If you are in a coma it could suggest that events or hurts in your life have caused you to withdraw or be largely incapable of interacting with other people and events. It can also portray a situation in which you have become unconscious or unaware of what is going on around you and have turned inwards.

But in most cases this is probably depicting a part of you hurt at some time and it closed down. For instance if you have been deeply hurt emotionally in a relationship, you may still go on being capable of relating at a certain level, but the part of you that enters deeply into sexual and emotional relationships may have closed down, as in a coma.

Dreaming about this usually means you have become more aware of the situation and there is an opportunity to heal and awaken that facet of yourself.

If somebody else is in a coma, this might still be about what is described above, but it can also show you relating to the person in a non-verbal, heart to heart manner. Sometimes this is shown in dreams where you feel out of contact with someone you love or care for. In such cases the dream is showing that it is only the surface level of communication that is missing.

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-Taneajah 2018-02-04 10:45:34

I have been having these dreams that are recurring ever since I was eight and it came back with more revealing points. I got shot coming off a bus and I went into cardiac arrest which led me into a coma. All I remember in this dream is that it’s blurry until I get to a point where I know someone and they know me. My boyfriend wasn’t in there when I was eight and then he pops in and the blurry fades off where I wake up out of the coma and spot him sitting in a chair. I don’t know what all of this means because I do have a lot of dreams that will show up when I was younger and now that I’m 24, everything has continued to show up and I don’t know what it all means. The dreams started coming back ever since my sister died and I don’t know what it all means but when some of my dreams happen I tend to have a lot of flashbacks and deja vu moments that make me feel anxious. A lot of physics say I’m very spiritual and to be more aware but these dreams are recurring and I want to know if these dreams can come true? and why to keep having them if you feel like you already change or delete something out of your life?

-Squeak 2017-10-30 9:24:19

I am just wondering a couple of things sonif any can shed any light on them then that would be great. I recently went into a coma for 31 days. I don’t remember anything of the night I went into it or the whole couple of weeks before it. I have remembered some after some time of coming out of it but not all. Luckily I always kept journals growing up and after reading them I kinda remembered some but just bits and pieces. Sometimes when a person starts telling me about a certain event or day etc. I will get a complete flash back and recall it all. Sometimes it happens so quick it’s hard to even make out what it was. This happens when I see certain things or hear about certain events that cause them. They aren’t sure why or how I fell into the coma. And I wasn’t not suppose to even come out of it. For about a week they kept telling my family that I wouldn’t make it through the night but somehow I always did. After I stopped breathing on my own and showed no signs of brain activity plus being hooked up to everything you can be hooked up to plus I did flatline a couple of times but somehow I kept coming back. When I awoke I didn’t know anything other then that I was in a hospital room. I didn’t know who or what the hell I was and of course I freaked out. It wasn’t till my mother came running into the room that I actually calmed down and was able to relax cause I somehow knew who she was. Not her name or anything like that just felt the comfort and I knew I was ok cause she was there. Later I found out finally that I was in a coma for 31 days and the reason why I head two big tubes coming out of my head is because they had to drill two holes to relieve the pressure. They said that the whole leftbside of my brain looks as if I had a massive stroke. I am 30 I think. I really can’t remember my date of birth. But other then that they had nothing to tell me that explained anything. Now I was in a very good hospital but it was in the middle of Oklahoma and we don’t have many neurologist or even doctors for it on the matter. I had no dreams. I didn’t hear anything or see anything at all. I briefly remember being at a friends house then that’s it. Blank till I awoke in the hospital. Even now I have it very hard to remember things at times and terrible headaches that make it even hard to sleep. I was engaged to a girl and we have been for awhile but I couldn’t remember who she even was. And upon trying to learn and know who she was well I guess you can say was to much for her to handle so she went off one day on me and I can barely remember that. So after we separated I lost my chance on learning the most about everything like who I was and who she was or just anything from our past and have had to try to figure things out on my own. She wasn’t anything that I thought that I would even think about marriage with and always felt as if I just didn’t even know who this person was. I have now been diagnosed with a form of epilepsy and if certain random quick loud sounding or lights and specially flashing lights go off around me or by me it shocks my whole body. Especially my head and eyes. They will hurt real bad. And now if my heart rate gets to high by me getting worked up in anyway I will have a seizure. I get lost in stores cause I will just go blank and not know who I am or where the hell im at. So driving is a bit of a no. But I guess my questions are did anyone else have such a memory loss and gaps of their life they can’t think of and does it mean anything that I didn’t dream or see and hear anything while I was in the coma? And my last one is how do you know for sure your not just still in one? The reason why I ask is because I sometimes feel as if I am just in a dream and this is all just not real. I’m no psychic but I have had things pop into my head via it be just a random thought or a daydream where I have seen something happen and then later it does happen just as I seen or heard it. I don’t believe in fortune telling or anything like that but if I can’t recall anything then I can’t say it deja vu so is that a thing that’s occurs or am I actually awake and aware but just not able to somehow believe or feel like I am. Not to mention that everything that has or was going on before I went into a coma was good or becoming better and even being the time when I was happy and fully happy and after the coma it’s just been one long decline and bad things happening over and over again. So my real question is that does this mean anything or anyone or if can be explained in anyway that would be beneficial to me then please let me know. Cause I never once had a dream or vision of any kind nor sound. And all I come across is things about people having them and etc. So if anyone can shed a light on any of that then I’d thank you for doing so. And if I am somehow in a damn coma then does anyone know how to wake yourself up? Lol sounds crazy but it’s all very true and just wondering if anyone can answer. Thank ya.

    -Sharlene 2017-12-15 14:18:24

    Hi Squeak, I’ve never been in a coma and although I’ve had a couple of family members in comas they have unfortunately passed away. All I wanted to say was that I feel like I’m in a dream as well and I do predict things before they happen , I’m not psychic and I’ve never been in a coma . Just go with it and don’t overthink it. I think the fact that you feel that way is a sign that your brain function is improving . All the best for the future and I’m sure you’ll meet a new girl to make new memories with .x
    Ps. You’re awake

-Jen 2017-07-04 16:46:19

My 40 year old brother suffered an anoxic brain injury 5 months ago. He went without oxygen to his brain for 14 minuites. His cognizant recovery has been minimal at best, however my family and I have seen some very small improvements.
Last week the hospital came to my parents and I and suggested we start planning on enrolling for hospice and picking out his funeral plot.
We have been devastated. Since that tsk my brother, who once raced his eyes around the room all day having what we believe are regular brain seizures has stopped. Further the other day when I crawled into his hospital bed with him to tell him childhood stories; both his eyes shed tears. This shows me there is “some” brain activity which is not crainial but actually a neurological improvement.

Point of my question: Last night my dad had a dream. He and my mom went to the hospital to visit my brother and when he walked in my brother was sitting up and talking to “someone” in the room. He was talking very slurry but still talking. My dad reached out of my brothers hospital room to flag my mom down who was talking to his nurse and when she walked in, he woke up even more and was not fully awake and talking fluently.

What does this mean? Please help!!!!!!! Jen

    -Tony Crisp 2017-07-05 8:03:55

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Jen – You said, “There is some brain activity.” In 2008 I experienced a serious stroke that left me completely unable to move or speak, wetting the bed. Although my brain was damaged leaving me paralysed ‘I’ was still fully aware – but the communication with my body was gone.

    Unfortunately hospital staff are trained to believe that brain damage means the end of you. I have managed about 80% recovery. Please look at

    The dream, as far as I understand it shows signs of promise. Don’t give up hope, because people have had half of their brain removed and had a full recovery. The brain is like a hologram, every tiny part of it holds the whole. The thing is that your ‘brother’ who shed tears, has lost the connection with his body, but with effort it might be built again. I realised as I lay paralyzed, that I was like a baby, and had to learn to walk and talk again.

    I send blessings.


    -Alicia 2018-01-24 17:06:59

    Hi brother is currently in coma as well and the prognosis is not good at all due to lack of oxygen to his brain for so long. The dr says he only has a few days left but if he manages to pull through he will require life support forever. Last night, i had a dream that he woke up and fully recovered. This dream led me here and I saw your post. Can I ask how your brother is doing? Thx

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