It can represent a woman’s sex Organs, her womb, or experience of life in the womb, or prior to birth. Another possibility is contact with the past, with the inner life. Experiencing the past levels of consciousness, where treasures or fears may be found. Or we may find a spring, the source of our feelings or life.

Apart from a spring, there may be early man, or a snake in the cave. The ancient man is your earliest levels of consciousness. But the spring and snake can bring healing and peace, for you may have tapped deep sources of healing in such a dream.

Generally the cave represent your ability to withdraw into yourself in some way. Therefore it links with the possibility of experiencing earlier states such as those that were common to you in childhood, or even prenatal life.

Example: ‘I am in a large, airy cave like room. I am pregnant and wearing a white gown. I am lying on my back on a flat slab like surface with my legs drawn up.’ Joan D.

The cave is also an entrance to the unconscious. As such it may lead to completely different dimensions, environments or states of mind. The following dream illustrates this.

Example: I unblocked a hole in the cave and climbed through. It was like entering another dimension, for I was in a brilliantly lit room. In the room were many windows and doors. The room was in the shape of an arc, a semicircle. Looking out of one window I seemed to be looking at a Swiss landscape. The next window looked out on an entirely different place, and so with the third.  Eddie.

Entering the cave can therefore lead to re-experiencing life in the womb. But it links to the life beyond the restrictions of everyday awareness, linking our present self with all the links it has with the past and life itself. This is the path that eventually confronts us with the void we face at the end of individuation. We may experience this as an empty cave in which we thought there would be spiritual upliftment or treasure. This is a confrontation with the fact of our link with all things, in which we lose the sense of external things to find or rely on. In some dreams this leads to a real contact with the forces of our evolutionary journey.

Sometimes the cave appears in dreams dealing with your exploration of the deeper levels of your mind. So it depicts going back into the past levels of your consciousness, where treasures or fears may be found. This is like an inner archaeology. Or you may find a spring, the source of your feelings or life. Apart from the spring, there may be primitive humans, or a snake, in the cave. The spring and snake can bring healing and peace; in them you are touching the energy of your latent potential.

Christ is said to have been born in a cave, and this depicts your infinite potential being found in the ancient levels of your being. See: catacomb and crypt; unconscious; last few paragraphs in individuation.

Sometimes a cave has been man made by chipping away at the rock face.

Example: I have come across a cave dug into a rocky cliff.  A track sloped down from a hill or a mountain past the tunnel entrance, which was on my left.  I saw a few men emerging from the tunnel.  Small broken rock covered the exit to the cave forming a level surface to walk on.  I knew the men had found treasure in the cave.  I saw bits of gold, like chunks of rock, on the ground near the exit. I knew also that there was still a great treasure in the tunnel.  Another person went in to get some of the treasure.  However, I knew that to have a treasure you had to answer a question put to you by something like a Guardian of the tunnel – maybe a sphinx. The person didn’t emerge and I knew they had not been able to answer the question.  But I heard the question I would be asking if I went for the treasure.  It was, “What goes into everything twice?” I thought the answer to be 1/2, but wasn’t sure.

The man who dreamt the above dreamt explored it fully. He says of it,  As the exploration begins I the start thinking about my life as it is at the moment and it is the work that I do, and the last big insight was in regard to preparing for the future and I wonder if I will find anything to add to that.  I have felt, for instance, that there are large changes ahead, but I have no clear indication of what they might be for me personally yet. What I did find was that the cave is an absence of something.  It is the result of work done of clearing out, of chipping away at what was there.

This led to revealing what we consider to be treasure.  The treasure was there but it had not been revealed, it was part and parcel of the rock.  So I am left wondering what the something is inside the cave that asks the questions of those who enter.  I have a sense, not anything strong, but a sense that it is a question, or a questioning, that exists within me.  I feel that all of us perhaps have such innate questions; life itself questions how to survive, what it is.

Another feeling or thought that I have is the question that within the cave represents things that we need to deal with before we can actually access the treasure we have within ourselves.  What I mean by this is that we ask ourselves many questions that may divert our attention or energy, and those things that need to be in some way met before one can go any further. The question I met in the dream was, “ What goes into everything twice?” I think I know the answer.  It is a 1/2.  Divide anything by 1/2 and 1/2 goes into it twice.  But what significance that has I do not know.  The answer leaves as big a question in my mind as the question itself.

What I find interesting about the dream is that there are pieces of gold lying about outside the cave.  So one could gather a lot of treasure simply from what is already available.  There would be no need to enter the cave.  But there is the promise of enormous treasure inside.  It isn’t so much the wealth, but there is the impression that the treasure is not simply lumps of gold, but un-nameable things that one would find extremely valuable.  There is also the sense I have while that the cave that has been dug, that has been mined, connects with natural caves that go deep into the earth within the mountain.  I have a sense that these link with the far past, with the origins of life on earth, and our own beginnings.

A question I asked myself now is, who are the men that come out with armfuls of treasure?  What aspects of myself are these men who had come out with the treasure?  Who also – what part of myself – is the person who went into the cave and did not come out?  Is there a part of me trapped in the search, trapped in this inner exploration?

As I begin to feel my way into the question, I have a sense that the cave connects with the memory of my ancestral past.  This arises out of a feeling that both of them lead into the unknown, into a darkness that has not yet been fully explored.

I feel, as I enter more deeply into my wider awareness, that the men who came out with the treasure depict the enormous amount that I have mined from the long years of my exploring.  I have in fact already gathered enormous treasure.  Of course I still wonder what else there is left to find.

I am feeling that the person who went in and did not come out represents the unanswered questions that we all hold within ourselves.  Those questions of course keep us still within the mine, still seeking answers and understanding.  That is the part of self that continues to chip away at the rock face, knocking away the rock from the gold, uncovering more of the possibilities that were held within that solidity.

We may find in the cave: A fear of madness or being lost; a sense of meeting the divine; our own traumas or destiny; a meeting with death and rebirth, or our long past.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I trying to withdraw back into myself to avoid difficulties in life – if so what are they?

Am I experiencing deeper levels of myself in this dream, and if so how would I describe them?

What do I experience or find in the cave, and how does that link with my present stage of life?

Try using Processing Dreams; Associations Working With; Secrets of Power Dreaming


-Ari 2017-02-28 6:23:09

I have dreamt about a sandy dark cave. It is filled with partly rocky sand, and another part water. I am inside that cave. Partly exploring partly searching. I think I have a task or something similar in this cave. There are lots of snakes in the cave, set out to bite me. They hide and only come out once I start trying to light uo the cave. I have killed a few of them. There are a lot more feisty ones in the water.
Also, there are very dragon-snake and large Kraken like creatures (cant describe it better) who are fighting each other. I faintly remember killing one. However it isvery dark so I can barely see some rays of lights here and there, each time I want to ignite a light or lantern a snake jumps on me, abd I defend with a kind of blanket, fabric or towel. I wake up as the snake and me have a tug war with that towel.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-02-28 9:49:05

    Hi – I am stopping from answering your posts fully – but will try to give hints; sometimes long ones because I quote from masses I have already put online. Also I need to take time to update the site – dreamhawk.

    It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – or


    Ari – Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so, all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    But such fear can be caused because if undealt with traumas from childhood are not faced, or by being exposed to awful film images that you believe are real. Read Life’s Little Secrets and Martial Art of the Mind in Features found on site.

    But your dream is about exploring more deeply into yourself. Science has now defined that we have 11 dimensions of our being, and our body and its senses are just one of them. See

    The snakes, dragons and strange creatures are your own primeval energy and creativity that you are frightened off because it faces you with the fear of death. But in dreams we cannot die, and any death is only of the body – so be brave and claim the amazing power you have.

-Marlene 2016-09-30 14:29:34

Last night i had a crazy dream.
I dreamt that we were walking with my friends,my sister and my son. To get out of of where we were we were we had to cross a river. I didn’t want to at first because there was some little octopuses and fish. But I got into the water and started to walk, I was scared But was also ok because I was wearing shoes. The river had rocks and we ended up having to hike out but it turned into a little mountain. But it was littered with Chechen bones and pieces of raw chicken, it was so gross. As we were going up I saw a lady coming down and I said how is it is it, she told me that I don’t eat that nasty here but it was almost over. Then I have heard some people saying to be careful with the chicken when they came because if I peck your head. At some point my friends went off and my sister and my son moved away from where I was. I kept on walking and I saw some giant chicks coming towards me, tried to hide but saw a whole in the floor. I jumped into a whole. Then a chick came by and was pecking into the hole, then it was trying to get in, so I grabbed it by the beck and threw him to the side of the whole trying to slam it into the wall. Another one came by and I did the same. I tried getting out of the whole,but don’t remember if I got out, I think I woke up as I was trying to get out.

If you want before this dream I had another dream that I was going to One of my friends son’s birthday parties. The party was in the basement but to go down you had to go through a door the size of a pot hole. I looked at my friend and I said I can’t go down there I’m not going to fit. I thought she had done this on purpose because I stopped working out with her and gained some weight back. So I didn’t go down the hole, I just hung out above the hole with some other people at the party.

-Kim 2016-07-10 4:52:09

The dream image is beautiful. I’m standing on the South side of a beautiful river and looking North. The river runs West to East. In the middle of my view is a break in the green trees, like a cave opening in the trees about 1/2 way up the tree covered bluff. I stare at the opening. I think I actually see a rock cave through the opening in the trees, but then I think it is a house. The whole scene vibrates (first thought is an earthquake) and a shift in color brings a blue hue. I can’t breathe. I am absolutely terrified.

-Cedric L. 2016-04-27 13:02:28

I was in a small dark cave walking to a shimmer of…what looked like gold….but as i was walking i fell into a deep hole with one person dear to me on my mind but as i was falling i felt like my heart was ripped outta my chest. I then woke up to thinking of him and now im afraid to go bck to sleep with this dream lingering in my head

-Ayden D. 2016-04-07 0:15:47

I was hiking With Friends and it was a sunny day it was nice and warm and I can see the wind blowing through the trees and my friends would dare me to jump off a cliff into a lake. I can see where the waterfall was falling but the water underneath looked extremely shallow so I didn’t take their dare and I wandered off into a nearby cave with two friends and my other friends stayed by the cliff as I ventured around the cave. I had no fear it was like I knew the cave. I did however hide from a mine worker that was guarding the cave. He seemed to be walking around the cave making sure no one was in it. We didn’t take him seriously we hid from him like a joke. As we ventured onto the cave we came across a Rushing River. And we’re trying to find a way to the other side and I came across a path over the river that led to is secret spring pool. As we entered the secret spring pool I was the only one that stepped in it and it was three foot of water and it was crystal clear but I did notice that there is to empty liquor bottles embedded on the ground but it disappeared and I noticed that there was amethyst crystals all over the floor and walls of the spring and I reach my hand to the spring floor and pulled out amethyst Crystal as big as a pineapple and other quartz crystals as small as pecans. For a souvenir, I kept a amethyst and quartz crystal and left the spring pool and used the same route to exit.

-Ayden 2016-04-06 23:59:02

My dream main keywords : clean lightly illuminated cave, a crystal clear spring pool with 3 foot of water with earth made amethyst crystals covering the floor and walls of the spring pool.

-av 2016-02-19 17:35:52

Last night i dreamt of an,old cave and nothig was visible inside it was very dark

-kate 2016-01-09 19:42:11

Hi, dreamt that i’m outside a cave. Then a man in a robe (looks like B.C outfit) with short hair, wearing sandals and with short beard appeared. He wants me to follow him. I’m with my older child (2 years old) we enter and saw different animals some were dangerous like different kind of snakes, leopards, monkeys, bugs and many more. He said not to worry because we are safe. He said he will tame them. Then i started walking and the animals and insects were aligned each side behaving really well. Then my child started playing with them. The man was looking at us and said that we need to go. The cave is bright, a bit rocky, has large pointy rocks on the side, very roomy and airy. What does my dream means?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-15 11:08:04

    Dear Kate – The way I see your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and – is that you are willing to meet earlier levels of consciousness; when you were two years old yourself.
    You do not mention if your older child is your son or your daughter. Your daughter could represent your own feelings and difficulties at her age and your son could represent (part of) your potential that did not get a chance to be expressed because of certain beliefs you grew up with;
    Perceptions, thoughts and feelings often form the beliefs we then see as “facts”; like for instance “some animals were dangerous.”
    When we believe that some parts of our inner world are dangerous then we will repress certain aspects/drives/urges/feelings (and behave “really well”) which then do not have a chance to develop and mature; we do not learn to relate to them in a natural way.
    Taming them sounds to me like building a real relationship with the animals in your inner world – and I feel it will serve a purpose to explore what you mean with “aligned each side behaving really well” and why the man – a symbol of your earlier consciousness – tells you to leave when your inner child starts to play with the animals.
    Do you remember being/feeling drilled as a child in order to behave “really well”?
    Would you dare to try a different approach?
    Meeting the animal in you is not only to contact the part of yourself stuck in fixed repertoires of response to people and situations. Such fixed responses – which might be as simple as only saying ‘Good morning’ to the people you meet in the street and never getting beyond that to deeper friendship – trap you. They are habits of behaviour that need reorganisation. But there is also the wonderful wisdom of your internal animal as well, with its deep understanding of relationships and body language. The meeting with your ‘animal’ can therefore be multi-faceted. It is in the mammals that playful behaviour developed and is very marked. Many humans have lost this easy physical contact and playfulness with each other, and this can be regained through meeting your ‘animal’;
    Let me know if you have any questions so far Kate.
    Anna 🙂

-Fernando 2015-10-29 7:30:17

Last night I dreamed I was going down into a cave, from a secret hole dug under a large tree. In the cave was me and some friends, my brother and one of his friends and some strangers. The cave was filled with soft spikes that lit up when touched. I crawled along with a friend for what seemed to never end. I then climbed out and went to a party where I saw my brother drunk, then I went to my least favorite restaurant; McDonalds and ate food then went back into the underground cave, where I never escaped.

-Kate 2015-09-08 2:39:08

last night, I dreamed about cave. I’m in the cave with my male friend. And there’s so many people with us. We’re playing hide and seek in the cave. If someone didn’t find you, you will become winner. Then I’m trying to hide in the cave. Cave is have a so many paths. I’m crawling in the little cave. Then I won the game. What is it meaning?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-13 7:51:07

    Dear Kate – The way I see your dream is that you are exploring an inner conflict.
    In general when we hide in dreams we may be hiding from feelings, or avoiding self- awareness of something we don’t want to see.
    See also
    The conflict in your dream is symbolised by you and your child’s authentic self hiding in the cave, while simultaneously there is a need to be found – and so there is a need for true intimacy – and yet when it is not found you feel you have won the game you play.
    Do you find it difficult to express your authentic (childlike) self, to reach out to other people, to freely give of yourself to others without worrying about a potential hurt?
    Discovering your internal baby and child is to find some of the great secrets of your life and it could help you find an answer to these questions.
    Many of the decisions you make about work or sexual partners have their roots there. What may appear as destiny often starts from deeply felt experiences in your childhood. Who you consider yourself to be is not an immutable reality. Your genetic inheritance gave you a foundation, but what was built upon that was due to the events of your childhood.
    See and
    Let me know Kate, if you have any questions about how I see your dream.
    Anna 🙂

-Lee 2015-08-11 4:59:19

I feel like I’ve had this dream before and when I woke up I felt so relaxed and full of love it really is my special place this dream. I’ve been experiencing depression due to grieving the death of my nephew to suicide in June. Tthis dream has lifted my spirits and I feel like it’s a sign to myself that I’m loved and everything is going to be okay.

I’m in the Australian Daintree rainforest in far North Queensland, and walking along a track and its dense thick wet rainforest, beautiful lush and green. I have a single mother, her son and a wombat with me, for they are lost by the side of the road, and I led them into the forest for respite, as they were rescued following an abduction.

Like a guide I’ve showed the boy where the waterfall is, as I wanted to show him, but I’m falling in love with the woman, and when we all jump into this beautiful hidden utopia of a pool, I urge the woman to go in deeper, and hold her breath. I go in first and dive under a crevice into an underwater cavern. The water is fresh and pure, it is illumiated with aqua crystal rock, it is bioluminescent and still. It truly is the most sacred beautiful place. I take it all in and dive out, transformed into a mermaid, my legs shaking and an incredible urge to make love to this man who has rescued me. I sit in the rainforest on the side of the larger pool and rub my hands all over my fish legs.

I am a female,32 writing this, but I start off as a male in the dream. When I come out of the cavern I am the rescued woman, and I feel what she feels when she leaves the cavern bursting with love and wanting to make love to my rescuer – who is myself too.

I also had a pet stuffed toy – a wombat when I was a child. 🙂

Thanks for the platform to share, such a cool dream xx

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-12 16:24:03

    Dear Lee, a wonderful dream indeed about the ALL that you are.
    Thank You for expressing IT.

    Anna 🙂

-joe 2015-05-14 5:14:52

I have a had this dream several times spread out in my life and every know and then it “comes back” to me in like a day dream; I start to really remember it and it stirs something up inside me a little when I think about it

I end up like walking into a closet or something, then uncover a an opening in a rock face or something, I walk right in and start descending going deeper and deeper into this cave, sometimes having to squeeze through some places.

I come to an opening find like a clearing but it’s not open sky above (maybe a ceiling or tree canopy), huge area and I’m in water, it’s a bit cloudy and there is dead leaves floating in it.

Some of these times I’m in a canoe, someone is calling for me or I’m trying to paddle towards them..

I always wake up around this point, I never finish the dream or have to wonder back out of this long passage I took into this spring-like place.

Finding, and walking through and even navigating these passages feels really familiar and nostalgic to me in this dream. Like I’ve definitely been there before, and I felt it was an actual place.

Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-14 9:52:41

    Dear Joe – You wrote: “Finding, and walking through and even navigating these passages feel really familiar and nostalgic to me in this dream. Like I’ve definitely been there before, and I felt it was an actual place”.
    It IS an actual place Joe; it is a place in your inner world.
    So after having explored the familiar, why not start to explore the unknown, for instance by using active imagination and start at the point where you woke up from your night-time dream?
    Carl Jung several times described a technique for using imagination that allowed the spontaneous expression of unconscious material. Jung described active imagination as a putting aside of conscious criticism while we allow our irrational to play or fantasy. In relationship to a dream, this technique can be extraordinarily helpful and revealing.

    Having developed the right attitude ( See one then holds the dream in mind, imagining oneself back in the feelings and environment of the dream, then watching to see what develops. By doing this one is listening to the unconscious and observing how it intervenes and communicates with consciousness by introducing changes, imagery and feelings into our contemplation of the dream. You do not need to develop clear images unless these come easily. Just holding the idea of the dream is often sufficient. It is important however to realise that the unconscious expresses not only through the imagery such as appears in dreams, but particularly through slight and unbidden or spontaneous shifts in feeling states, in body sensations, in movements and fantasy.

    You wrote: “someone is calling for me”.
    Sometimes something MORE calls to us. It can be a call from within or a call from without. You might think of the MORE as a call from God, Life, Intuition, an Angel, or from the Silence, but it is still a call from more of yourself you knew before. Obviously such a call is very personal, but maybe some other ways might be appropriate:
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Maritsa Mansuroglu 2015-03-29 11:02:07

I had a dream that I was sitting on an inner tube and floating on river that was in underground in a cave. The space was small and was lit with artificial lights as if it were a cave tour. I remember feeling afraid from being in the water and then turned and grabbed my husband’s hand. I told him the only thing we can do is go ahead through this, we’ll get to the end. Then we just went with the flow of the water and passed through a small opening into a larger room. I forced myself to wake up because I was afraid something might comenout of the water.

    -Anna 2015-03-30 11:32:48

    Maritsa – I feel that your dream is an expression of giving birth to a larger part of yourself and the way to get “there” (into the larger room) was to let things happen:
    I could see they did nothing but let things happen… The art of letting things happen, action in non-action, letting go of oneself, as taught by Master Eckhart, became a key for me… The key is this: we must be able to let things happen in the psyche. For us, this becomes a real art of which few people know anything. Consciousness is forever interfering, helping, correcting, and negating, and never leaving the simple growth of the psychic processes in peace.
    The fear you meet in your dream is merely fear for the unknown, for when you let things happen, you are not in charge where “the flow of Life” will take you.
    It takes some time to grow beyond this fear and then I trust that you will not force yourself anymore to wake up, and instead be willing to explore what is in the room and if something will come out of the water (what is still unconscious now)
    See also
    Anna 🙂

      -Ella 2015-04-03 20:03:55

      I had a dream I was being driven through green countryside to a holy well. We got there but there was concrete like from the 60’s creating an underground space.,It looked very abandoned. I went down but did not encounter the well, half the area was like a museum with sacred relics on the wall and then in a room I found a nun made of balloons. She was quite chatty but extremely shy, she kept putting her hand up to cover her face (I am quite shy). She seemed to live there and was in a bed. I never questioned anything about her ‘realness’ in the dream, though now it seems quite odd!

      -Aeon 2015-04-03 20:05:09

      I had a dream I was being driven through green countryside to a holy well. We got there but there was concrete like from the 60’s creating an underground space.,It looked very abandoned. I went down but did not encounter the well, half the area was like a museum with sacred relics on the wall and then in a room I found a nun made of balloons. She was quite chatty but extremely shy, she kept putting her hand up to cover her face (I am quite shy). She seemed to live there and was in a bed. I never questioned anything about her ‘realness’ in the dream, though now it seems quite odd!

-Lisa 2012-05-23 18:36:53

I had a dream of walking along the edge of a subterranean lake. I was wearing normal hiking boots and clothes, yet at the same time there was some sort of green velvet cape tied around my shoulders. Suddenly the cavern began to collapse, causing stalactites to break off and crash into the clear water below. I watched this happening indifferently. When I glanced over to my left, I saw a small boy sprinting towards me. He was crying, and when he got close, he reached out and clung to me around the middle. I lifted up the cape and allowed him to hide underneath.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-05-24 14:14:01

    Lisa – Your dream gives me the feeling of someone who is an explorer of the mind, so you are shown in the unconscious and unafraid.

    The dream has some marks suggesting either pregnancy or of childhood trauma – I am not sure which. The green cloak is a sign of protection and growth, that is what led me to pregnancy.


-Rebecca 2011-03-08 16:15:58

I dreamed last night of an underground cave. The cave was a lot like a mineshaft from the 1800s, rough but without debris. At one point some light came into the cave from above. My family, parents, neices, brothers, were all in the cave with me.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-03-15 11:34:25

    Rebecca – The whole dream is about sexuality in the cats, and how to control it. They didn’t like being caged – but you went on to do it. So I have to ask whether you are projecting feelings you have about your own sexual feelings and urges onto the dream of the cats.

    The dream about the cave is another matter. The light from above is probably telling you that you have been in the dark, the dark of family attitudes from the 1800’s. Now a light from above pierces that darkness. And I would think that you have recently, or are about to have, a completely different view. The light is something that we all are born with, but gets buried under the education and attitudes we are surrounded by. A light from above is contact with your core self, the place Life flows from. Above means it is form the part of you that you have not grown to realise yet, but it is certainly coming.


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