The learning process; what we learned at school – not lessons but interrelationships, class structure, competitiveness, authority, mortification, group preferences, etc. Also it can be habits of behaviour or feeling reactions developed during those years – puberty occurs at this time, and confronts us with many new feelings, choices and drives.

People have told me that criticism aimed at them by a teacher had changed them right into adulthood. Someone told me a teacher told them they couldn’t sing, and they have never sung since. They were in their forties and were then helped to sing. Another person, Tom, was listened to while his classroom was singing. The headmaster went to each person and then stopped at Tom and was told he was ruining the whole class and couldn’t sing. Tom’s response was, “What the hell does he know. Of course I can sing!” He carried on singing and was told by a musical voice trainer that he was actually like a musician with his voice. See Avoid Being Victims

The classroom itself can indicate study; relationship with authority; whatever sense of oneself engendered by school. Maybe you need to ask yourself what you actually learned at school.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did what you learned at school have a negative or positive influence on you?

What do you feel overall about school?

Did you rebel or learn from authority figures.

See Being the Person or ThingTechniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Rb 2015-08-19 1:43:38

I just had a dream of being in a classroom. It was like the start of a new semester and the whole setting looked weird. I think i was at my last year or 4th year, not entirely sure if i was in college or high school, but definitely feels like college. Im already out of school in my waking life since i graduated 5 yrs ago from college. There was like an orientation or initial class which felt like a math class, and the room was large and open like i could see the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years altogether in one class session.i could sense how it is divided and theres like almost 10 sections of 2nd and 3rd year classrooms and only 1 4th year classroom which felt like these are the only people who made it this far. Everyone was on the same class with 1 professor teaching the math class as a whole. As i remember he was like telling us something to do and i didnt have much at my first day and most of myclassmates seemed to have this book which i do not have. I have a seatmate who happened to be a classmate of mine in highschool in waking life which happened to appear in my dream. I kept tapping her asking if can i make a copy of the page that we need to answer its like a seatwork/book test, since i dont have a boo but she ignores me the whole time, she just listens to her headphones while answering the book and ignoring me. After that i woke up. What could be the meaning of this?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-27 11:13:55

    Dear Rb – Thank you for sharing your dream with us, which I see as an important dream.
    Most of us make the mistake of believing our dream images are all something outside of us. In fact they are all images underneath which are amazing destructive or constructive powers.
    The way I see your dream is that you are in The School of Life, where you become aware that parts of you have made it into the 4th year classroom and other parts – which could be related to unresolved childhood issues as well – still need to heal and grow in order to mature and to be able to express their potential.
    It is all part of what Carl Jung calls the individuation process;
    So in a way there is a sense of being divided, probably because the different parts of you are not aware of working together yet or are not working together yet and still you see it as one large and open room, because of the inner potential you have.
    Your dream figure in the dream I also see as a symbol of you feeling inadequate in certain areas of your (inner) life – which feeling is a belief “only” – and because of that belief you probably feel that you are not worth paying attention to.
    If you look at the other people in the dream – who are all parts of you that you do not recognize yet as yours – you will be able to see that many parts have the book – a symbol for experiences that you can learn from – and are “answering the book”.
    I believe that in this dream you are partly exploring what it is like to be an observer, which is a wonderful help when it comes down to exploring your beliefs in a more detached and so perhaps even rational way; the math class.
    I mean beliefs like; “and I didn’t have much at my first day and most of my classmates seemed to have this book which I do not have” and “but she ignores me the whole time, she just listens to her headphones while answering the book and ignoring me”.
    So please read this first and then explore where all these insights are coming from that you have in your dream. Insights about how your inner classroom is expressed in your dream, with the wonderful details about it.
    I’d say that the “seatmate” as she appears in your dream is a symbol of your intuition, carefully listening and answering the book in order to provide you with what you need and what you then “dreamed up”.
    So it is once again “only” your belief that you are not worth of receiving any information from “her” – the page in the book – yet you did receive it all.
    A way to learn to explore these beliefs – other than working with your dreams – and to move beyond them is to use self-observation; which is, as I expressed before, in a way like taking a math class.
    Another helpful way is to explore the seatmate so you can accept her too as a helpful inner resource that you can count on.
    You can do this by using “Being the seatmate” and “Talking as the seatmate” and explore if you are able to listen to the information that comes through her headphones in a more aware way.
    See and
    I think these articles could be a helpful read to you too;
    Does that give you a start?
    Anna 🙂

-Ellen Bergstrom 2012-01-02 17:42:39

If you can help me with understanding this, I”d appreciate it. Here is the dream:
I was giving a speech in a large auditorium with a lot of people in the audience and my teacher. Eventually, it become a smaller classroom. I was receiving a lot of interference from other people, ignoring me, walking in front of me and blocking me so others couldn’t hear me, asking questions and interupting me in many ways. One of them was a friend I have from nursing school (I am currentlhy in nursing school.) He just graduated and asked about getting in touch with Peace Corp which apparently was a part of the speech. (I am a returned Peace Corp volunteer.) I told him I didn’t have info about it with me but said I would place infor in the school’s office or he could go to the Peace Corp office, not far from where we were. During a particularly obnoxious interference to my speech, I yelled out loudly, “shut up!” The teacher said, “$500 fine!” Like they do in court TV shows when someone swears. I ended up having to shout so I could be heard.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-01-03 10:46:35

    Ellen – I looked at your WordPress site – a fellow traveller.

    Your dream has the theme of wanting to communicate with others, and achieving it but with interferences. And you are so annoyed at that you have to do something that you regret – shouting ‘shut up’!

    I have to say what I am about to say over and over, my educational mission; when we dream we are alone in the world of our creative imagination while we sleep. If you imagine for a moment that you live alone in a world, and you people it with your imagination, fuelled by what you feel, fear, despise, love and fear; and all those people in your world become real and interact with you. Then you build surroundings out of the same things, animals too. But you do not realise what you are doing, and you take it to be really independent people and animals. What you do not realise also is that this is your own inner world brought to life. It is not an imaginative fantasy, but a real representation of the inner world you live.

    So in your dream you have strong urges to communicate, and you have the environment to do it, but you are held back by your own inner voices that are ‘obnoxious interference’. In fact they are your own doubts, various directions in your mind such as, ‘should I be going in that direction or this?’ ‘What is the way for maximum impact?’

    The teacher is also a part of you that is either a good reminder or a poor encourager – I am not sure what.

    I would suggest a different approach. Imagine yourself back in the dream and try different feelings approaches or attitudes to see if you can really connect with the class in your imagination. Imagination is a wonderful ability, and you can really learn from it. Try being loving, strict, silent or noisy and keep trying until you find what works. This will certainly change further dreams.

    Imagination changes the shape of the world, penetrates its external solidity to transform its shape and its events into innumerable fresh experiences. Imagination sees the wonderful possibilities in a piece of rock, or some coloured earth, and with them creates art. Imagination discovered the submarine and the motor car long before scientific endeavour developed the technology to manufacture them. Even people who appear to lack this divine power while awake, can in dreams spread wings of fancy and find ingenious dramatic creation while they sleep. See


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