This can be used in your dreams to show your strength of character and such things as determination and ability to face difficulties. But often such dreams are self assessments arising at the time. The example below for instance shows the dreamer taking an analytical look at himself and assessing his strengths and weaknesses.

The chin can be seen to indicate many things such as resolve, sternness, obstinacy, character. Your ability to take the blows of life on the chin. Also willpower, stubbornness, bullishness, bravado, determination, pride.

The chin and mouth are one of the ways we judge people from their expression. It might also figure in what we say. Chinning can mean chattering.

The male chin in white stock does not grow hair on the chin until approaching manhood. This is shown in the following dream.

Example: The boy appeared to be naked. I held him firmly in my arms. I felt strength in him and said, “I can feel the manhood growing in you.” I felt a noticeable increase of the strength in him. My hand touched his chin. There was a stubble of young beard there. I said how I was aware of his body growing into manhood. I was aware of us adults sharing the experience deeply.

Example: I look in the mirror and see I have a large face with weak chin. Then I see that my face is huge, with a huge neck, and in all, reflected great underlying strength, and this was the “image” people would see of me. This is my mission, to share that strength.

Example: Some part of me decided that I should learn something as well as have fun, and a mirror appeared before my face. I knew that I was looking at my self-image rather than a direct reflection. It revealed distortions, doubts about my self-worth, that I needed to clear up. These were pictured as dark splotches on my chin and cheeks, and a misshapen nose.

Idioms: a chin wag; lead with your chin; take it on the chin.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What weakness or strength is my dream showing, and how can I usefully use those insights?

Is this me feeling anxious, or is this a useful insight?

What can I do with the traits I see in myself?

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