Sign of coming changes or personal changes. These changes might be very positive, or like problems, depending on the other indicators in the dream. It can also indicate new influences arising from within you, or influences entering your life from an unusual source. So it can mean the birth of a new facet of yourself, a great expansion of who you are.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel gladness and pleasure in the dream, or a feeling of anxiety?

Are there signs in my life of a great change – do I feel I am the verge of something new?

Am I aware of unusual influences entering my life?

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-Edna 2017-02-12 9:05:40

Hi, well with the eclipse +full moon+green comet “triple threat ” that occurred yesterday I was excited to see it all. But I missed it due to the cloudy weather here in Houston. Well when I went to sleep i dreamt the green comet it was rising from the horizon in a vertical angle. The sky was full of stars and beautiful. The comet was green with like gold. In my dream I was very happy to finally be able to see it. There was people around me who were also happy looking at it, though I could not really see them I knew they were there and I knew they happy be you’d the feeling in the dream. So I’d like to know what it means. I’ve read death and other bad things and that has me worried. Because my father is old and fragile and I always worry about him. And because of my relationship with my boyfriend he is very wishee-washy he always been like that. But I don’t know. Like I mentioned it was a happy dream.

-Desiree 2016-11-07 14:56:03

I had a dream that a spirit baby touched my head and I had a vision of a comet trying to enter into the universe to speak to me. It was so visual. I saw the Stars and I saw the details of the comet and the universe. I could hear in my dream what the comet was trying to say, but when I awoke I couldn’t remember. I would really like to know what it means.

-Joe Delaney 2016-08-20 11:49:35

I saw the comet hit the earth and I was among the few million survivors in the world. I ended up starting a new life in 1 of the major cities. Ive been having this same dream around once a month for over 30 years.

-Amusha 2016-07-26 4:18:42

I had a dream where i was watching television with my younger sister and my parents had gone for work and suddenly there was water inside the house almost upto the ceiling. We swam through it and went out the house and my sister swam inside and got a rope to tie us to each other. Then suddenly the water went away. Our old housekeeper (male) emerged saying this was a fake flood you can’t survive a real one. THEN i saw a comet in the sky. It was evening time and not exactly dark. Then my mom came back and told us it must have happened because of the comet. What does my dream mean??

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-30 8:37:37

    Dear Amusha – Watching television in your dream may reflect your looking at something that may have emotional upset you when you were younger.
    Your sister may be a symbol of your vulnerable feelings at that time.
    It may serve a purpose to explore the role of your old housekeeper and your mother, as your dream is not clear yet about what may have caused your being upset;
    Anna 🙂

-Kyle Lacroix 2016-05-15 2:10:55

I had a dream of a normal fun sunny day. I remember feeling relaxed, but looked up to the sky to see black smoke plummet from above. It became thick and hazy. The only thing to pierce this was this orb, looking akin to another earth but sailing like a comet, crashed down. The sonic boom alone was enough to send me flying. As I “died”, I woke up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-19 7:37:42

    Dear Kyle – Your dream starts with you being in a good mood; “I had a dream of a normal fun sunny day.”
    When you look up into the sky you become aware of “a black smoke plummet”; it could be your intuition telling you that something is “in the air” or you could become aware of some darkness in your inner world that you have projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.
    What do you sense/feel/think/see when you see the black smoke plummet from above? What is on your mind?
    Please use to explore the thoughts and feelings of your dream figure.

    An orb artefact can result from retro reflection of light off solid particles, such as dust or pollen, or liquid particles, especially rain. They can also be caused by foreign material within the camera lens.
    When you decide in your dream that “The only thing to pierce this was this orb”, you are exploring a possible consequence of your decision.
    If you imagine your eye as a camera lens through which you look at your dream, then you can understand that this orb comes from you; from using your inner light and perhaps intuition; so make sure that your “inner lens” is clear;
    “Another earth” may reflect the world you hold within you that is responsible for the way you perceive yourself and the outer world;
    You will have to explore yourself by using “Being your own dream figure” if the tremendous changes that take place – flying and dying – are perceived by you as positive or negative; you do not mention how you feel at this point.
    See also and
    Your own death in a dream may be a symbol of the death of old patterns of living – your ‘old self’ – in order to make place for “a new self”.
    Anna 🙂

-Abigail 2016-01-03 21:02:33

I had a dream where I saw a lot of comets and I made three wishes. One wish to not be pregnant(which I had been stressing about it for 3 months because I don’t wanna be). Second to get better grades and the third to be accepted into a great university. I don’t know what that can possibly means:/

-crystal 2015-11-15 23:32:24

I had a dream some one said look look and there was two beautiful big comets very large on long trail top was blue bottom was red what’s it mean it was like a breath of fresh air to see them

-Daisy 2015-10-18 13:19:00

The comet was going to struck earth I felt scared so I took shelter with my older sister in a dark underground hidden building and stayed until it was safe nothing happened at the end

-Sofie 2015-09-01 1:45:34

Thanks! I had a dream where i was standing in a beach house looking at a full moon and then this very bright orange comet flies very slow across the sky towards the moon. I call on my Mother to see it but she missed it. I was very happy to see the comet but i got annoyed that my mom didn’t see it.

Any thoughts?:-)

-Tristian 2015-07-13 21:01:28

I had a dream a comet was flying through space near a small grey planet, it was blue and I can hear voices chanting a word, I can’t remember perfectly but it was along the lines “Oshawashkoe kacheena”…i’m confused, don’t even know what language it was

-Jessa Quinn 2015-04-19 11:43:38

The dream I had: my family and I were waiting for this comet to strike the Earth, everyone was excited. I had gotten up from my seat to tell my family that I love them, and at that moment the comet hit, it began to rain down chunks of rock from the sky. One chunk of the comet struck the spot that I was sitting in and I was in shocked but overjoyed that I wasn’t killed by this comet (plus I got to keep this neat looking space rock). After the rock cooled down it was a pale white with a mixture of light blue. Sad to wake up from it.

    -Anna 2015-04-21 11:37:34

    Jessa – In your dream you have a wonderful open and inviting mind as far as inner growth and (inner) changes are concerned. Good for you!
    I also feel that your dream reflects that you love your family and yet can allow yourself to “break free” from them while entering the individuation process.
    I understand that in a way you felt sad to let go of dreams like this, and yet, it allowed you to explore and to be prepared this way for the (inner) change that is coming your way.
    So do remember your dream when the change “arrives”!
    Anna 🙂

-Ana 2014-05-03 10:56:19

i had a dream of a comet striking earth while me and my son watched on another side the view was beautiful I tried to cover thinking us saying to him hold on it might we might some after shock but there was much no shock. Also I have two sons my oldest was with me but my youngest wasn’t

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-04 9:47:25

    Ana – Please see – as it explains why I say what I do about your sons.

    The comet is often a sign in dreams of an important event occurring in your life. It sounds positive because your older son was present. He probably represents your more capable and less vulnerable self. Not being and aftershock shows there is no harm in this for you, in fact is has promise of great beauty.

    It may take a while for it to manifest in your life, because a dream is like a seed, it is something that comes from a deep part of you; it is something that is working upwards toward being conscious. As such it often, like a seed, takes time to break through to the surface, and then it has to grow. So often dreams are not recognised for their full meaning until later – sometimes months or even longer. The dream images are attempts to communicate something that has probably never been thought about or even been consciously thought about, so has never been put into common conscious thinking before. It is a communication from the depths, from beyond thought, and so any interpretations that are given by thinking may completely miss the point.


-beena anthony 2014-01-20 3:38:43

I saw a dream like ball of fire looking like sun coming through the sky and settled on the left hand of my palm because of which my palm was burnt.what does it mean?

-Gokul 2013-08-25 19:40:00

I dreamt a long dream and the weird fact is i remember only the part that i am gazing at a comet with two tails in a dark sky in a desert. The rest i can’t remember. Last month too(ie..July 2013) i saw the same double tailed comet but at that time in my dream i was in backyard with someone i can’t remember..

-cheri clement 2012-09-12 20:35:04

thank you..i dreampt i saw a comet through the trees and it struck the earth..i wasnt scared..i was ready for the it unusual to have q dream like that??

    -Tony Crisp 2012-09-16 12:18:30

    Cheri – To see it strike the earth is quite unusual. It suggests that a new experience is coming your way – or has it come already? Possibly a new experience that will be felt in your body as well as mind. Something that is beyond your usual experience.


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