This may refer to your sense of connection with other people, duties, or the restrictions or disciplines you place upon yourself. The clock can sometimes represent your span of life, and the ticking, your heart – how much time have you left? What time of your life is it?

Clock or watch: The boundaries or restrictions we create for ourselves through our awareness of time. It can also relate to a sense of duty and timing, a realisation of urgency or having ‘lots of time’.

The clock is also an indication of duration, of how much experience you have passed through, and of course your passing life. The watch or clock also connect powerfully with arriving, meeting and leaving; with departing work, or the pressure of being on time.

Ticking clock: Might be the heart; life ticking away.

Big clock: One’s life – how much time has passed or one has left.

Clock watching: Tension, a desire to be somewhere else or with someone else. Wanting to escape from either a situation or from the demands of time and responsibility. Being bored or lacking satisfaction. Feelings about ageing.

Clock with hands still: The end of something, timelessness, or a death.

Expensive watch: Quality; boastfulness; accuracy; wealth.

With hands racing: Time running out or a frenetic stressful feelings of events pressurising you. Sense of urgency.

Alarm clock ringing: Message to wake up to something happening in your life, or to remember something you had set yourself to do. Sometimes a warning. See: time – of day.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the dream situation about – parting, waiting, rightness, impatience – whatever it is how does it relate to me?

Is this about timing, and if so in regard to what?

What time of my life is it?

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