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How we relate to a massive company or corporation in a dream may show how we deal with our feelings of being a small part of the billions of life forms on this planet. It might also be about your relationship with work, and your place in the scheme of things. How you relate to the company illustrates how you relate to society and social pressures. It is also sometimes about becoming an adult – how you have or have failed to attain that.

A company or organisation is like a giant organism. As such it has a life of its own, feeds, excretes and needs people as ‘cells’ working in its ‘body’. So your dream may be showing you how you relate to that and how, perhaps to better deal with it.

Being in company with others or with one person shows you being involved with or influenced by particular attitudes, feelings or opportunities. The word ‘entertaining’ often used in regard to having friends visit, holds in it the idea of considering, or giving attention to something or somebody. We ‘entertain’ a project, relationship or possibility.

Running a company shows you pulling things together. either inwardly by organising and integrating what were before perhaps fragmented feelings or ideas; or outwardly in new plans or projects.

Example: I had a very powerful sense of knowing I was never wholly an individual. I felt the enormity of the forces and influences that brought me into being. Like a huge organisation that one can resist, but never win, because of its enormity. So one can uselessly fight, or join. I felt this to be like a massive Corporation or company – perhaps like Fords. But it was a company that was behind everything everywhere in the world. So there was no way to avoid it by joining another company. It represented life itself and whether we are going to work with it will try to avoid it.

I had an image of a merry-go-round with different places on the outside, like the different horses. Each might think it is making its personal movements, because as one goes up, and another goes down. But they are all moved by the same machinery. So we too like to believe we are individuals, but underneath we are all moved by the overall organisation – or company. This was so scary at first I wanted to resist it, even though resistance is pointless. But then I decided to join. I saw myself as a tube, a brain cell, fitting in, taking my place amidst other cells. It felt good.

I also had the image in regard to this fantasy of entering the company and asking what I needed to do. A manager came to me and said that what I was doing in life was fine. I could do whatever I liked. The Company did it all. All it asked of me was to wear a little gadget like a mobile phone. It represented intuition. I was told that if there was a big move within the Company I would be told what it was, and if I wished to I could co-operate.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If my dream is about a company, what is my involvement and what does that suggest?

What feelings or atmosphere do I sense about the company I am in, and am I involved in those feelings?

Is there something or someone I am considering or entertaining?

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