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Cell – Mobile Phone

For many people it is their constant means of communication, for others it doesn’t figure in their life.

Desire or attempt to communicate or being communicated with. An attempt to make contact with an aspect of oneself or someone else.

The cellphone can also have the meaning of reaching to, or becoming aware of the huge potential of the mind, or of consciousness. This is because via the telephone new people, new aspects of life previously unknown, can be experienced

Dreamer not answering phone: Avoiding contact or communication; someone is trying to ‘get through’ to you.

No reply to dreamers call: Feeling someone is out of contact with you, not aware of your feelings; having a feeling of being alone in the world, or nobody being there for you.

Emergency call: Probably a crisis in your relationship or life; reaching out for help; moral dilemma.

Telephone number: If it is of someone known, most likely an attempt to communicate with that person.

 Example: The Company did it all. All it asked of me was to wear a little gadget like a mobile phone. It represented intuition. I was told that if there was a big move within the Company I would be told what it was, and if I wished to I could co-operate.

Example: I dreamed I had been away from my boyfriend for two days exactly. I soon returned to his cell phone to call and did not answer, then someone told me that he had gone too far and apparently intended to return. I felt a horrible despair and kept calling his cell phone until I finally answered and it was a woman, who told me that he had sold the phone to time and had apparently decided to take a trip and not return, I felt a terrible sadness and started to mourn inconsolably, pulling me down and not stopping mourning, I worried about my future and my son, but without any consolation. I felt horrible waking as if it were real.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Who did you or who did you try to communicate with?

Was the communication successful – if not why not?

What was the communication about?

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-josh 2012-11-28 15:05:40

what does it mean when you’re on the phone with someone in your dream and you both can’t seem to contact each other, you hear them on the line but as you both try to talk to each other you get no responses, constantly trying to say something then end up hello can you hear me. it was me and my last girlfriend we’re not talking in real life right now, it is tough trying to make things work. i’m trying to figure if this dream is symbolic in any way. any help would be great. thank you.


-Kerri 2016-02-18 14:23:33

Hello, I had a dream that my cellphone fell in the bath water. What does that mean? Thank you.


-Tom 2017-10-30 15:19:16

Well i had a dream about eating the Top of my Cellphone. I remember looking at it after i ate the top off. It still worked. Just had a noticeable portion
Of the top gone. Cause i ate it.

I looked all over the internet couldn’t find any info on eating cellphones in your dream.


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