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The computer is so much a part of many people’s lives now, even if they do not own one, and because it is so many things to different people it is difficult to sum it up. Some of the meanings are as follows.

In a number of dreams it has a definite link with work, or working. So this, in the language of dreams could point to something in yourself, a project, or self change you are working on. Of course it could easily be depicting a situation at work that needs defining or realising.

Lots of people feel very cautious about the computer, perhaps even scared of doing something to break it or make it malfunction. So if you feel that way your dream is probably using it to show you the anxiety you feel about doing something wrong in your general activities, or even anxieties about your health or mind. 

Computer Games: Are the main purpose of many people’s use of their computer. Most games are challenges of one sort or another, and so a dream will probably be a way of assessing your skill in life or relationships. The game or the computer might also depict a tool, a doorway, an initiation into deeper levels of yourself, or greater achievement.

Remember that dreams are just like computer games in which you get very involved and face monsters and kill or be killed and nothing has actually happened – you are still alive and unhurt. But that is exactly what this wonderfully alive virtual reality of your dreams is, for we are all playing the game of life – the game we play in which we face or run away from the things that scare us; in which we explore the depths of our existence, develop the speed of our reactions or learn how to love – or simply meet a reflection of our own weakness, terror and of course the wonder of your inner genius. For that is all it is – a magic mirror in which we see ourselves naked of pretence. So before you go ahead please read Martial Art of the Mind

The computer also memorises enormous amounts of information. And added to that it can link you with millions of minds and bits of information through the Internet. So it is an amazing symbol of the incredible memory and resources you have that are usually unconscious. See: ESP.

Computer/laptop battery: This connects more directly with accessing your talents, your memory, your links with others, and maybe your work more than a general battery. So it is important to define what part the battery is playing in the dream.

The computer is a learning tool, and its many interactive programs include everything from typing, to learning a new language. So it might use your dreams as a gymnasium for your mind and emotions, a way of introducing you to new skills, a mystery tour taking you to new places of your body, mind and spirit.

Example: My mother assisted dream doctors in operating on my left eye: “This will help you remember your dreams,” she said. She showed me a fantastic computer and told me that I’d been hired to teach people how to use it. The keyboard had symbols instead of letters, and by pressing certain keys, you could explore different times and possibilities.  The wall-sized monitor projected living scenes.   It was a computer that was alive and intelligent; it could even dream.

So the software or programs: show you the resources, skills, facets of yourself. The difficulties or ease with which you load, use or work with the programs shows how you are relating to that part of yourself. The program might also depict a problem you are trying to gain insight into or resolve. The example told the dreamer that she, like most of us, have the most marvellous of computers, our own fantastic mind. Why not use it?

Example: I was deeply involved in one of those night long dreams, images, in which I was working intensely at what felt like a computer program, but was my life. The feeling level was intense also. I was putting different parts of the program in – ‘in’ meaning that I would now live this piece. But the work wasn’t finished. I went on and on trying to get something that was satisfying or more complete. In the end I copied the whole program – all its parts – and put it ‘in’. This meant I could access all the parts at once without having to go out of one segment into another. This still didn’t feel exactly what I wanted, but it felt better, an improvement. My wife said that during the night I was very hot, like I was in a fever. That is how it felt – like I was working in such an intense way, I was electrified and buzzing.

Internet: A lot of what happens in a computer is out of sight, and with the Internet even in different dimensions and places. So it is sometimes used in a dream to illustrate and help you be aware of the mysterious, even miraculous processes of life in you. One such dream shows the dreamer interacting with a talking computer, learning how to get it to perform and manifest wishes. This was a direct exploration of how to interact with the wonderful processes of mind and body – with Life. This internal process is not just about circulation and digestion. Our life process is intelligent in a way beyond rational thought. It is always taking in more information – masses of it daily – and computing best ways of surviving, or growing, or unfolding innate potential, of becoming free from restrictions and limitations.

Networking: If the dream includes networking it suggests your connection with other people and how you are interacting, how well or badly the relationship is going.

Mouse: The computer mouse suggest your means of finding your way through the immensity of your own life experience, your own memories, and getting things to work. It is a connection point between your decisions, your desires, and the hidden depths of yourself. It might also indicate any technique you use to access your own resources.

Stolen computer: People who have had their computer stolen without their having saved all the information of it elsewhere feel a terrible loss. Sometimes years of work have gone and cannot be regained. So the loss of the computer could suggest a loss, killing out of, or forgetting, masses of your life experience, or the losing in some other way of something very valuable. This could refer to a work situation, contact with others, creativity, or your valuable skills.

Hard disk: The hard-disk particularly indicates memory and its efficiency. Problems with it might indicate you have repressed or lost awareness of parts of your life. In a sense the hard disk is the beating heart of the computer, so might link with health. But also it links with resources you have, work done or creativity expressed. The hard disk may at times also allude to the memory life itself has of your existence – the Big Hard Disk in the Sky thing.

Mistakes: One of the things you learn very quickly from a computer is that what you put in is what you get out. A tiny mistake, easily adapted in speech or writing, on the computer leads it either to not perform the task you wanted, or to not budge at all. This is an analogy for the way the events of life or your own being respond to what you do. The input into a relationship, social, community and world life, has to be just right to get an output you want. But of course, the computer and life are full of surprises. Sometimes you think you have clicked one thing and another thing entirely fills the screen of your life.

Monitor: The monitor is the window, not only into the otherwise hidden, coded, and mysterious places of the computer – and therefore your mind and spirit – but also to the world and lives of others. In this way it can indicate your seeing into the vast depths of your internal universe.

The icons on the screen are also very important. Icons are pictures like dream images, they appear to mean something but they are lifeless inless you ‘click’ on them. Clicking on them means you have to take and action to get them to work – so see Techniques for Exploring your Dreams


Computer virus: Being got at by another person; something surreptitious that you feel might or is attacking or undermine your work. A destroyer of calm and pleasure. Energy that may be disruptive, but is like bundles of automatic functioning of some sort, depending on the dream. So the virus could also suggest unconscious responses in yourself that are destructive or undermine your conscious life.

See: Levels of Awareness in Sleeping and Waking; email; internet; modem; record – cassette – cd – computer disc.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my relationship with the dream computer, and what does that indicate about me?

Am I gaining any information from the computer, if so what am I learning about myself?

Is the computer responding to me – if not what changes need to be made?

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-abhishek 2016-02-16 14:37:18

after test give feedback

-Divyashree 2014-10-06 13:41:40

I had a crazy dream a few days back. I was at an open ground roofless event with around 5000 people gathered. I saw my mom, my sister in law and her parents and a few friends. It was around 9 pm and the sky was dark blue/black. I opened my laptop to do some work and while working suddenly I pressed some key and my entire laptop screen was in the sky… my laptop screen background was light blue with icons. So the sky turned light blue and showed icons. Everyone was shocked. I got really scared and didn’t know what to do. The entire sky was my laptop screen. So I shut my laptop flap and the sky color went back to normal black / dark blue. I felt confused scared and happy too. I felt I owned the sky. But I was scared to open my laptop again. What if the sky mirrored my laptop again?

I normally don’t remember dreams. But this one felt so real.

Please interpret what this could mean. 🙂

Loads of love, light and happiness
Divyashree Mangalorkar

-HarNadh 2014-07-07 0:59:09

Tony pls let me know your thoughts (I wrote this when I awoke to ex bf who has been a formidable friend through the years): OMG!! i had a NIGHTMARE just now! I dreamt that i went with you somewhere to see your family it was a REALLY big house somewhere close to a beach so it had many many rooms. LOTs of people your mom was there there was some sort of an event. It was a whole day thing SO i took my laptop as i was going to go somewhere after. I set it down on the mantle around the kitchen (you understand that these electronics has taken me years to put together – remember how NUTs i went when i lost my phone!!!) Then Alain arrived and said Itch can I see and SUDDENLY it mysteriously disappeared and NO ONE was helping me find it INNUENDING that it was forever LOST!!! I freaked and at which point i couldn’t FIND YOU… you were somewhere inaccessible it is not 4am in the morning and i’ve had to BEG Andoy or Gabs to help me phone you as somehow i didn’t have your number and my phone was useless. I was SO disoriented walking about that house that almost seemed like a SHIP with all the twists and turns! I did find you and woke you up. THANK GOODNESS YOU GOT UP and i was now i was at my wits end telling you it can’t be lost so we went looking for Alain( his brother) who was mysteriously inaccessible and NOW even you innuended that i may have lost the laptop forever!!! I was MORTIFIED as most of the information i have in it is irreplaceable!!!

My first thought is that I am detoxing old memories as I taught an intense Kundalini class that i taught in the early evening. Thank you.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-09 8:01:31

    Har Nadh – First of all, please back up your laptop contents on an external hard drive. They are not expensive and will save a lot of heartache. I know of two women who lost all of their work files because someone stole their laptops.

    The big house is a way of showing you the many unused aspects of yourself you have not explored or used.

    But your dream is about feeling a lot of anxiety about losing your precious memories/work. Maybe your kundalini class did stimulate your dream, but it certainly has not detoxed old memories. It seems instead to have made them more of a problem. Memories cannot be got rid of – except by destroying brain cells, and even that is only destroying the ability to make them physically available. So I want to emphasise that the brain is a link with the body, and its damage does not damage you, but your ability to express. So when people are suffering Alzheimer’s, what we see is the result of the deterioration to the brain, the real person has not died their ability to communicate and act through their body has been destroyed as happened when I experienced a stroke. See

    The way to deal with difficult memories I would suggest you integrate all the good things from your relationship with them; because in your dreams about them you are meeting your feelings. And if you do not do this the negative memories or desires for them will keep coming back. So try doing this by taking the dream images of your parent or ex and pulling them back into your body. Yes, literally making them one with you. Do this slowly and allow any feelings that arise. This may sound strange but all the images in our dreams are projections from us onto the screen of our sleeping mind; so taking them back into you is like owning them and integrating them. It is called honouring our father and mother.

    Example: What a fool I had been to hold onto my identity and isolated independence. Of course I had forged a great independence but at the cost of feeling – and that is all it was, a feeling – isolated and immovable. Now as I opened myself to R. and the love I felt for her, in fact everybody else I had loved, I felt whole and free to move inside.
    This opened a whole new dimension in all the dreams other people had sent about being haunted by dreams of ex-lovers. It was because they had actually gained a new dimension, a new freedom, but they hadn’t accepted it. Instead they were seeing it only as an external reality – what a waste.

    See and


-Sarah 2011-11-24 17:43:26

Hi Tony,
I’d love to hear your thoughts about a dream I had last night. I have two computers – one is a very old desktop I’ve had since 2001 that I have been thinking about getting rid of soon and the other is a newer laptop.
In the dream I was on the old computer and the screen wasn’t displaying properly and I was realizing how much better the laptop is and I remember feeling very grateful to have the laptop. I also remember thinking about how distorted the old screen was and accepting that it was no longer of use to me. In the dream I was trying to use the old computer as I realized that it was time to get rid of it because it wasn’t working properly.
I believe that this dream denotes a change in view/perspective that I have been experiencing lately. Through reading, dream study and soul searching my perspectives have changed significantly for the better in many ways (such as forgiveness, understanding myself and listening to my intuition). However, I’m just curious about your thoughts or if you have any questions I should consider. I’m wondering if it is significant that it was the screen that was distorted specifically – rather than the focus being on the actual computer itself.
Thanks Tony!

    -Tony Crisp 2012-01-02 11:53:39

    Sarah – It is good to hear from you again.

    A very interesting dream, and before I had finished reading it I had thoughts very similar to yours about its possible meaning.

    The screen is your awareness, what you are usually conscious of. To quote from Dream Dictionary, “The monitor is the window, not only into the otherwise hidden, coded, and mysterious places of the computer – and therefore your mind and spirit – but also to the world and lives of others. In this way it can indicate your ability to see into the vast depths of your internal universe.”

    So your dream really suggests a wonderful change. I believe that most of us have not been educated in what a wonderful tool our mind is. For instance even simply reprogramming or of our own personal computer/mind can have amazing effects. For instance taking the time to recognise and categorise our thoughts can do wonders. For instance listing things like saying ‘that is criticism’, ‘that is conjecture’, ‘that is opinion’ and so on changes our inner world entirely. Also to think that we ‘know’ anything is somewhat ridiculous. Our knowledge, even if it is inclusive of all human thought, is tiny compared with what is still unknown. But of course we need to honour what we have learnt with a touch of humility.

    I see Steiner’s book Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment a wonderful book to increase you mental ability. It isn’t an easy book to read or understand, and use your discretion – another wonderful tool – in reading it, and pull out the pieces you can grasp.


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