Smoking an its dangers. Also it could indicate the the birth canal, and of course home and a sign of inner warmth. It can sometimes indicate an erect penis, or if falling down then the opposite. A way to vent the heat of passion or pain.

An interesting comment was made by the ‘talking cure’ as Breuer and his patient Anna O called it, this ‘chimney sweeping,’ acted cathartically to release the bottled-up emotional obstruction at the root of the problem. This was the approach already used by Mesmer, and in essence, later by many modern practitioners. I called it LifeStream.

Maybe you have associations with Santa Claus and chimneys, and perhaps also the magic of Mary Poppins. If so see Associations Working With. Also many paintings with old world and romantic suggestions show a cottage with smoke coming from a rural chimney.

Such dreams may also have associations with heavenly gifts or abilities, a link with heaven and perhaps communication. Because the womb life often gives a sense of being part of Life itself, going up a chimney may indicate an escape to heaven, or even germination of new ideas or insights.

Example: The ceiling has lots of windows too. I see two black funnel clouds in the sky and I say to her excitedly, “Tornadoes. I see tornadoes.” She isn’t interested and I keep pointing. They whirl around and around and then disappear back into the chimneys they came out of and then pop back out and roll around. They have sharp points on the heads; they kind of look like penises.

Example: I am in an enclosed space with only a very difficult way out – up the chimney – a tiny tunnel through which to crawl. The means of in and out seem quite natural although very awkward and cause no distress.

Belching black smoke: The grim mechanised side of our culture centred on production instead of humanity. The world of adults and not of children or of nature – except of course of volcanoes.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings do I have about the scene? See Emotions and Mood in Dreams

What do I associate with the chimney?

Was I interacting with it in some way?

Try Acting on your dream Being the Person or Thing

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