Cough Coughing

In many cases this links with emotions that have got trapped and are trying to be expressed. The cough can be quite subtle, a nervous response to something your are allergic to or anxious about, such as hiding and trying not to cough to give yourself away. So this suggests difficult or ‘give away’ responses to a situation your are in.

The cough can be a warning about health or addiction. The dream usually defines what the difficulty is.

A cough can be a signal of some sort, or even a cover up for an embarrassing moment.

Sometimes, if you are coughing up lumps of something, then it is probably linked with past experience, and the feelings attached to it, that are irritating you and seeking release. Talk the dream and the feelings over with a sympathetic friend to see if you can touch what those feelings are more fully. See Life’s Little Secrets

Occasionally the word is used as a suggestion of coffin. This would be indicated by the tone of the dream. See: coffin; sneeze.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I see the cough in the dream is expressing?

Is this an expression of an infection of health problem?

What feelings are behind the cough, and how do they apply to me?

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