Human nature has arisen out of the instinctive and powerful experiences of animal life and consciousness. The centaur is a beautiful image of this mixture of animal and human that we still are, and often deny. The techniques of yoga are in some ways an attempt to unite the two in harmony. The word yoga actually means unite or join together, like the word yoke.

Dreams often remind us of this connection, and how we may be ignoring it and losing the wonderful advantages of linking our conscious personality with this much older level of ourselves. So the centaur in our dream shows that you are in some way meeting and relating to this part of you. See: Horse.

This might be reference to your sun sing Sagittarius. As such it is said to deal with: Physically it is related to the pelvis, hips and thighs. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more active in its energy expression.

As a Fire sign it is connected with the identity – specifically with the search to find a deeper meaning in human existence. It is therefore connected with religious and philosophical urges. As a Mutable sign, planets placed here express their energy in a flexible and changeable manner, with a certain restlessness or inconstancy. Sagittarius in characterised by a love of truth and righteousness, and an unfortunate tendency to express it rather too directly, even when not asked.

There is a love of open horizons and travel and a need to expand on an inner intellectual level. There is a pronounced urge to rise above the animal nature towards the divine, and an impatience with the trivial issues in life. A dislike of superficiality may result in intolerance for the ordinary niceties between people

Useful questions:

In what way am I relating to the centaur, and what does that suggest?

Did my dream centaur communicate with me in any way, and if so what?

Have I recently been experiencing an awareness of things previously not met?

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