Feelings or actions you have denied. For instance you might kill your love for someone if they hurt you. This could be shown as a dead body in your dreams. Some feeling, such as sympathy, forgiveness, that we have deadened. We may say, Why should I forgive them, they don’t deserve it, and this attitude can prevent parts of our inner feelings living or expressing consciously. Fear of death; desire to see someone dead, or out of the way.

Usually in these dream you, the dreamer, have killed or murdered the corpse you see in the dream. Often it is a part we do not want to know about because of traumatic pain associated with it, or because it is because of the pain we felt about that part of us. See murder

In a few dreams the corpse represents feelings about disease, human vulnerability and mortality.

Example: It was something like a semi detached and sited on a slope. I was outdoors and I think felt or knew that we had just taken over this house. But I felt uneasy as if something from the past was linked with it.

Then I was at the back of the house, on the part sloping down from the back wall of the house. I noticed things covering what turned out to be a big hole dug against the back wall, deep into the soil. This was where I felt most ill at ease about the place.  The hole had been covered with bits of board and other odd pieces of junk. I lifted these at the left of the hole and looked in. Sticking out from the side of the hole, about three feet down was the dead body of a young man. I could see the back of his skull had been smashed in. But although he had obviously been under the soil for some time, and had now been uncovered, the body was still in good condition, being slightly dried out or mummified.

I felt really guilty and connected with the body, as if I had been part of his murder, and was wondering frantically what I could do to hide or get rid of the body. Part of the problem was that pulling it out risked being seen with it.

In ‘being’ the body in the dream the man said, “But it wasn’t until I got into the role of the dead body that any depth of feelings emerged.  Almost as soon as I was in the role of the dead body I began to think about and feel things connected with the way I had killed my sexuality as a teenager.  Gradually these feelings deepened and I was describing my feeling hatred in regard to sexuality and how the masses were pulled along by their genitals into some sort of conformity and performance.  I felt anger and loathing for what I felt at the time were the cattle human beings were. At the time I despised and hated them.  I also felt repugnance at the way people talked about sex or appeared to enjoy it.  It has to be understood that in that period in history in the UK, most of sex was depicted in terms of smut, dirt, animal desire, hidden pornography, or loveless fucking.   I wept deeply, at times hardly able to breathe, with the pain of seeing what I had done to myself.  I said sorry over and over.  I saw that I need not have killed my love and sexuality, but could have expressed it in a tender and loving way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I killed this body – if so what am I killing or denying in myself?

If I imagine myself as this body what do I feel or connect with in myself?

Do I know the person who is dead – if so what is my relationship with them – have I removed them from my love?

See: Being the Person or Thing – deathTechniques for Exploring your DreamsDead Body


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Last night I dreamed a version of a dream I had before.I was living in family house though it was not like my original family home,and my father had 2 corpses in the attic.He had killed 2 people years before and these corpses had been in the attic ever since.In the attic i had glimpses of instructions as to how he dissected them and I saw one of the coffins .I told my sister and when I was not in the attic I fell into a forgetfulness or denial of the horror we were living with.

-Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-07 14:32:26

Dear Taknea – Your dream creator made your dream figure return into your house in order to “uncover” something so you could face it. When you dream of a house, you are meeting a hugely important and many sided representation of yourself. It is both many faceted and multidimensional.
Although you cannot see it, your mind, along with your beliefs, has a particular structure or form. If the shape of your mind could be built into a three dimensional model, such as a house, you would probably be able to see that your mind has as unique a shape as your fingerprints. But at the same time there would be features of your mental ‘house’ that were very much the same as most of the people within your own culture.
Sexual dreams usually express hidden desires; the way we would like to express sexually, or problems in this area. Although sex is symbolised in many dreams, where it appears directly it shows that the dreamer is able to more easily accept their sexual urges and hurts. What is then important is to attempt an understanding of what setting or drama the sexual element occur in. Our psychological and sexual nature, like our physical, never stand still in development unless a pain or problem freeze them at a particular level of maturity. Therefore, our sexual dreams, even if our sex life is satisfactory, show us what growth, what new challenge, is being met.
The energy behind the sexual drive is enormously important. It can flow in many different ways. It not only expresses as genital sex, but also in caring for others. If it is blocked illness can result. Your dreams show in detail just how you are dealing with this most important area of your life, and what is standing in the way of satisfaction and health.
Please see
Grandmothers represent so much in your dreams. They are the doorway through which your life came into being, and bring us that much nearer to the source of Life. They are also the wonderful gateway to the ancestors and their collective wisdom.
Of course they could also be a bad grandmother – but even so they are a reflection of the pains and inner wrongness we may carry with us through our family inheritance. So whether good or bad we should honour them, for only through them can we find our way back to what is beyond them.
It will serve a purpose to explore the dead grandmother and so her “lack of expression” in your dream.
Useful questions could be: What part did your grandmother play in your life?
Have you ever felt her presence – good or bad?
What do you carry in your nature from your grandmother?
Another means to explore is to use “Being the dead grandmother” or “Talking as the dead grandmother”.
Good Luck!
Anna 🙂

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