The body; material affairs. Or yourself, shaped by events and impressions. Physical life, materialistic attitudes. The parts of yourself that can be shaped, or have been shaped, and perhaps hardened. This can refer to many things, such as part of ones nature that have been shaped by other people or circumstances and have hardened. This could be a shape that is either quite without art, or an expression of great skill. See: Earth.

In some belief systems a being of clay can depict an elemental force. At its simplest level this represents the mineral forces active in your being. Sometimes such influences tend to deeply influence the personality, and may therefore be felt as invasive beings or forces. In essence this would mean ones response to life would be largely materialistic and incapable of sensing the subtler side of nature and people.

The clay for some people represents the possibility of artistic or self expression. But this probably links back again to how you express or shape yourself. But it could be an expression of some part of you or a gift you are making.

If it is a part of your body, or a body, it suggests life or responsiveness is lacking in that part or that person.

If it is simply clay earth, it depends what you associate with clay, or if you are a keen gardener and see clay as a poor soil to grow things in. The clay can also suggest difficult terrain.

Example: “I dreamed that a man was creating a clay model of me. When it was completed he placed it on the desert. I was surprised to see that the upper half of the torso was alive. It did not, however, resemble me at all. Rather it looked like an exotic, dark, foreign girl. To my complete consternation I observed that the figure from the waist down resembled a toilet bowl, moist, and earth colored!”

An interpretation of the dream was give as, “A warning to the girl that she was becoming a sex-pot.” This was symbolized by the toilet bowl, the use of which relates to the sexual organs. The newly molded sculpture indicated recent experiences. The foreign looking woman indicated that this was not her true self. The desert in which the man placed his creation symbolized the spiritual aridity to which this activity was reducing her.”

Idioms: feet of clay; modeling clay.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is clay in my dream? (Look this up in the rest of the dictionary.)

What have I shaped or been shaped by, and what is the quality of this?

Is this something I can be proud of or can change?

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See: Earth.


-Kimberly Smith 2016-08-31 14:34:55

This is interesting, but what if it is a dream that the dreamer realizes the man being made of white clay mixed with red and blue glittering sprinkles is more significiently felt emotion towards the man shaping the clay? That the building blocks and clay are nothing without the artist sculpting the clay? Does this change the dream’s meaning?

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