Carving takes a lot of effort and skill to do well. So carving in wood or stone is a way of expressing in the natural flow of things what is held in the artist. Also people who will it, can carve their lives. From the awful state some people are in, like an artist they carve, polish and produce quite extraordinary change. Such carving of human lives is still evident if we look within ourselves.

We can see that a pool of shared consciousness exists now in our unconscious. At the early stages of human development though, it was the everyday experience to share in that way, but the individuals who attained self-awareness, and moved from animal lives, began to build a new type of life. They left stone monuments, carvings, paintings in caves, stone circles, pyramids; each person, each group realising deep down that this new level of awareness was a thing to be given and built.

The Sphinx is an image of this half way state of human and animal. What we cannot quite grasp – what is too vast and many sided for us to hold entirely in our thoughts at any one moment, we give form to in paintings, in carvings, in stone, in piling rocks one upon another to form a monument. We may then venerate or hold as of immense value such art forms. They contain in them the vast dimensions of the ungraspable, of the infinity of our own within. They stand before us as representatives of the alien in our midst, in ourselves.

The passage of time shapes and carves our surroundings and even our lives. Time also leaves enormous memories, and I understood that enormous time had carved or created, through events in the passage of time, a great mosaic. Each mosaic, each part of the overall mosaic, had been formed by enormous creative acts, or by long-standing actions.

 Example: ‘I was standing in a very beautifully carved chapel or religious place. There seemed to be shadowy nun or monk like figures around. But it was the exquisite colouring of the place which filled me with a sort of ecstasy. Everything was in the most delicate shell pink.’ S. C. Example: I have a cave man art store, pottery, rickety wooden shelves, mud floor. It’s not good enough yet, so I suddenly shift into another time dimension with my art works and wait. Then I push rock slides into the cave and time beats it into a solid rock foundation. I come back and now my store has beautiful carved items of obvious high quality. I have a pool of water that works as a mirror. People call it magic. It is still prehistoric times. I do a thriving business. Carved stone and glass leopards and statues on the shelves. Example: I was on a beach in somewhere like Ibiza. I met Danny, I knew that I didn’t have the money like him to live a different life, so I wondered what I could do. I saw a rock mound with water running through it. I then saw that ancient peoples had carved out some more of the rock and had inserted abalone shells around the running water creating a trough. as I looked on, I suddenly realised that this was an expression of the divine, and that I could live here and dedicate my life to the divine, thereby giving my life as much meaning if not more than Danny’s.

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