Compost Poop

Compost is food for the Earth. Remember, everything eats.

It can signify the irritating useless, outgrown parts of yourself, the energies of which can be re-used once the habitual methods of expressing them have broken down. The extraction of fertile ideas and insight from digesting old experience.

The compost heap in our dreams can be made up of all sorts of things – animals, clothes, people – and these depict a variety of things such as attitudes/clothes, old ways of being or thinking/people, and the other parts of self and activities that make up our life.

Compost in the ground points to past experience that has been integrated and is now adding to your possibility of personal growth, creativity and achieving fruition in your life.

If there are things in the compost that you feel guilty about or responsible for – a dead body perhaps – they show there are things buried deep in your memory that are still causing some distress.

Dreams often represent learning or personal growth as an organic process. Ideas and experience are taken in, digested, then form part of an organic whole in an integrated way. This is sometimes depicted much as a tree absorbs through its roots. What is absorbed becomes a living part of the organism. But that does not mean taking it in whole; it is broken down and only the parts that are usable are integrated into the life of the organism, the rest is discharged as waste matter and is later used as compost. This is why garbage, or compost, must be thought of as material capable of being used in a new form.

The soil which is the basis of all life, for plants are fundamental to the feed chain, comes from death and decay. We all  need to compost what is dying or dead, and even our human waste, for in dreams as in life, nothing is wasted but is transformed into fertiliser for new growth.

Example: I had built very tall sides to my compost heap, making it about 12 feet high. It was full up, and I had piled some person on top to level it off and weigh it down. I stood on top and trod it down, and it reminded me of treading grapes.



Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any clue in this dream as to what you have let go of that is being composted?

Is the compost a source of trouble or of richness and possible growth – can you define what it is?

What am I discovering in the compost, and what does that link with in my life?

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-julian phillips 2017-10-06 22:41:47

I was admiring the richness of some compost in my dream i had been working on…i remember how much i appreciated it..and in the dream itself, i was wondering what it meant!

-Bethany 2016-11-26 19:40:56

Hey Tony, I keep having dreams about my laptop breaking in two or the screen breaking. It’s a reoccurring dream I have. What does it mean?

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