tricky problem really can be solved by “sleeping on it”, new experiments have shown. The researchers suggest our brains re-juggle data while we slumber to present us with a solution when we wake.

Are trying to juggle too many things at once? If you are doing a good job as the juggler, so are you. Stop doing some of your activities if the juggler is a bit out of control.

Example: I work from home (educational writer) which means I can juggle parenting and work. I am the sole financial provider for J. I have experienced extreme financial pressure at different times during his childhood, but now things are better. I often have to juggle big writing deadlines and this is a stress. I live in a house which has been divided in half with a lovely garden and pool. Landlord, Grant, lives in the other half. Have been toying with living communally again. J says: I want to live with more people so that I know that I exist.

Example: B: YES – I am cycling too now from dog to inner child and on and on and on.

A: That is what I thought. So observe as an outsider instead of being involved in the images.

B: Sort of juggling with the symbols AH I got it……….YES I am now observing that inner child rather than identifying with it.

A: That is an excellent thing to do. And if necessary talk to it.

B: I do, I uncovered that inner children are not only just victims of what happened

they are a saboteur too, so compassion only might not do the job.

A: Yes – we swing from one end of the feeling to the other.

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