This is a reference either to your own babyhood. or feelings or events associated with it, or even to your external baby or babies. This may at times point to vulnerable people or assets.

Example: ‘An old lady made room for me to sit at the end of one of the three seats of a bus. As we drove away a very large chicken size baby bird flew in. It had short stubby wings and yellow down, but flew expertly. I believe it first landed on the lady and chirped squeakily. But in it’s squeaks it actually spoke, saying it had lost it’s mother. It sounded as if it were crying.’ Andrew.

Here the chicken obviously represents the dreamers own childhood feelings of desertion. The old lady is the mother. The bus is a shared journey with others – we all have difficult feelings.

Chicks in a dream might also point to your own children, or even children you want to have or will have. See: Birds.

Coming out of the egg is a reference to birth, and the shell of the egg is the protection provided by being in the womb and early childhood. So coming out of the shell is the facing of independent life – literally ‘coming out of your shell’.

The life cycle of a bird has so many similarities with important human stages of growth we frequently use birds to represent parts of our own deeply felt experience, such as being totally dependent upon parents ‘in the nest’. The amazing experience of ‘leaving the nest’ and how well it has been managed. Learning to fly and so becoming independent. They are all so much a part of our own tings we meet in life. See Individuation

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was happening to the chick – what part of its life cycle was involved?

What feelings were experienced or indicated in the dream? (The example of the baby bird crying for instance.)

Can you get into the role of the chick and feel it? That will really give you insight into your dream.

Try using Stand in roleTalking As


-marjorie 2016-04-28 2:17:05

in my dream i am walking in the road when saw two chicks with her mother. i love watching them because they look so healthy. they are flying beside me and i am not afraid.

-Reshaii 2016-03-30 11:27:58

In my dream I had about baby chickens I was laying in bed and I got up and one if my twin boys was in our hallway and he open the closet door where we keep our bathroom material in and in there was to baby chickens and he was so excited mom its baby chickens in here I’m feeling like how did they get here and the chickens were yellow and very fluffy and jumping around like they were happy to be seen

-Anugrahi 2016-03-13 7:20:19

I saw one chick I.was saving the life of that chick from a wild dog n I was able to save his life n took that chick to his parents!!

-May 2016-02-09 13:47:40

I had a dream . I saw a chicken hardly laying an egg and I helped her. She had 8 of it and all turned out to be yellow chicks playing then continue with a yellow bird that just come out from an egg and then flying happily. Can I have the meaning of this?

-Jhen 2016-01-13 23:13:17

Hi, i’ve dreamnt of a chick, while someone is chasing me.. I am holding a chick, actually i saw a lot of it.. I am holding one of them, and there is something coming out of it, i dont i f its an egg or what.. Its not clear, but it looks like the shape of an egg.. And then, the chicks, created a wall using their own body, like, they were protecting from that someone who was chasing me.. The color of the chick is not clear to me also.. It looks blue and also looks gray.. What does it mean? Thanks..

-Cathy 2016-01-09 2:50:49

Hi im dreaming about baby chick. Its a 2 color yellow and black and im playing with it i feed the baby chick in my hand. Its look like the baby chick dont like that i will catch him/she. Baby chick playing with me too and the baby chick falls in the water but i help him/she to get away in the water. Whats the meaning of my dream? Looks wierd thats all i remembered.

-Janette 2015-11-28 7:53:42

I found some baby chicks, got them in a box and was trying to find a vet or animal warden to take them in. The longer it took the more panicked I got worried they would starve I had no food for them. What does it mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-01 10:40:26

    Dear Janette – The way I see your dream is that you become aware of some aspects of you that still need to grow.
    To understand what you found inside yourself you could use “Being the chicks”;
    For some reason you do not believe that you can feed these aspects yourself.
    Our dreams can graphically illustrate our beliefs and what influence they have upon our decision making, responses and relationships. The importance lies in the fact that many of our beliefs are unconscious. They were absorbed in childhood and often remain without any conscious evaluation. Dreams also tend to explore where such beliefs lead us, and what the outcome of holding them may be in certain circumstances.
    I believe that when you explore what the chicks symbolise in your inner world, then you will understand what kind of “food” – – you need to help yourself grow.
    Giving food to the chicks is like giving of yourself to yourself; your time, your love, and the willingness to do some inner work;
    Anna 🙂

-Erica 2015-07-31 16:09:29

So I had a dream that I was standing in an area that was almost like a chick sanctuary. There was little houses for the chicks to hid in and a lot of different levels. I was helping the chicks that got stuck in certain area and most of the chicks were the size of a quarter in my hand. When I thought I had helped them all I backed up and realized that there was hundreds of little chicks. Then they started screaming and I looking to my left and there was a huge black chicken next to me. It started to scream so I held my hand out to pet it and I woke up. What does this mean?

-alexis 2015-07-19 8:40:00

My dream was that I had a regular dozen of eggs, but this one egg kept making nosie so I peel away a portion of it, to my surprise a baby chick comes sorta scared me

-Adriana 2015-05-09 13:29:53

I dreamt that I was walking down a street at night with my boyfriend, my sister and 2-3 more people. We saw an old couple in a car and they had just dropped off like 5-6 bags and backpacks full of baby chicks on the street. We yelled at them but they just left. We took the chicks and started looking for a farm or something but it was very overwhelming because there were hundreds!!

-DD 2014-12-23 19:56:19


Had a dream that I was looking after the tiniest Chicken … Fitted on my finger tip. The cutest thing ever !

Ran swiftly around the place.

-Cynthia 2014-11-11 3:45:19

I saw my cousin(a boy) holding a nest covered in a white blanket in his hand. He left it right beside a flowing river. I was at the other side of the river so I had to cross my way through the river to see what’s in the nest. I then found out it was a single yellow baby chick covered in a white towel—small enough to warm it up.

-Heather 2014-10-30 14:26:33

I had a dream that I saw some baby chicks being hatched. Then they shook themselves and were instantly fluffy. I caught one and cupped it in my hands. I was afraid that something bad was going to happen to it and I was trying to protect it.

-Advice 2014-10-26 5:25:49

I had a dream that I was playing hide and seek with my dog, then my mom came and gave me two little yellow chicks, and she was telling me to take care of them…

-Maybelline 2014-06-26 1:24:59

I had a dream of three yellow baby chicks walking to me, and I was like waiting for them or looking towards them walking towards me.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-26 7:38:09

    Maybelline – A lovely dream. Baby chicks are used in dream to represent babies. So your dream is saying that you have three healthy children who want you to be their mother. Of course it is your choice and you could say no – but such lovely chicks!


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