Chemist Pharmacy

This is usually connected with health concerns, what the body needs, or some form of healing. The pharmacist can be similar to doctor – wisdom about self, insight into self. But also someone who understands the chemistry of life, so may be similar to a witch or wizard mixing potions in some dreams. See: doctor under roles.

The shop is a place to gain advice or help to change a difficult life situation, or to prevent one. In some dreams it also seems to be about searching for something. The search might be for a necessary thing we need, or the search for our own core self from which we find peace and well being.

Most of us have a chemical relationship with life – just look at the place you keep pain killers, alcohol, drugs, vitamins and medicines, even tea and coffee are powerful drugs and chemical alterations of our mind. They all interact with our body and brain – with us. See

Example: I was nursing a baby of about four months close to my chest. It appeared to be mine. Suddenly I was aware the baby was not having any food apart from milk and I became very worried. I set off to go to a chemist to buy some baby gruel to compliment its feeds.

Example: Was coming up out of an underground station. On my left I noticed a brand new shop, like a chemist’s, but called Sexuality. I knew it was a new scheme, legal, smart, businesslike, but prostitution. As I walked up the stairs to the exit, a man, the proprietor, came up to me and said, “Would you like to sleep with someone else?”

Knowing he meant a young prostitute, and making a joke of it, I said, “What do you mean? Someone other than yourself?” He was a bit shocked and said, “Oh yes, of course!”

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I looking for in the pharmacy, and can I recognise if that applies in waking?

Does the chemist offer advice – if so what is implied?

What is my involvement with the chemist or the shop, and does that represent something I can recognise?

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