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In many dreams where colour predominates there is usually strong feelings as in the example. This suggests colours depict our emotions and feeling tones. Where a dreamer is largely intellectual or out of touch with their feelings, the colour would stand in the place of the emotion, instead of alongside it as with S.C.

White is the most frequently mentioned colour in the collection of dreams used for this book. Black is next, then blue.

Example: ‘I was standing in a very beautifully carved chapel or religious place. There seemed to be shadowy nun or monk like figures around. But it was the exquisite colouring of the place which filled me with a sort of ecstasy. Everything was in the most delicate shell pink.’ S. C.

red Even where red appears quite casually in a dream, as with the hat in the example, there is frequently fear, screaming, horror or a sense of danger in the same dream. Red also represents ones basic emotions, earthy nature, and sexuality. In this sense it depicts your strength or vitality and your down to earth health and power. But because of the modern association with traffic lights and warnings such as brake lights on cars, it may sometimes be used as a warning, or a way of saying ‘stop’ or ‘no’.

Example: These men were throwing a big red rubber ball into a field, and if we didn’t catch it, we would get shot.

Example: ‘An old woman with a very pink, lined face, and wearing a clashing red hat, knelt close to my face. The woman leaned forward to poke my hand, and I recoiled, screaming myself awake.’ Joy S.

From findings concerning early humans we know that the colour red, and substances such as red ochre, played a large and important part in their life. In Africa red ochre was, and still is, called the ‘blood of the earth’ and is used in rituals to do with death and renewal. Because red is connected with blood and blood’s obvious link with health, being alive, and the process of childbirth in women, ochre and the colour red were and still are, often used in healing practices. Red wine is also seen as blood in the magical rituals of the church and other groups. See: blood under body; blood under archetypes; wine.

A recent research team of U.S. and German scientists found that the colour red influences the way people function. It reduces the ability to perform well at whatever task they are doing. University of Rochester and University of Munich researchers reported that even if people being tested were aware of even a hint of red, their performance would be reduced in quality to a significant degree. University of Rochester psychology Professor Andrew Elliot, head of the research, said people associate the colour red with mistakes and failures.

Less frequently: Red can link with blood; menstruation; the biological life force; conception; reproduction; death. The sun. Also war and sacrifice. It is often seen in red clothes and lips as a sign of great sensual attraction. Red wine as a symbol of blood and it holiness – holy because it represents a symbol of the human spirit. This is most likely due to its method of production. The separate ‘lives’ of thousands of grapes were squashed so their life blood would pour into a common vat. This then underwent a magical transformation by yeast which turned it into alcohol. The connection here is that people who have a direct experience of God or of the spirit, experience it as a unification of all that has lived and is living. The experience of countless human lives has been linked and transformed into a vast sea of wisdom and heightened awareness. It is this we ‘drink’ when we touch our own union with the ocean of awareness that is our spirit.

Pale pink: Baby feelings; gentle love; weakness.

Red and grey often appear together: Emotions connected with depression or lack of motivation and pleasure.

Red brick building: Homeliness; warmth.

Red clothes or motif: Sexuality; passion; strong emotions.

Red earth: Fertility; richness; the healing power of the body; the collective memory of past human struggles and discoveries which we now inherit as personal or social skills, or ease of performance of things that would have been difficult or impossible for our ancestors.

Red eyes: This usually suggests feelings or fears about sickness or being irrational or deeply emotional.

Red face: Anger; high emotion; illness .

Red hair: Passionate thoughts, angry ideas, great energy like a fire. See: hair.

Red flowers: Love; passion; dangers of passion.

Red furniture or decor; Plush: richness; comfort.

Rose pink: Love, as one might give to a child.

Idioms: paint the town red; redneck; see red; in the red; red carpet; red letter day; red light district; red faced; red handed; red tape; run a red light.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there signs of powerful emotions in the rest of the dream – if so what am I feeling passionate or emotional about?

Is there a warning of danger here, or a message to stop – if so what does that apply to in my life?

Do I feel in any way connected to the earth, to the spirit of nature or life in this dream – if so what does that tell me?

See Being the Person or ThingTechniques for Exploring your Dreams Meetings with Christ

burgundy  The colour burgundy is like red earth, but richer and deeper. It feels to me like the wonder of discovering the deeps within you. It is a mood of deep receptivity and quiet.

orange Blending or balance of emotions and intellect. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, and as such much refines the basic instinctual energy or red with the life giving yellow. So it is often used to indicate refined or transformed sexuality or urges, and perhaps greater wisdom. Its link with fruits such as oranges and apricots also might link it with fruitfulness. It therefore suggests health and energy along with a calm mind. Also with warmth and easy feelings

Orange can also indicate heat or warmth, and so can mean you feel energised, or a warning of getting overheated or burnt depending on the dream.

Some people call some shades of red orange, so occasionally there might be a difference in terminology.

Because some people and cats have orange hair, the colour might at times refer to a particular person or feelings about an animal. In my database of dreams orange cats are referred to again and again, and probably depict the female energy or a vivacious personal trait.

Sometimes: Warmth; religious feelings or insight. In some reams when it is an object coloured orange it suggest something flashy, outrageous or quirky.

Brownish orange: This suggests health problems or a lowering of energy and clarity.

Orange hair: Warm or life giving thoughts or ideas – or reminder of a particular person you know with that colouring. See: hair.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I feeling in the dream about the colour, and where do I find those feelings in waking life?

What past associations and memories do I have with orange, and do they throw light on the dream?

Where does the orange appear – clothing, objects or body? In whatever context, look up how it relates to the clothing or body part, etc.

See Associations Working WithTechniques for Exploring your Dreams

Introduction to Dreams

yellow Depending on the context in the dream, yellow can link with lightness of feeling; intuition; hopefulness for the future; a clear intellect or extroversion. Because it is a colour associated with shining, it may indicate your innermost wisdom shining out – especially if you are dressed in bright yellow.

On the negative side it can suggest cowardice, jealousy, caution or quarantine. So in some dreams it is linked with sickness or some form of inner illness, or a warning that something is not right.

Yellow roses are used to depict friendship without sexual love, or a love that is not leading to partnership.

Because the action of light tends to fade colours, you find the word yellowing or yellowed used to describe an ageing process, or something that is old. So in some dreams it would indicate a sense of something being old, worn or perhaps fragile. In The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald used yellow to represent moral decay decadence and death.

Corn and sun dried landscapes are yellow, and so in a dream can indicate feelings of content, fruitfulness and richness of spirit. As the sun is thought of as yellow the colour also depicts life giving and warming influences or attitudes, of the expression of your own life flow.

Yellow also links with gold, its ability to remain untarnished and its precious quality. So if yellow in your dream has any of these associations it would link with what is of great value and abilities in you.

In some forms of meditation yellow also signifies a shift in awareness, or a change in the way you sense things.

Cream Gentle relaxed feelings. Cream softens the impact of yellow, so suggests, as with cream clothes or furnishings, an easy, quiet feeling, friendship and relaxation rather than sexual excitement and youthful exuberance.

Yellow-green is sometimes associated with lies or deceit, or even sickness.

Muddy Yellow: This might indicate toxins in your body, and therefore lowered energy and poor health. But it can also suggest lack of clarity in your thoughts and feelings, and therefore depressed thoughts and confusion.

Yellow Orange: Energetic and clear feelings and thoughts. This might also lead to feelings of warmth in connection with others.

Idioms: yellow belly; a yellow streak

Useful Questions and Hints:

What of the many associations with yellow does my dream suggest?

Is this a radiant dream, suggesting the expression of my own inner life in a positive way?

Is there any link with age or decay in the dream, pointing to something in me that is outworn?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsPrayer and Dream Interpretation

green Most of the plant kingdom is green, and so many dreams use it to depict something in that you is connected with growth, potential for growth, or capability of fruition and regeneration. A green living thing might emerge from apparently lifeless earth, suggesting a new living direction or feeling is emerging in your life.

These positive associations are linked in some dreams with healing or positive change, and green is often found mentioned in dreams about heaven.

The negative associations are with envy or jealousy. Also when things go mouldy they often go green, and slime or infected mucous is green, so at times green may mean something is bad or likely to undermine your health or positive feelings.

Many growing things are green before they ripen or flower, so green might also suggest not yet being ripe or lacking experience.

Because traffic lights use green as a ’go’ sign, in some dreams it can suggest a positive yes to decisions or directions you are taking.

There is an obscure but sometimes relevant connection for people who are working to unfold their inner qualities. The green leaves of plants are instrumental in allowing light to become the energy in transforming the mineral forces of the earth into living tissue. So in some dreams the green is used to show how your own process of opening to the forces of Light and Life are transforming your lower or less conscious levels of self into greater consciousness and expression. In all it is about transformation.

Sometimes a dream snake is green, and this shows the possibility of great inner growth, healing and change, depending upon your relationship with the snake. See: snake.

Example: In my dream I was watching a fern grow. It was small but opened very rapidly. As I watched I became aware that the fern was an image representing a process occurring within myself, one I grew increasingly aware of as I watched. Then I was fully lucid in my dream and realised that my dream, perhaps any dream, was an expression in images of actual events occurring unconsciously in myself. I felt enormous excitement, as if I were witnessing something of great importance. Francis P.

Breaking through the imagery in this way to the processes and possibilities underlying dreams is a royal road to discovering your own innate talents. You can transform negative memories and habits, and use your creativity to deal with real life events. Jon describes such a transforming experience.

Example: I met a man who seemed to be something of an adept or master; a source of Caucasian white guru type. At first I understood his name to be Faser Dan Li. Then gradually it became Father Li. This I understood to represent fatherly and the name of Faser Dan Li to mean faster than light. Anyway, this guru figure took me into very large greenhouses. Stretching away into the distance tiny seedlings were growing, most of them about four inches in height. As I watched some youths drove in on cross-country motorbikes and roared around the place. Faser Dan Li did nothing to prevent them. But when they had gone he looked at me and said, “Those are your emotions. They are wild and out of control. As such they could damage the tender growth of souls represented here by these little plants. Until your emotions are much more fully calmed and under control you cannot be given the keys of insight into other peoples being.”

Blue green: This indicates healing or change coming from within or from a spiritual dimension.

Dark yellow/greens: Evil intentions; growth of negative attitudes; sickness; envy; jealousy.

Greenish grey: Pessimism and lack of enthusiasm or ‘colour’ or satisfying growth in your life.


Idioms: Green fingers; green with envy or jealousy; green eyed monster; green light; green – naive.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I sense the feeling quality of green in the dream – is so what is it?

Am I meeting changes and personal growth or healing at this time, and in what way?

If there are negative feelings in connection with the green, what of such feelings can I note in my waking life?

See Avoid Being VictimsTechniques for Exploring your DreamsQuestions


Dark blues: In many women’s dreams threatening men appear dressed in dark blue or navy blue overalls. This suggests the woman is meeting her own male/animus side with anxiety. So there is a need to work with this and find a way to express your power and energy in the world. See Archetype of the Animus.

Dark blue can also suggest mature personal insights into life, or if it is a muddy or murky blue, it indicates depression, negative thoughts or intuitions, and being gloomy.

Light blues: Your sense of intuition, or achieving a wide awareness of life. Blue also links with religious feelings and experience of the holy – i.e. an awareness of those things that are universal – such as birth, caring relationship, parenthood – and so recognised as transcending ones own small life.

Light blue can also indicate coolness of nature. Often seen in visions of the womb as a blue grotto or woman with halo of blue, so connects with prenatal and infant relationship with mother.

Blue-gray: Religious feelings produced by depression, fear or gloominess.

Blue skin: Because we go blue when suffocating or having breathing difficulties, it can be used to show what a struggle we are having with life, how bruised we are with experience, or how cold we feel. But as with Krishna and his blue skin, it might show how you are being pervaded by a sense of the universal, of a wider and beautiful life.

Blue-green: Healing or the ability to heal arising form attunement to the forces transcending your own limited awareness.

Blue-violet: Great attunement with insights and powers transcending normal human ability.

Idioms: the air was blue; baby blues; blue film; blue funk; blue in the face; blue moon; bolt from the blue; once in a blue moon; blue pencil; blue stocking; feel blue; out of the blue; vanish into the blue; blue-blood; true-blue.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I feel when I hold this colour in mind, and where is that feeling or association fitting into my life at the moment?

Am I feeling tuned into a wider view of things at the moment, and if so what am I realising?

Am I feeling blue – or do I feel like blue skies are here?

See Associations Working WithTechniques for Exploring your Dreams Introduction to Dreams

Violet: This colour mostly appears in dreams where the dreamer has a deep sense of one’s awareness of the cycles of Life and the life that includes but stretches beyond the body. It may also include intuitive awareness or universal love. A wisdom arising from an extended awareness. See Wider awareness

You are probably sensitive, appreciative, and well-rounded person. You have high qualities and are devoted and rich in inner understanding. Often a spiritual leader of some kind in a quiet unobtrusive way.

The flower violet suggests shyness, quiet beauty, perhaps a passive quietness, as suggested by the idiom, a shrinking violet.

Useful questions:

What are my immediate feelings and associations with this colour?

What feelings were linked with this colour in the dream, and what do I gather from those feelings?

Have I been thinking on or feeling things to do with the spiritual dimension of life – if so what?

Indigo – violet: This depends a great deal on what you associate with these colours. But suggests the deep peace that comes from being at ease with the spirit of all life.

Indigo: indicates the deep peace of the night.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are my immediate feelings and associations with this colour?

What feelings were linked with this colour in the dream, and what do I gather from those feelings?

Have I been thinking on or feeling things to do with the spiritual dimension of life – if so what?

See Spiritual Life In DreamsTechniques for Exploring your DreamsInner World

black This is the colour of the night, and so because it links with absence of light, opens us to what we can’t see or deal with in the dark – in what is ‘in the dark’, unconscious – within or around us. It is the experience, like sleep, in which the ego diminishes or melts back into unconsciousness, the Core Self.

This also relates to all those things you repress or avoid feeling or being aware of in yourself and life. So the dream will probably include threats of some sort, or what is unknown, hidden or avoided. So this relates to your hidden fears or past hurts that have been buried and remain unconscious. In African traditions black is the colour of night, death, excrement, and illness.

Black can depict what we feel is evil – in other words the unaccepted side of yourself, the parts of your nature you don’t want others to see, and you don’t want to admit even to yourself. It also may indicate depression, what is negative within you or from an outside influence. This includes feelings of secrecy, fear or things we fear, and anxious feelings about death. See It is vitally importantThe Con About EvilUnconscious

Things like a black animal or black vehicle usually indicate that you are dealing with feelings or fears that you have previously kept buried or repressed. Their appearance in your dream shows you are ready to meet such feelings by allowing them to be experienced and acknowledged.

Example: I dreamt last night that a black Spanish fighting bull charged me. I climbed a high wire mesh fence, like that surrounding tennis courts. There I was safe, as the Bull charged again. It charged people. I came down from the fence trying to help divert the bull’s destructiveness.

Here the dreamer is meeting sexual feelings that he had always avoided in the past and still feels threatened by. As the dream shows, he tries to avoid facing these feelings, but in the end has to deal with them. The forgetfulness or repression of parts of ones experience is very clearly shown in the next dream. See – Resistances

I felt very close to the girl. She said, “Do you remember when they made you black all over?”  I said I couldn’t, and she reminded me of being a film extra, when, to cover up my bad skin, I was covered in black make-up to look like a slave. I then said, “You know, there are parts of my life I can’t remember.”

The connection in some dreams between feelings about death and the colour black are shown in the next dream.

Example: Mike is dying. He is taking care of the old folks to gain merit because he knows he may soon be joining them wherever they are. He wants to be sure that they remember him kindly. The black road (death road=death row) has been incorporated into President Bush’s speech and is declaimed as death road or death highway in some of his speeches – as in ‘we want to protect you from death road or highway’. Of course, no one believes him as everyone knows that it is impossible to save oneself from death’s road. We all have to travel it eventually.

Black also sometimes indicate what is earthy, the source of life and growth. What is hidden in the unconscious or body can be powerfully transformative. Like compost, it is full of potentially life enhancing energy. Such black or hidden things often take time to clarify. They have remained in a condition of never having been felt or known fully, and so are unclear and pre-verbal. Knowing them means gradually understanding through experiencing them, and being able to describe and integrate them. There is often a complication here in ones progress, in that consciously you may have hidden or repressed feelings or experiences, or been unwilling to accept things, anything that was not judged good or positive. In this way the so called ‘bad’ is repressed and you become one sided and lacking wholeness. Therefore meeting the ‘black’ is important. Out of this fundamental earthiness the new person – you – can become can emerge. See –The Con About Evil

Black and white: The opposites appearing together. In ourselves the good and bad coexist, and one balances the other. So this would suggest such coexistence and balancing.

Black clothes or under garments: This usually points to hidden or unconscious feelings or sexuality. Black is also associated with a priest or the clergy, so might depict a religious or moral influence in some dreams.

A person dressed in black: This may represent your shadow, or less accepted characteristics. See: shadow.

Black people: If this is a true black person, see black people.

Shiny black: Rather like a crystal ball, this suggests looking into your intuitive perception of what lies usually unconscious within you, looking into the depths of yourself, perhaps beyond the boundaries of your personality.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am on the edge of being aware of, or have been unaware of previously?

Are there anxieties o feelings I usually do not allow myself to feel fully – perhaps using defences such as smoking or alcohol to help push away?

Is there something emerging out of the blackness that offers new growth – if so what do I notice in waking that is new and living in me?

See Dreams are a reflection of your inner worldTechniques for Exploring your DreamsInner World

brown As a mood this can depict gloominess, dullness or even depression. But it depends what is brown in the dream so it can refer to the earth or earthiness and processes of the body. A muddy brown can suggest unclear or selfish emotions and thoughts.

Brown is in some ways black that has become more light, and so might refer to things that you are bringing to awareness, or facets of yourself you have enabled to grow and express after being unconscious and unexpressed. So in some dreams brown transforms into other radiant colours, perhaps in a way a plant draws something from brown soil and transforms it into the colour of its flowers.

Excrement is brown and in some dreams the feelings show this depicting things that need to be left behind, recognised as not needed, or like manure something that is rich and needed for or holding in it the potential for growth.

Brown in regard to objects can show them as being old or worn, as leaves are that have served their purpose and are now ending their life. But brown can also relate to parts of you from the long past, or containing much experience – but also perhaps to do with feelings about ageing.

Example: The striking part of the dream is this rough looking dog, for when I look into its deep dark brown eyes I can see and feel such love and devotion and am so warmed. As I take the road away from the house, the dog stays close at my heels and I know I have a devoted friend who will never leave me and I feel much happier.

Example: I noticed for the first time a small brown mark on my left hand. True I have been out in the sun, but I never grow freckles. This is one of those marks old people have on their hands.

Brown animal: Your natural urges that you are probably comfortable with.

Brown clothes: Middle of the road and perhaps feelings that are a bit dull or conformist, but are easy to live with.

Brown eyes: Perhaps relates to feelings you have for someone you know with brown eyes.

Brown skin: Feelings about health and perhaps attractiveness. However, brown marks on the skin suggest either feelings about ageing, or that there is something wrong, or something has hurt your skin. See: hand.

Idioms: Brown study; browned off.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I experiencing or moving from feelings lacking colour, vibrancy or life?

Do I seek a comfortable situation that allows me to relax and avoid the energetic processes of life?

Does my dream relate to feelings of ageing?

Is this an old thing – and if so what do I feel it contains in terms of past experience or information?

See Techniques for Exploring your DreamsInner WorldLife’s Little Secrets

grey/gray This sometimes indicate feelings of living an unhappy or colourless dull existence, a daily round without excitement or stimulus, or morbid or serious thoughts. Sometimes it suggests officiousness or officialdom.

Artemidorus wrote that, “.. a sky that is gray, gloomy or full of clouds, signifies failures and afflictions. In fact grey or gray is often used in language to indicate such feelings, as in the following sentence, taken from Castle’s Dreaming Mind. “If a dreamer needs to be sensitised to how gray, confining, or confusing his or her outlook is toward life, dreams may be cast in sombre,  prison-gray  tones  or the dreamer may wander around in a fog.” These states of mind can lead to ill health or at least a lowering of excitation and energy in life. An extreme example of how grey indicates difficult feelings is seen in the following dream.

Example: I have had a series of dreams which feature grey people standing beside my bed, and each time I have woken myself up by screaming, with my heart pounding, my being unable to move. JS

Grey is the mid point between black and white, so in that sense depicts balance or calmness, but it can also indicate lack of clarity, indecision or blurring of distinctions. Like fog, it suggests not being able to see clearly.

With grey hair it has several possibilities depending on the tone of the dream. It can link with maturity, wisdom or gathered experience. But it can also point to ageing, the loss of faculties with increasing years, and the path to death along the avenue of diminished interest or sparkle in life.

Grey clothes suggest neutrality or lack of ‘colour’, or in some dreams officialdom. But as with the grey colours worn by puritans, it can also suggest a moral stance, an avoidance of extremes or vivid passion. Such a stance might be one of avoiding full relationship or involvement in life. It might also suggest lacking anything more than a ‘bread and milk’ diet sort of life.

But some dreams describe grey in a powerful and exciting or enjoyable way. One dream includes a ‘beautiful, grey, old time car’. Another has a grey carpet that reminds the dreamer of home and comfort. Silver grey is sometimes felt to have these positive and life giving qualities.

Idioms: A grey world; a grey area; grey matter (brain); grey power.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the dream environment I am in a grey one, and if so what aspect of my life does it reflect?

Does my life lack colour at the moment, and if so in what way?

Is this grey in the dream depicting my own feelings, or is it how I see the environment I exist in?

See Processing DreamsTechniques for Exploring your DreamsLife’s Little Secrets

Pink This indicates softness, femininity, a baby girl, or babyhood in general, or perhaps tender love rather than passionate love, the sort one might have for a child. It can also suggest happiness, or having a joyful optimistic view of life. See: red above.

Pink is the colour of healthy flesh, and suggests glowing feelings or warmth, something alive and with emotions. Because the inside of the mouth and vagina are pink occasionally the colour is linked with deeply sensual sexual feelings. Pinks are also part of sunrise and sunset, and in some dreams suggest a new dawning of something, a resurrection and so a new life – or the glorious ending. It sometimes appears in dreams of ecstasy or religious wonder.

Example: I was standing in a very beautifully carved chapel or religious place. There seemed to be shadowy nun or monk like figures around. But it was the exquisite colouring of the  place which filled me with a sort of ecstasy. Everything was in the most delicate shell pink.  JAS.

Example: Jesus was looking at me. There was a light all around him, beautiful colours of cream, pink and gold. I could hear the most wonderful music and singing. I said to a young couple standing near, “Look at the Heavenly Choir, Oh! just listen to them”. Tears streamed down my face as I watched and listened. Doris.

Pink and white: Suggests cleanliness and warmth.

Pink and red: Sometimes this includes in the dream, feelings about love and passion, love or pain, or love and real hurt.

Idioms: In the pink; tickled pink; rose coloured glasses.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there clues in the rest of the dream as to what feelings this depicts?

Am I feeling gentle love for someone, or is this about just feeling good?

Are there any signs of spiritual wonder in my dream, if so what is it I am experiencing?

See Processing DreamsTechniques for Exploring your DreamsLife’s Little Secrets

purple This has always been associated with royalty, with spirituality and the law. In terms of the personality it is seen as relating to the ability to deal with practical matters and with spiritual power. But it can suggest an overbearing attitude. It might also relate to the body, suggesting poor circulation, heart problems, palpitations or indigestion.

Example: When I looked into his liquid brown eyes I just saw directly through his soul and it went way out into some deep purple void which I knew to be the ultimate universe. PL

In the example the deep purple suggests an as yet unexplored or known dimension of experience. This links in some dreams with serenity and peace.

Purple is also the colour of a bruise, and in some dreams can either indicate hurts you feel, or sexual passion.

Idioms: Born to the purple (royalty); purple with rage; purple language; purple rank.

Useful Questions and Hi nts:

What are my major feelings in this dream, and where do they appear in my waking life?

Does my dream link the colour with deep wonder or cosmic powers?

Is there any feeling or imagery to do with sickness – if so what does it suggest about me?

See See Emotions and Mood in DreamsSecrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding

white This colour has an enormous number of different associations. Most commonly it depicts being aware with a clearness of mind. But as with wedding gowns, it indicates purity, virginity, cleanness or light feelings. A brilliant white light usually shows a real and experienced inner realisation or enlightenment. It suggests something from your core self shining through to your waking self.

In certain dreams white is very threatening. Perhaps we have connections with hospitals in these dreams, and depict the anxieties and fear we have about illness or death. Maggots, mould, dead or sick people and shrouds can also be white, so white can depict the same sort of feelings. In some Eastern cultures white is associated with mourning and death.

Example: ‘There was a huge white kitchen. I was scared when I entered it and there was a door leading out of it into a white corridor with a turquoise carpet which scared me even more.’ H. H.

White can also be used to denote attraction, something noticeable or plain to see.

Example: I was looking at my right forearm which was bare. It was very brown from the sun, and at the top of the forearm near the elbow was a white slash. This surprised me and I ran my finger across it, and it felt something like a scar because the skin was slightly raised. The main thing about the slash was its intense white. It was so white it is difficult to know whether it was shining like light, or was simply incredibly white. Miche

In this dream Miche felt the whiteness was a very noticeable part of him, representing hurts (the scar) that had been transformed by hard work and skills (the right arm) and were now apparent to other people.

Black and white: The opposites appearing together. In ourselves the good and bad coexist, and one balances the other. So this would suggest such coexistence and balancing.

Shining white: The emergence of powerful life energy in a pure form. This is often connected with new insights amounting to enlightenment – i.e. the realisation of a much wider understanding.

White animals: Urges and sexuality that have been accepted or integrated with conscious activities. This means urges that at one time your were in conflict with or anxious about, and have been transformed in urges and feelings that are acceptable parts of your present life. They become available and creative energy.

White clothes: A sense of wholeness; purity or marriage. Attitudes that express or allow a lot of your core energy.

White face: Often a sign of feelings to do with sickness or sick attitudes. Sometimes it indicates fear.

White flowers: Love that has grown beyond the physical needs and dependencies.

White hair: Sometimes this is about feelings or fears regarding ageing, but it often indicates you accessing greater insight or wisdom about life and yourself.

White horse: As with any white animals, it shows sexuality and basic instinctive urges or energy that have become transformed into greater and acceptable release, It is the difference between holding back on your feelings and creativity because of doubts or conflicts, and then finding a great flow and ease with self expression.

White powder: Often suggests thoughts or feelings about drugs and your relationship with them, or poison. The dream might be indicating that you are doing something, or have taken in something that is detrimental.

White rabbit: Because of the almost universal connection of this with either a pet or with the rabbit Alice followed into the rabbit hole, it depicts feelings about vulnerability or dependence, as with a pet. If it is linked with a pet, it can also connect with feelings of caring and warmth – even love – felt for the pet. Being white suggests good clear feelings and inspiration. The Alice type of white rabbit links with an entrance into your inner world – a descent into your feelings and the world lying under the surface of your everyday life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are the feelings in the dream connected with the white, and what do I gain from them in my waking life?

Is there any fear in this dream, if so can I define what the basis of the fear is?

Am I finding something new here, a new release of innate creativity or realisation perhaps?

See See Emotions and Mood in DreamsSecrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding



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Hi Tony I was just wondering if you could interpret my dream I had a dream of my mom and my cousin she gave me a beautiful green sweater with sparkles on it and said your cousin Rosa sends this to you . My mom passed away almost a year ago . Any kind of help would be great thank you so much Anna

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