A tsunami can indicate a tremendous and fundamental change in you. Most people now know that tsunamis are caused by massive earth changes under the sea. These changes are part of the natural order, and often show themselves to people in their dreams. So they can be understood as an expression of our personal adaptation to enormous changes. They can wash away most of the beliefs, social structures we have built or held onto as important. Yet if we are not afraid of change and the forces that we are actually involved in, then we can find enormous power and force within us.

Remember that tsunamis are dangerous in waking life, but are the expression of your inner life in dreams. They are not dangerous and need not be avoided or run from while asleep. Meeting a tsunami is saying that some tremendous change has happened deep in you and in the world. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes on the sea bed. So many people are dreaming about them at the moment because of the enormous change going on around us and within us. So learn to face them without fear and be ready to meet change in your life and in your family.

Example: Dreamt I am looking out of the window and it is a very stormy day, raining heavily. I can see the storm and the rain are the way the world adjusts itself all the time. The weather is the world’s means of self-regulation. Through earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, the earth manages to regulate itself. In that way it deals with the enormous forces playing on it from the cosmos and from within itself. It also has to deal with the influence of the life forms it carries, such as ourselves, pouring out poisonous gases and carbon dioxide.

I have a feeling that occasionally the earth has to make massive adjustments, as when the earth was hit by the huge comet 124 miles in diameter 65 millions of years ago when the dinosaurs died out. Such adjustments are difficult. Some species die out, others that survive, then develop further. What survives flourishes, because it has what it takes to deal with catastrophe and change. It has learned how to survive dark times. So we too need to survive and also be a part of personal earthquakes and meteors entering our lives. See Opening to Life; Tidal wave


-Ian 2017-08-24 6:00:18

It started when i was on the rooftop of a building and i heard a loud whom i just thought a splash noise of an ocean but when i look behind my back, i saw a hundred feet high Tsunami and i panicked.
It is a beautiful color blue Tsunami and when it passed at me, the water just splashed all over me

What does it mean?

-laiju 2016-10-01 17:47:35

omg..what to say..since last 10 years..i used to dream about tsunami…everyday.. large waves..height cant measure…when tsunami began to approach near..wid big shiver i would get up frm my bed..i dont knw y itz..daily..

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