Christen Christening

Traditionally the rite of christening represented the acceptance into the community of a new being. A name was given by the parents and recognised by the community. This may still be the meaning in some dreams – an acceptance by the community and the gaining of identity.

But it may also depict a change, a new beginning. The dream process especially uses the image of water to show how the conscious personality may willingly allow the unconscious process of life to wash through consciousness and transform it. It can also suggest the acknowledgement or acceptance of a part of you that is newly emerging. This may mean that you are recognising the quality or character of that new part and naming it.

But at a deeper level still is has a far more significant meaning. For not only  is it a  giving of a name and acceptance by the community but it is also a giving of a soul to the child. This is because without the attention, sharing of language and the giving or the strange gift of being an identity, we would never have gain self awareness.

See: Name; baptism; bible – dreams and symbols; spiritual life in dreams; archetype of Christ.

Useful Questions and Hints:
Do I feel I am changed or have received something in the dream – if so what?
Am I sensing a new identity in the dream?
Is there any feeling of being cleansed or washed, and if so of what?

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