The arena or circle of consciousness in which we can watch the instinctive drives and see how well they are socialised or brought under control. All the instinctive, physical, passionate sides of one’s nature.

But there are so many aspects to the circus, and so it depends upon what your dream focuses. If it is the animals, then it may be showing you how you relate to your instinctive and natural impulses. The following example illustrates this.

For ages there was only quietness. Then slowly there arose a stifled feeling. I was struggling for breath. Not desperately, but almost a gentle struggle. So slightly it was almost unnoticeable. It was like a slow murder – and so little at a time it didn’t look like murder. Then up burst words and realisation. The body – the beast or animal – was like a circus animal (we had been to the circus last week). The poor beast/body will do anything you train it to do. Or at least it will try its hardest, like a willing beast, to do what we ask of it. I felt the loving willingness of my beast, trying to breathe slowly as I asked it to do. And the words and insights and feelings came that by training my beast in that way, a part of it was being suffocated very slowly. Part of it was being killed degree by degree. Why?

If it is about the acts, then it is often about your own skills, abilities or fears, and problems – such as fear of heights.

The circus can also be about experiencing alternatives to the way you live and see the world at the moment, and about the variety and perhaps exotic opportunities life offers. Circus people might depict these alternative ways of life, or of being street wise and widely experienced in the ways of life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am feeling or experiencing in connection with the circus, and how does that relate to me?

Am I dealing with the animals – my physical urges and hungers – or am I involved with the people – unusual ways of life?

Are there fears I am meeting in the dream, and if so in what way can I change the dream to meet them?

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