This may refer to the fact that part of your being is chemical. So it might refer to the chemical interactions in you through food or drugs you put into our mouth; or to the state of this fundamental and material level of your existence.

Minerals or chemicals also hold potential energy or power of change in the right conditions, so can point to personal ‘chemistry’ or transformation, as when used in alchemy.

Chemicals play a large part in the subtle interaction in animals and humans, as already suggested by the word ‘chemistry’ when used in regard to relationships.

Socially and personally we also face the bombardment of chemical toxins on our system, along with the possibility of allergies and illness caused by them. So we need to be aware that our dream might be giving information about this influence on us.

Example: I stand and look at what I can see at the narrowest part of the path. Chemical waste is being pumped out of a factory into a large concrete pit to my right. But right in front of me to the right a ventilator is blowing some sort of jelly like substance onto a fence and large pipe. On it dozens of snails and slugs are feeding or have become trapped in it. They look very unhealthy. I turn to leave but somehow get some of the chemical waste on my trouser leg and on my arm or hand. I feel the stuff is poisonous and I am absorbing it through my skin. I experience images of the factory manager who has had many such contacts with the chemical, and has scars on him from where the chemical was on his body.

We need to remember that our experience of self is capable of being radically shifted simply by taking a drug or medicine? as with antidepressants, ecstasy or cocaine. This often reshapes the way we see ourselves, so an evolution in the process of identity building has occurred in our society. Identity in the end is not a set of beliefs or behaviours. The self is not limited to these. In today’s world our identity is often shaped by chemicals.

Example: The animal in your dream can portray your relationship with the fundamental life processes in you. Dreams depict these processes as intelligent and responsive, not just as chemical actions and reactions as modern medicine so often does. Therefore your conscious attitudes influence these fundamental living processes in you – processes that maintain health, digest, beat your heart, rebuild damage and fight infection. Negative feelings or attitudes can cause these ‘animals’ is you to despair or lose motivation, and thus lead to depression or illness. Remember that in looking at the animal in your dreams you are yourself an animal. You as a person are a tiny spark of consciousness, a little bit of self awareness riding an incredibly ancient animal you call your body. Remember that your body has formed from cells and genetic information that has gradually developed over millions of years. It holds that information in it unconsciously. The animal in your dreams depicts this ancient wisdom and how you relate to it. It shows you how you are dealing with the urges in you that are natural, but might need to be helped into modern life or transformed in some way, not killed out, maimed or tortured. Please read Secrets of Power Dreaming and Avoid Being Victims

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream about processes in my body, or the impact of external chemicals introduced?

What feelings are in the dream, and where are they evident and what connected with in waking?

What is the basic statement in my dream?

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