You are probably dealing with thoughts and feelings about death, your family heritage of attitudes or traditions. In a few cases, the dream may be a form of contact with someone you know who is dead. The cemetery may also refer to things in your life you have ‘buried’; melancholy about life or feeling ‘different’ to other people; a relationship, which you think is ‘dead and buried’. See graveDreaming of Death

Depicts our thoughts and feelings regarding death and therefore our family and cultural heritage of attitudes or traditions relating to death. In western white stock who have been raised in a culture dominated by a materialistic view of life, the image of the graveyard often includes feelings of limited time left to live, of death as a final end, of death as a morbid corruption that is the concluding goal or meaning of life.

The cemetery can also indicate your personal contact with the dead. By this is meant either a very real meeting with the essence of the dead person, or a fuller experience of what you carry within you of them through your relationship with them.

The cemetery, and especially graves, can point to things you have ‘buried’ – memories or love, pain or guilt that you have suppressed or tried to hide from. Therefore it might indicate a relationship that we think is ‘dead and buried’. See Difficult Relationship

If you are an introverted person the graveyard can link with feelings of being melancholy about life or feeling ‘different’ to other people. See Archetype of death

Example: During a major operation I dreamt I saw my little daughter – dead for many years – standing in a corn field. When she was actually buried the cemetery was skirted by a corn field, and later in life, coming to terms with this early death of a child, I imagined my daughter walking into the corn field. In the dream I walked into the corn field. My daughter was waiting for me with her arms held up. I put my arms to her and we greeted each other smiling. At that point I felt it wasn’t time to die yet, turned and walked out of the corn field. Ken S.

Example: I was walking by a riverbank near a cemetery. As I walked and drew near to the cemetery, I saw submerged in the river a record player-in fact my record player. I walked into the river and pulled it out.

Prior to this dream he had experienced several dreams showing the river being blocked, or silted up, or made sluggish with reeds and weeds, and in this dream he was walking in the direction the river flowed, it being clear and free flowing. The river is the flow of his life, showing the energies of growth and creativity, the energies underlying emotions, thinking and sexuality. The dream shows him as consciously following their flow. The cemetery is the many past lives buried within him. The record player is the faculty of memory covered up by the emotions or flow of his inner life, but now he is bringing this faculty to the surface. He felt this dream had something to do with past lives, but was far from being sure.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling in regard to this cemetery or the graves in it – and where does that feeling appear in my life?

Am I meeting feelings about death here – if so what are they and can I really feel them?

What have I buried that is being met in this dream?

Am I feeling a contact or memory of someone who has died?

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-Donna Coleman 2016-08-09 17:53:55

I dreamt. Of my dead husband we were hugging and kissing and he spoke to me but don”‘t know what he said.

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