Close Closed Closing

To shut out, divide, not wish to know, feel or experience. Fear of being entered, fear of sex. But also protection and privacy, or even decision making if you close a door against someone or something.

You can close a business deal, close your heart to someone, close your mind to any suggestions or anything new, or you can have someone or something close to your heart.

Closing ones eyes will probably have much the same meanings, though it might also be to switch attention from outward experience to inward and the infinite possibilities of memory and imagination and beyond.

Example: But the feelings that arose were of the love of beauty and art that her father had shared and helped unfold in her. But she had kept that part of her closed because of what her mother had said. Now it was open to her again and she could allow it to unfold further in her life.

To close a door etc.: To be closed emotionally, or to end or shut something out. Often this requires a decision or strong feeling. Or it might be a response to protect oneself or someone/something else. It can mean you want privacy or you do not want someone in your life and are trying to find ‘space’ for oneself. It can mean a dismissing attitudes or tension we use to shut others out of intimate contact or it can be repressing memories or feelings and decisively ending something.

For close as in near: Intimacy; being made aware of or having a fuller awareness of something or someone; what one feels connected with or has ties with; near to, in the sense of making a decision – near to leaving home; close to, as ‘close to finding the solution’; a situation that is near at hand or being confronted or realised now. Idioms: At close quarters; close fisted; close on; close to home; that was close.

Idioms: a close call; bring to a close; a close shave; close a deal/sale; close to the vest; close to my heart.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this closed on me or am I closing something – and what is that in my life?

Am I opening to or shutting out something – ending or beginning?

What is it, a person, situation or thing that is involved in the closing?

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