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Name of person or place

Your name represents you, your essential identity. Your name summarises yourself. It is like a focal point around which your sense of self collects. So changing your name would suggest a change in the way you see yourself, or express yourself. Someone else’s name would depict your feelings and intuitions about them.

Surname or family name: A surname is more that a first name like John, it is a family name, often with a long history. It carries memories of family traits with all we inherited from them. See The Conjuring Trick

If the name is altered: Suggests you sense a change in the way you feel about yourself.

Other people’s names: Your feelings for that person; the quality you feel in regard to someone else with the same name; or word play or associations with the name – a woman who dreamt a friend asks her ‘Do you know where Chris is’, she replied he was on the back seat. On waking she realised she is being asked where’s the crisis? Two weeks later she had a kidney infection – in the back seat. Names also suggest qualities – as in Peter, the rock. Or your friend Pat may be a pleasure loving person, so we use the name or person to represent that quality. See: wordplay and puns.

Place names: These can represent your feelings about the place, or be similar to personal names in their suggestion of something.

Example: ‘On the other side of the road was a window with my wife’s ring and watch and other trinkets. I went to pick them up but a stranger put his hand over them. I then crossed the road to get a bus to Andover.’ Arthur P.

Arthur’s dream wants to make sure he gets the message by saying hand-over and Andover.

Idioms: Call someone names; clear someone’s name; have a bad name; not a thing to ones name; in name alone; in the name of; make a name for oneself; name dropper; one’s middle name; name is mud; somebody who shall be nameless; or my name’s not….; worthy of the name; name in vain; lend ones name to; name the day.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you feel okay with the dream name?

What does the name mean to you?

Were there any feelings or emotions in the dream?

Was it a name of a place and what were your memories or feelings about it?

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Dreamed about someone I know his name is Christopher


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