This points to an exchanging of ideas and information, perhaps even a searching for something. It can also suggest a meeting with people with similar ideas, a meeting of minds, or a discuccion and thrashing out of important issues in your life, depending on the dream.

Sometimes it might point to a desire to meet a sexual partner. See Crowd.


-mytsunamidream 2014-05-30 19:17:34

I had a dream about a huge tsunami last night. I was on vacation and I saw it coming, but wasn’t sure what to take with me-my passport or what. So while was confused the water started puring thru the hotel. So I run and some lady at the reception gave me a key to some higher floor room and told me that I can use it but just this one time. Wgen I got there it was filled with amusement park rides, not working, just sitting there. Crazy dream!

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