Future Society

I am seeing that the person we know as the Prime Minister or President is not just a human being. If they were most of us would never have ‘met’ them. They are in reality a technological and social phenomena. They are a human being who has been enhanced and extended enormously to god-like proportions. If they were uncoupled from these enhancements she would revert to aboriginal existence. So would we all, because to some extent we all share these enhancements.

The last point is important because whereas in past ages human beings were much more obviously enmeshed within a more biological and mineral environment or ecology, the modern human being is equally enmeshed, but in an ecology which includes electronic and vast chemical processes.

There is a temptation on the part of many people to think of this emerging ecology or environment as unnatural. The fact is, there is nothing super-natural, nothing outside of reality. The present environment into which human beings are interwoven, is as natural as the manufactured wax combs of a bee colony, or the paper colony of a wasp, or the giant and complex structures manufactured by termites. Just as the wax is part and parcel of the cycle of life and death of a bee, so the electronic and chemical environment of human beings is integral to us.

If this can be seen it leads on to the next step in building the picture of the future life of human beings, the future we are creating by our present direction.

There are obviously forces of construction, ruin and co-operation in nature, and there are obvious forces of destruction, disintegration and death. When something does not succeed or grow it is overtaken by forces of ruin. This is true of cells, plants, animals, as well as humans and social groupings. The super organisms mentioned are not outside the most fundamental forces of nature, which are creative and destructive.

In almost any living thing, life and growth means adding cell to cell to attain a certain shape or size. Even in crystal there is a form of growth and extension. This is fundamental to all life forms, the attainment of structure or integration. These forces have acted upon human beings and can be seen as factors in the growth of what I have called super-organisms. This has already been said in another way. But if one carries this concept forward and applies it to what is happening in or to human society today it helps to form an interesting picture. In the past nations constituted one of the greatest of these super organisms. However, nationality and religion had parallel influence in the activity of a social organism. Something that happened however was that religion often burst the national boundaries and became a force in another nation. So although there were very marked differences between nations, and they could be at war, they had a similar process going alongside this in their religious beliefs, which created links however tenuous with other nations. In fact religion created super-organisms also, sometimes with different geographic boundaries than the super-organism of a nation.

What is happening in today’s world is that nations are gradually allowing their peripheral membrane to be more pervious. In Europe, USA and elsewhere tariff boundaries are dropping as nations move toward integration with other nations. These very powerful changes suggest that these immense super-organisms are being moved toward even vaster super-organisation.

My impression of this during the session was very interesting. It was that the forces of life itself are active within the political and religious activities in human society. Wall street and the City are not outside the press of nature itself. They are as much a part of the activity of nature as the tides and the rutting of the deer. But because people cannot see this connection, that such apparently human and self willed activities as government and international financial deals are the outcome of forces of nature just as the cycle of the seasons are, they have a strange view of themselves as outside of nature, and fail to recognise how they are being influenced.

I saw an influence in action to press human society into ever greater super-organisms. These either evolve into functioning new forms, or fail and breakdown. The push toward a new level of complexity and size is integrating technology. It is digesting it or interiorising it as an integral part of its new organisation and size. The jump to a vastly greater size is enabled by the technology it incorporates. So if we take human beings as the cells in the body of this huge super-organism, they constitute the living soft tissue, but the nervous system are being formed of the computer driven information and control highways emerging at the moment. And if we are not blind, we will recognise that the equipment we have created is part of our greater body now. Still more though, we must recognise that the huge organism we are incorporated into is more than we are ourselves, just as the body is greater than the cell, If we can see this then we may also recognise that as a human being we may be driven by urges arising in us that are not from out of our own isolated mind – because our mind is not isolated. Overall our direction arises in large measure from the drives pushing the super organism, and the direction of society is created by the direction of the super-organism.

In the human body the Whole communicates with the Part – and vice versa – through various processes, including hormones and glandular products. The Whole of the super-organism communicates with the Part in the form of human beings through various processes also. These include word of mouth; listening and responding to leader figures; recorded information; and the various forms of media communication. In this century the growth of speed and spread of media communication has brought about more world integration and dissemination of life style imagery and life direction views than at any previous time. The realisation that arose in me was that the new super-organisms arising are pushing for an advance in the technology and dissemination of media outlets. I particularly saw that the television screen will quickly become bigger and bigger, because this is the main thrust of communication between leading figures and the mass of cells within the organism.

If we now put together the bits outlined, we have the super organism – the technically augmented human being – and the means of communication between the Whole and the Part. The interaction of these forms the view of the future that I experienced. The aim is a world-wide super-organism, integrated by media and communication highways, and directed by magnificently augmented human beings who will be a mixture of athletes, entertainers, politicians and financiers.

At the moment this bio-electro-mechanical super-organism we are a part of is still waking up. It is just beginning to gain the beginnings of a form of consciousness we have not seen on this world before. When it does wake up it will grip and direct human life in a way we cannot suspect at present. The only possible way individuals can avoid the massive manipulation of the super-organism is to attain a new level of awareness themselves. One which recognises and matches the forces of the super-organism.

The laws of the jungle still apply here. The most daring, sexual, reproductive, intelligent of the species will grasp the leading roles in this emerging drama. The rewards will be that standing in this enormous and augmented energy flow will bring tremendous influence and possibilities of reproduction and financial reward. These figures will be god-like in the power and influence they wield. They will be super athletes of a new order. They will be the stars of a form of Olympics that is just beginning to emerge. An Olympics that joins finance and political power with sexual attraction and intellectual fitness expressed in a media format already showing its beginnings in world wide television coverage.

Something I saw but cannot now remember clearly is a realisation that the forces of nature that are the survival drives of this planet are actively driving the urge toward super-organisation. To the ecologist this drive appears often to be anti earth survival. What I glimpsed however is that the planet is re-forming itself, creating a bio-electronic life form that will change the face of the earth. New gods will arise within humanity, and they will be the voices of change, led by the driving forces of the super-organism. Of course there will be dissension, but conflict is part and parcel of any functioning organism.

The female force and power will be one of the most powerful tools used by the waking super-organism. Feeling the power of female sexuality in its new and augmented form, some leading women will become the expression of nature sucking back from the human race what they have ripped out of their mother – the Earth. What a bitch she will be! People have tried to control nature. The waking giant will grab people by their most basic drives and greeds and build them into its own organism. The stars will be those who can ride the wave of media expression money and sex. The losers will be the wankers who have nothing to give and have never given it anyway!

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