As an athletic or life coach it is usually about a helping or supportive part of your mind or person. It can also be a ‘life teacher’ – a part of you that give you good guidance you’re your unconscious. But if it is a critical coach, it can represent an authority figure you trust and injecting negative attitudes in you. Or rather the self criticism you are holding on to.

But as we are dealing with human nature, a male coach can be a sexual come on in your dream. Or a female coach can also be the same.

On the way there, I meet the coach, a woman (Dr. Henshaw? – and complain to her about the way I was treated by the announcer, i.e., America’s passion for statistics had overshadowed the fact that for a high school kid, I had really run one hell of a race and that furthermore, I had run it against myself which is harder than running against others and that my best previous time was 4:23.

She is busy, unsympathetic – only commenting that 4:02 is not the world’s record anymore, that it is more like 4:005. I try once again to get her sympathy, to talk with her, but she turns (with a trophy in her hand) to talk with someone else and I, disgusted, walk into the locker room where I slam the door.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever been coached by anyone – if so how did I feel about it?

What was subject was being coached?

What feelings did I havein the dream?

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